TV Episodes Full List of Impact: Stories Of Survival Episodes

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Below is a complete Impact: Stories Of Survival episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Impact: Stories Of Survival episodes are listed along with the Impact: Stories Of Survival episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Impact: Stories Of Survival episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Snowboard Plunge” to “Canyon Crash” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Impact: Stories Of Survival episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Stock Car Smash Jul 01 2002 - High speed boat crash; Man scaled when pipe bursts; Luge racer Anne Abernathy crashes; Paramedic hit by racecar

Parachute Collision Jul 08 2002 - A skydiver's legs are severed in a midair collision; A teenage girl's arm is crushed under a pickup truck; Motorcycle stunt-man Doug Danger slams head-first into a concrete wall; A construction ...more

Demolition Derby Disaster Jul 22 2002 - Story One: A fence pole is sent through a mans chest when he loses control of his truck and wrecks. Story Two: A female Gymnast attempts a vault jump, when her left ACL (Anterior Cruciate ...more

Knockout Punch Jul 29 2002 - Heavyweight champion paralyzed by blow to the head; Dog attack tears a woman's scalp off; Man trapped in submerged car for 30 minutes; Man gets hand transplant after a firecracker destorys his

Shark Attack Aug 05 2002 - Woman falls off motorcycle during race and another motorcycle slams into her back; A fallen tree limb traps an injured woman in her car; A South African surfer is attacked by a great white ...more

Rappel Gone Wrong Aug 12 2002 - Cliff jumper's cord snaps, causing him to land on his face; Police officer wounded with exploding bullets; High school wrestler snaps his elbow; Man trapped in crashed vehicle cuts off his hand ...more

Snowmobile Slam Aug 19 2002 - Motorcyclist crashes at 180 MPH while trying to break land speed record in Mojave Desert; Snowmobiler fails to jump a ravine and loses over half his teeth; A snowboarder has severe frost bite ...more

Bear Attack Aug 26 2002 - Base jumper pulls parachute too late and hits water at 80 MPH; Man's head crushed between factory rollers; Snowmobiler attemps to jump a house and snaps his leg; Bear attack disfigures man's

Episode 9

Drag Race Diaster Sep 23 2002 - Motorcycle drag racers collide; Air force pilot slams into runway at air show; Teenager injured in jet ski collision; Officer wounded in shootout with bank robbers

Speared by Marlin Dec 05 2003 - Marlin spears woman through the chest; Gunman shoots employee twice at close range with a shotgun; Rock climber falls and lands on head; Luge crash nearly severs a man's foot

Stunt Plane Smash Dec 12 2003 - Jockey slammed against metal railing; Stunt plane loses power and smashes into runway; Skateboarder falls and hits the back of his head on the pavement

Ejection Seat Accident Dec 26 2003 - Story One: A 67-year-old one is stung over 500 times after being attacked by a swarm of bees while mowing her lawn. Story Two: An Air Force Pilot ejects from a F-15 Eagle at Mach One speeds, ...more

Canyon Crash Jan 30 2004 - Water-skier dragged through water by neck; Boy impaled trough mouth by rebar; Teenager drives his truck off a 300-foot cliff; Skateboarder snaps leg

The Risks of Rodeo Feb 20 2004 - Stalker pins cop between two cars; Snake handler bitten by cobra; Bull rider injured on two different occasions; Snow biker thrown off bicycle at 100 MPH

Snowboard Plunge Mar 12 2004 - A parachute jumper hits the ground at 60 MPH; Speed boat legend Tim Morgan suffers a neck injury; Snowboarder launches off an 80-foot cliff and lands on a rock; Cheerleader hits ground

Martial Artist on Fire Apr 09 2004 - Skydiver hits pond at 65 MPH; Martial artist accidentally set on fire; Ice skater cracks skull on ice; Boat collision leaves girl trapped underwater for five minutes after receiving head ...more

Pentagon Survivor Apr 16 2004 - Man burned in the Spetember 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon; Olympic gymnast Jason Gatson returns after a serious knee injury only to injure his knee again; Seven-ton killer whale jumps on

Avalanche Apr 30 2004 - Motorcyclist raptures skull in an extreme jump; Vascular surgeon's fingers shattered by table saw; Skier snaps femur in avalanche; A basketball player's fall causes a blood clot on his spinal ...more

Building Collapse May 14 2004 - Man impaled through skull by rebar; Building collapses on firefighter; Parachutist smacks against hillside at 40 MPH; Tackle splits a highschool football player's liver in half

Mountain Lion Attack Nov 08 2004 - Woman bitten in face by mountain lion while biking; Human cannonball overshoots landing pad and hits ground at 60 MPH; Man impaled through head by boat anchor; Rescue helicopter crashes into ...more

Hit by a Train Nov 15 2004 - Man becomes trapped underwater when his kayak rolls over and gets stuck in rocks; Man falls from four-wheeler and sustains brain injury; A man gets his foot stuck in a railroad crossing and is ...more

Chariot Crash Nov 29 2004 - Skier tumbles down rocky mountainside and slams into tree; Teenage girl on ATV hits fence post and severs her trachea; Chariot racer sustains multiple injuries after being catapulted; Mountain ...more

Propeller Smash Dec 06 2004 - Racecar driver receives severe spinal fracture from crashing and spinning out at over 200 MPH; Airplane propeller slices through mechanic's head; 12-year-old boy pinned behind 1000 pounds of dry ...more

A Jump Too Far Jan 10 2005 - Motocross jumper overshoots his landing and slams into the ground; Man in pickup truck hits metal pipe gate head-on and is impaled through the stomach; A criminal shoots a cop four times at ...more

Dragster Disintegrates Feb 07 2005 - Drag racer's car crashes and disintegrates at 300 MPH; Camper trips and falls face-first on a pitch fork; A woman's heart stops when she is struck by lightning at the beach; Bull rider hit in ...more

Photographer Electrocuted Feb 28 2005 - Shark bites teenage girl's leg off; Metal scrap flies through car windshield and impales passenger through the neck; News photographer touches power line with antenna and is electrocuted with ...more

Paralyzed Player Mar 21 2005 - A high school football player is paralyzed from the neck down after a tackle; Two victims are both shot in the head during a parking lot robbery; A car accident leaves a teenage boy impaled by a ...more

Motocross Mess Apr 11 2005 - Motocross jumper comes up short and crashes into sand dune; A hiker falls into a creek and is swept over a 40-foot waterfall; A teenager gets a blood clot on his brain after being hit in the ...more

Tornado Survivor Apr 25 2005 - Tornado winds hurl a wooden stake into a woman's neck; A veterinarian is bitten by a diamondback rattlesnake and no hospital nearby has the antivenin; A man's legs are severed when he is crushed ...more