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Below is a complete In the Heat of the Night episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual In the Heat of the Night episodes are listed along with the In the Heat of the Night episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. In the Heat of the Night episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Conspiracy of One” to “Road Kill.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the In the Heat of the Night episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Family Secret Dec 06 1988 - A family secret is a secret kept within a family. Most families have secrets, but the kind and importance vary. Family secrets can be shared by the whole family, by some family members or kept ...more

The Rabbi Feb 09 1994 - A Rabbi returns to Sparta after many years.Racists vandalize his synagogue and soon after their Torah is stolen.Forbes investigates but the Rabbi refuses to trust Bill because of his inaction ...more


Don't Look Back

Blind Spot

Conspiracy of One Feb 02 1994 - Virgil accepts a position at a prominent law firm.But as a former police officer he feels conflicting emotions when he realizes that one of their clients is guilty of murder.

Who Was Geli Bendl ? Dec 09 1994 - A famous Italian actress returns to Sparta to take care of some unfinished business and rescue her younger sister from a life of drugs and poverty.

May 03 1988 - The Sparta police search for a killer and his girlfriend.But the case becomes personal when they take Althea and the grandson of one of the victims hostage.

A Necessary Evil Apr 12 1988 - In this humorous episode Virgil and the Chief arrest a man for bigamy.It soon becomes a polygamy case after an endless parade of wives come to visit their husband.

Pilot (1) Mar 06 1988 - Virgil Tibbs returns to Sparta and joins the police force as chief of detectives.His arrival is met with resistance from police chief Bill Gillespie - who resents having an officer hired without ...more

Blind Spot (1) Mar 29 1988 - Virgil refuses to let go of a grudge against a wealthy former classmate who cheated him out of a scholarship.The man has promised city leaders that he will move his business to Sparta,but not ...more

Blind Spot (2) Apr 05 1988 - An angry Gillespie seeks answers when an old friend is shot.And Virgil narrowly escapes death after trying to ascertain the real reason behind an old adversary's return to Sparta.Nan finds ...more

Road Kill Mar 06 1988 - The investigation into the brutal murders of a young girl and the suspect in her death, leads Tibbs and Gillespie to the son of one of Sparta's wealthiest and most influential citizens.As they ...more

Fate Mar 15 1988 - The affair between the husband of a wealthy woman and her distant cousin leads to her murder. Virgil immediately suspects the pair.But he has a difficult time persuading Gillespie, who is a long ...more


A.k.a. Kelly Kay May 02 1989 - With the Chief in Quantico Bubba and Virgil try to catch a serial arsonist.Things get complicated after a man dies in one of the fires.And Councilwoman White stirs things up by appointing Tom ...more

Country Mouse, City Mouse Mar 21 1989 - A vivacious socialites return to Sparta delights her ailing father and childhood friend Virgil, but her sister is less than thrilled at her homecoming.After their father is poisoned the jealous ...more

Gunshots Mar 14 1989 - The investigation of a possible assault brings back nightmarish and confusing childhood memories for Virgil.

Ladybug, Ladybug May 02 1989 -

These Things Take Time May 09 1989 - It seems that a serial killer has been burying his victims in a wooded area owned by a wealthy hermit that Virgil refers to as ""Sparta's Howard Hughes"". Suspicion ...more

The Creek Mar 14 1989 -

The Hammer and the Glove Feb 14 1988 - The past comes back to haunt JoAnn in the form of an escaped convict.

The Pig Woman of Sparta

Missing May 16 1989 -

Prisoners Feb 21 1989 - A teenage mother from an impoverished family is arrested for murder after her infant is found dead, but Virgil believes there is more to the case than meets the eye.Meanwhile Althea believes the ...more

Stranger in Town Mar 28 1989 - A bitter strike leads to a murder investigation on a snowy day in Sparta.

Intruders May 16 1989 - Gillespie is kidnapped and Virgil believes that Tom Dugan is involved.

Walkout Mar 28 1989 -

Don't Look Back (1) Dec 04 1988 - A copycat recreates a shocking unsolved murder from the past.Gillespie feels threatened after Ted Marcus suggests that Virgil should become the Chief.The situation becomes more tense after ...more

Don't Look Back (2) Dec 04 1988 - Tibbs,Gillespie and Bubba pursue different leads in a bizarre murder case and the Chief realizes that the killer has plans for him.

Sister, Sister A vivacious socialites return to Sparta delights her ailing father and childhood friend Virgil, but her sister is less than thrilled at her homecoming.After their father is poisoned the jealous ...more

A Trip Upstate Apr 25 1989 - Sparta grieves after a drunk driver causes a fatal crash with high school cheerleaders on their way home from a game.While the officers try to find other driver, Althea tries to help the ...more

A Trip Upstate Feb 07 1989 - In this thought provoking episode.Gillespie is surprised when a man he arrested asks to see him on the eve of his execution.He must confront his feelings about the death penalty when the ...more

Prisoners Dec 20 1988 - Sweet risks his life to prove that the Sheriff of a neighboring county is guilty of the racially motivated murder of a young man that Sweet was friends with in high school.

Dec 27 1988 - Bubba is seduced by an alluring writer who has more on her mind than romance.Bill and Virgil worry that he is in over his head.Bubba tries to protect her from her estranged husband, but things ...more

Stranger in Town Jan 17 1989 - Gillespie suspects that JoAnn's new cook is connected to the murder of a young prostitute.But Virgil suspects the culprit maybe a local pimp who has been intimidating the women.

The Hammer and the Glove Dec 13 1988 - Virgil is delighted when Matthew his former partner from Philidelphia comes to visit.But he soon learns his friend has another purpose for coming to Sparta.Althea is uncomfortable because she ...more

Gunshots Jan 03 1989 - Virgil is forced to shoot a suspect in an armed robbery.He has trouble dealing with the consequences of his actions, after he realizes the person he shot was a teenaged girl - and no one can ...more

Country Mouse, City Mouse Jan 10 1989 - Virgil's visiting niece and Bubba's nephew team up in an effort to escape the boredom of small town life.But they get more excitement than they bargained for when they cross paths with a ...more

Tear Down the Walls Apr 04 1989 - Bubba tries to rescue a woman from a rapist, but she mistakes him for her attacker.Gillespie tangles with an ambitious district attorney who plans to use the case to further his career.

Intruders Mar 07 1989 - The police search for a burglar who preys on elderly women.And the prime suspect is the son of a city councilwoman.

Rape Oct 24 1989 - After being released by his captors, the chief discovers that his abduction is part of a plot to assassinate a visiting civil rights leader.

Fairest of Them All Oct 31 1989 - Virgil struggles to help Althea after she is raped by a fellow teacher.Darnell does not think they can get a conviction because the man's wife has given him an alibi.Virgil tries to control his ...more

Murder Most Ancient Nov 07 1989 - A beauty contest is marred by blackmail and the ambitious mother of a contestant.

Nov 14 1989 - An unhappy wife asks her lover to place a bomb in her abusive husband's truck.

Crackdown Nov 21 1989 - Sparta P.D. gets it's first black policewoman.

Time of the Stranger Dec 05 1989 - After a private investigator searching for a missing child is found dead, the evidence points to a local dance teacher - a neighbor that Parker has become very fond of.

My Name is Hank Dec 19 1989 - A young refugee claims to be the son of a Sparta cop who died in the war.But quickly becomes a suspect in a murder/robbery after he accepts a ride with the criminals who actually committed the ...more

King's Ransom Jan 02 1990 - The F.B.I. tries to talk an ex-boxer into testifying against a mobster he once worked for, but the fighter sees the situation as an opportunity for blackmail.

Epitaph for a Lady Jan 16 1990 - A long time friend of the Chief makes threats against a doctor he believes is responsible for his wife's death .When the doctor is killed he becomes the prime suspect.But Gillespie doubts his ...more