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Below is a complete Inquiring Minds episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Inquiring Minds episodes are listed along with the Inquiring Minds episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Inquiring Minds episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “How Do "No Tears" Shampoos Work?” to “Why Does Food Rot?.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Inquiring Minds episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Why Is The Sky Blue? Sep 12 1999 - The Exploration of sunlight. How the sky is like a giant pinball machine and where the sun is located at different times of the day. The explanation of what would happen if there were no air ...more

How Do People Survive Lightning Strikes? Sep 19 1999 - An explanation of lightning, including the amount of energy in a lightning bolt, how lightning is formed, and what we actually see in a streak of lightning. The group also explains about the ...more

Why Does Breathing Helium Make Your Voice So High? Sep 26 1999 - The discovery of how the density of several elements affects sound, what is needed for sound to be present, and how sound works. The pitch of a person's voice compared to that of a musical ...more

Why Don't Satellites Fall Out Of The Sky? Oct 03 1999 - Explains what a satellite is, how it is put into orbit and how it maintains its orbit. The team also talks about how satellite dishes work and how they provide better television signals. The ...more

How Does The Dry Cleaning Process Work? Oct 10 1999 - The revelation of why certain clothes are dry cleaned, the history of the dry cleaning process, and introduces water as a universal solvent. A demonstration is performed of how like-substances ...more

Why Are Hurricanes Seasonal? Oct 17 1999 - The exploration of why hurricanes strike only in late summer or early fall. The hosts also explain what a hurricane is, why it is the most destructive natural force on Earth, and demonstrates ...more

Why Do Voices Sound Different On Recorders? Oct 24 1999 - The examination of how sound is produced and explains hearing by air conduction, and bone construction.

How Do Astronauts Land On The Moon? Oct 31 1999 - The revealation of how a rocket actually gets to the moon, and how it is compared to flying to the moon as vacation.

Why Do High And Low Pressure Systems Bring Good And Bad Weather? Nov 07 1999 - The explanation of atmospheric pressure and its relevance to the weather report and our daily lives. Also explained are pressure instruments and their uses, how isobars are mapped out, and how ...more

Why Do Some Rock Concerts Sound So Bad? Nov 14 1999 - The definition of an echo, and the demonstration of how it occurs and its effects in different background. The hosts describe the acoustic challenges presented by most rock concert and presents ...more

How Do Artificial Flavours Fool Our Taste Buds? Nov 28 1999 - A mass spectrometer analyzes the contents of a substance and displays the results on a computer. The human tongue and its ability to recognize four main tastes. The make-up of synthetic ...more

How Is Snow Manufactured? Dec 05 1999 - Information on how nature creates snow, the components used by snow-making machines to manufacture snow, and natural snowflakes compared to artificial ones.

How Are Athletes Timed In A Race? Dec 12 1999 - The history of the stopwatch and analysis of its accuracy. The starter's pistol, the starting block sensors, and the horn in present-day races are used for timing modern races. How a high ...more

How Do Bulletproof Vest Work? Dec 19 1999 - The structure of a bullet- proof vest, including the characteristics of an Aramid fiber-energy absorption, stretching ability. How the strength of a fabric depends on how the fibers are woven ...more

Why Do Some People Wear Glasses? Dec 26 1999 - The explanation of the parts of the eye, such as the lens and the muscles surrounding it, the iris and its function of letting light into the eye, the retina, lined with light-sensitive cells ...more

Why Is The Ocean Salty? Jan 02 2000 - The hosts talk about the two principle sources of salt. Underwater volcanoes and rivers, plus the different levels of salt concentration in rivers and ocean, and also the salt's tendency to ...more

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Vegetarian? Jan 09 2000 - The definition of carnivores and herbivores, - their respective diets and eating mechanisms. Human's teeth, digestive systems, and diet in comparison to those of carnivores and herbivores.

How Do We Determine The Age Of Dinosaurs? Jan 16 2000 - Calculating the age of bones from the amount of carbon 14 they contain and the potassium atoms in rocks surrounding bones. Explanations of how bones help determine what the dinosaurs looked ...more

Why Is Gold So Valuable? Jan 23 2000 - Gold's properties, its appeal to human beings and impact on society throughout history. The advantages of gold over other metals, its chemical stability where it does not react with water or ...more

Why Does Fluoride Prevent Cavities? Jan 30 2000 - What bacteria are and why they are so dangerous. Information on what eggshells and teeth have in common, what fluoride is and how it prevents cavities. The structure and function of living ...more

What Is A Computer Virus? Feb 06 2000 - How a computer virus causes infections, the three stages of program infection, and routes to protection. A presentation of a comparison of viruses in humans and computers, the characteristics of ...more

How Do "No Tears" Shampoos Work? Nov 21 1999 - How surfactant, the ingredient in shampoo that causes the burning sensation and helps rid the hair of dirt, reacts with the eye's tear film. And a look at amphoteric surfactants, which are found ...more

Why Do Divers Get The Bends? Sep 10 2000 - The explanation of why we can't breathe underwater and how a regulator helps scuba divers. The hosts reveal the dangers of ""the bends"" where nitrogen builds up in the ...more

Why Do Bears Hibernate, And Not Humans? Sep 17 2000 - Why humans must endure winter, while bears and chipmunks can avoid it by hibernating. We explore the structure and function of living systems, regulation of life processes and behaviour that ...more

Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? Sep 24 2000 - The team explain what a stick and a piece of crystal have to do with telling time, and how the clock was invented. They also discuss Newton's law of gravitation, scientific principles and ...more

What Causes Allergies? Oct 01 2000 - Why some people have allergic reactions, and others don't. How your immune system works - or doesn't work is discussed. A look at auto-immune disease is discovered. The team focuses on the ...more

What Causes The Northern Lights? Oct 08 2000 - The group focuses on how the earth resembles a giant magnet, and its relation to the natural light show known as the aurora borealis. A discussion of properties of gas, transfer, properties, and ...more

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples? Oct 15 2000 - The group discusses the evolution of the golf ball, and its advantages. Why a rough ball travels further than a smooth one, the impact of air, and how to make an object more aerodynamic are also ...more

Why Is It So Difficult To Stop Smoking? Oct 22 2000 - Explanations of why smoking is a powerful addiction, how it affects the chemistry of the brain and the ""reward centre,"" the causes of withdrawal symptoms, and attempts to

How Do Microwave Ovens Cook Food? Oct 29 2000 - The exploration of heat transfer through conduction, convection, and radiation, the electromagnetic spectrum and wavelengths. Changes in matter, and technological design.

Can Voices Really Shatter Glass? Nov 05 2000 - What resonance means and the natural frequency of structures and objects, such as glass. A look at the effects of resonance, and some examples - why resonance is like swinging someone on a ...more

Why Does Food Rot? Nov 12 2000 - A look at micro organisms, where the team talks about how they work, their need for water, the role of the freezer and refrigerator, different kinds of bacteria - good and bad, and the ...more

Why Does Getting Sick Always Give You The Same Symptoms? Nov 19 2000 - How a cold or flu virus works, and its effects on your body. The functions of congestion, a sore throat, sneezing, and coughing. The hosts explain why we get sick more often in the winter, ...more

Why Don't Sky Scrapers Fall Over? Nov 26 2000 - The evolution of the skyscraper and a look at how high buildings can become. The role that steel is described, and how steel frames have played a part, the elevator's role in the ...more

How Do Body Builders Get Their Muscles So Big? Dec 03 2000 - How your muscles function everyday, how your body builds muscles using muscle fibres and protein strands, and getting your body into shape.

How Do They Keep The Ice Frozen in a Hockey Arena? Dec 10 2000 - What antifreeze has to do with hockey rinks, why they paint the ice, and how thick the ice surface is. The hosts also explain about what happens to the ice when another event is held in the

How Do Helicopters Fly Without Wings? Dec 17 2000 - What the wings of a plane and the rotor of a helicopter have in common, how the rotor lifts the helicopter off the ground from a standing position, how a helicopter changes direction, and what a ...more

Why Do Animals See The World Differently Than We Do? Dec 24 2000 - What animals need to see in order to stay alive, why some animals' eyes are on the sides of their head, and which species have more than two eyes.

Why Is Laser Light So Powerful? Dec 31 2000 - How to produce a single wavelength, what neon signs and lasers have in common, what makes a laser powerful enough to cut through steel, and why some lasers are more powerful than others.

How Does Soap Make You Clean? Jan 07 2001 - Where soap gets its cleaning power from, why water alone can't get you clean, and where soap scum comes from. Behind the reason why people don't use soap to wash their hair.

Why Is There No Cure for the Common Cold? Jan 14 2001 - What happens when a virus invades your body, what a vaccine is, and why we can't create a vaccine to protect us from the common cold.

How Do Surgeons Transplant An Organ? Jan 21 2001 - An experiment on how the immune system reacts to a foreign organ, how T-cells know what belongs in your body and what doesn't, and especially how doctors find a match between patients and organ ...more

How Does Nuclear Power Work? Jan 28 2001 - How we get electricity from uranium, how a nuclear chain reaction is created, and why nuclear power generation has hazardous side effects.

What Is The Science Behind Keeping Warm? Feb 04 2001 - A demonstration on what happens when your body is unable to produce heat as fast as it is being lost, how your body defends against heat loss, and the trick to layering.