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Below is a complete Inspector Gadget episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Inspector Gadget episodes are listed along with the Inspector Gadget episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Inspector Gadget episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “M.A.D Acadamy” and “M.A.D Trap.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Inspector Gadget episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

DVD Extras: Season 1 Inspector Gadget is back in an all-new animated special. Gadget is still a klutz and Dr.

Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas Dec 04 1992 - There are some suspicious goings-on at the North Pole, and if Inspector Gadget doesn't do something fast, Christmas is going to be ruined!

Funny Money Aug 18 1984 - M.A.D. has enlisted the aid of the incarcerated Funny Money counterfeiting gang in a plot to generate millions upon millions of bogus dollars for Dr. Claw to use in his dirty work. Two of the ...more

Amusement Park Dec 10 1983 - Gadget has to find the bomb Dr. Claw has hidden in Metro City's amusement park.

Gadget at the Circus Oct 01 1983 - Gadget brings Penny to the circus as he investigates a top-secret mission. The Inspector believes that Dr. Claw has replaced some of the circus performers with M.A.D. Agents! Gadget goes ...more

All That Glitters Nov 26 1983 - Gadget is assigned to find El Dorado, the fabled Lost City of Gold, before Dr. Claw's agents find it and tear it apart to melt down the gold.

Unhenged Sep 29 1984 - Gadget must put a stop to M.A.D.'s latest plot for global domination, which involves the kidnapping of the world's leading solar scientists and coercing them to design and construct a ...more

Bermuda Triangle Mar 24 1984 - Ships are vanishing in the Bermuda Triangle, but the seemingly supernatural aspects of the disappearances are subterfuge by Dr. Claw, who is using an enormous machine to swallow oil tankers and ...more

Did You Myth Me? Aug 04 1984 - A M.A.D. scientist tries to steal an ancient Greek scroll said to hold the secret of turning lead into gold.

Quizz Master Nov 24 1984 - A slick game show host mesmerizes contestants when they enter his TV program's sealed "21"-like booth, which is outfitted with hypnotic lights. The contestants are then commanded to ...more

Photo Safari Mar 10 1984 - Inspector Gadget must stop Dr. Claw from using animals to scare villagers away.

Monster Lake Sep 17 1983 - Gadget looks for a missing scientist who vanished at a lake rumored to harbor a monster.

Movie Set Dec 03 1983 - Gadget falls for actress Lana Lamour unaware that she's a M.A.D. agent and that her movie is M.A.D.'s cover for filming top secret facilities.

The Invasion Dec 31 1983 - M.A.D. agents disguised as Martians terrorize Metro City.

Plantform of the Opera May 12 1984 - M.A.D. agents use an opera house as cover to tunnel into a bank vault while protected by a killer man-eating plant.

Haunted Castle Oct 29 1983 - While searching for a crime-fighters' convention in Transylvania Gadget arrives at a castle that Dr. Claw has booby-trapped to kill him.

A Clear Case Apr 07 1984 - South African diamond miners are terrorized by a ghost who is actually a M.A.D. scientist using diamond dust to create invisibility suits.

No Flies on Us Jun 23 1984 - In Malaysia, the Wild Man of Borneo (a M.A.D. scientist), has both derived a virus from flies and concocted its antidote. A head-cold-suffering Gadget must stop Dr. Claw's plan to turn everyone ...more

Weather In Tibet Sep 22 1984 - Penny teams up with a Tibetan boy to destroy a M.A.D. weather control machine while her uncle blunders around as usual.

In Seine Oct 13 1984 - In Paris a M.A.D. agent uses a robot to rob the rich and famous.

A Star is Lost Nov 19 1983 - Gadget has to guard the life of famed rock singer Rick Rocker, whom M.A.D. has sinister plans for. But Gadget winds up replacing Rocker as the current reigning King of Rock!

Birds of a Feather Oct 27 1984 - In Turkey a M.A.D. agent uses his birds to steal a very valuable gemstone from an exhibition.

Luck of the Irish Jun 30 1984 - Gadget heads to Ireland to locate the Blarney Stone, "The national treasure of Ireland," when it's stolen by M.A.D. agents. While plotting to use a laser cannon to slice up the Stone ...more

Fang the Wonder Dog Nov 10 1984 - Dr. Claw tries to abduct movie star "Fang the Wonder Dog" from the set of his latest film so he can ransom him.

Gadget's Replacement Feb 11 1984 - A new supercomputer has made the Metro City police so efficient that Chief Quimby fires Gadget but M.A.D. has a plan to control the computer and feed the police false information.

Tree Guesses Oct 20 1984 - Dr. Claw has concocted a chemical compound that decomposes wood at an accelerated rate, which he threatens to unleash upon the world's forests in exchange for a hefty ransom.

Art Heist Dec 17 1983 - Gadget has to stop M.A.D. from looting the New York Museum of Art.

Eye of the Dragon Apr 28 1984 - Gadget is sent to Hong Kong to recover the priceless jewel the Eye of the Dragon and foil an alliance between Dr. Claw and Hong Kong's crime-lord Mr. Chow.

The Ruby Nov 12 1983 - Gadget is sent to India to investigate a missing ruby, which has been stolen by M.A.D. to be used as an amplifying power source for a laser beam that will destroy an advanced satellite in

Basic Training Jan 28 1984 - Gadget must protect a trainload of important computer parts from M.A.D. hijackers.

The Emerald Duck Jul 21 1984 - Gadget heads for Mexico, where he must stop "The oldest Mayan artifact known to exist," the Emerald Duck, from falling into the hands of a M.A.D. agent -- a Mexican bandit named Macho ...more

Arabian Nights Mar 31 1984 - Gadget is sent to the wealthy Middle-Eastern kingdom of Yetzanistan to safeguard a sacred sword.

The Japanese Connection Mar 20 1984 - Penny won a computer contest and is in Japan helping her local counterpart, Atsuko, to foil an alliance between Dr. Claw and his Japanese counterpart, Iji Waruda-san.

Do Unto Udders Jul 28 1984 - M.A.D. utilizes satellite waves to cause local cows to stop producing milk, forcing consumers to purchase milk from "New Foods Dairy" (a M.A.D. front).

Prince of the Gypsies Jul 07 1984 - Dr. Claw tries to frame the gypsies of Freedonia for the theft of the Royal Coat of Arms. So Gadget investigates the gypsies while Penny and her new friend, Anya, try to find the real thief.

The Curse of the Pharoah Jan 14 1984 - M.A.D. agents disguised as mummies and ancient Egyptian gods try to loot the tomb of a newly discovered pharoah.

Dry Spell Sep 01 1984 - A M.A.D. agent and his Blue Trolls causes a drought in Metro City by cutting off the city's mountain water resources.

Gone Went the Wind May 26 1984 - A M.A.D. scientist at the North Pole creates a machine to cause windstorms all over the globe.

The Boat Oct 22 1983 - Gadget is assigned to board a cruise ship and safeguard the passenger's priceless jewelry from Dr. Claw's clutches.

Down at the Farm Sep 24 1983 - M.A.D. tries to do Gadget in by locking him in a missile hidden in a farm's grain silo.

Quimby Exchange Sep 15 1984 - Gadget is assigned to protect "Nervous Nick" Defecto, a former M.A.D. agent, from Dr. Claw's wrath. In revenge, Dr. Claw takes Chief Quimby hostage and offers him in exchange for his

A Bad Altitude Aug 11 1984 - Dr. Claw intends to sink most of an island so that his (currently) mountaintop resort will become the only hotel on "M.A.D. Island".

The Infiltration Jan 07 1984 - Presto Chango, the world's greatest disguise artist and a M.A.D. agent, plans to infiltrate an Interpol conference in London disguised as Inspector Gadget.

Launch Time Mar 03 1984 - M.A.D. tries to sabotage a NASA mission.

Winter Olympics Sep 10 1983 - Gadget goes to the Winterland Resort where the world's athletes are gathered for the opening of the Olympic games. Dr.Claw tries to ruin the Olympics by replacing the torch bearer with a M.A.D. ...more

Pirate Island Jun 09 1984 - Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain are on vacation in the Caribbean. But before they've had a chance to get any serious R & R on Gadget's dilapidated old rust-bucket of a boat, duty calls ...more

Sleeping Gas Feb 04 1984 - Gadget is assigned to halt a diabolical M.A.D. scheme: put entire cities to sleep with a powerful sleeping gas.

King Wrong Jun 02 1984 - In the far-off country of Pianostan, the people remain happy as long as their King is miserable. But M.A.D. has been ensuring that the King is happy in order to disrupt the peace, so Inspector ...more

Follow That Jet Aug 25 1984 - Dr. Claw begins making US Airforce jets disappear so that he can create his own private M.A.D. airforce.

Old Man of the Mountain Jul 14 1984 - M.A.D. has abducted a prominent seismologist, who is coerced by Dr. Claw to construct a machine capable of generating deadly earthquakes upon the world. Gadget's case takes him deep within the ...more