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Below is a complete Ironside episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Ironside episodes are listed along with the Ironside episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Ironside episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Raise the Devil (2)” and “The Fourteenth Runner” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Ironside episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Buddy, Can You Spare a Life? (feature length version) Nov 16 1972 - This was originally broadcast as a feature length movie (like this), and eventually rebroadcast as a 2-parter (6x08 and 6x09)

Message from Beyond Sep 14 1967 - Lonely old women are being strangled, and Chief Ironside believes that there is more to it than just a serial killer at work. Setting Eve up as a potential victim requires a little ingenuity, ...more

The Leaf in the Forest Sep 21 1967 - A notorious gangster is preparing to turn State's evidence when he is murdered, but Ironside pretends that the man is still alive, and ready to talk, in order to catch the killer and nail a ...more

The Monster of Comus Towers Nov 16 1967 - A woman who wrote a cheering letter to Ironside when he was recovering from being shot, dies in an apparent suicide. Convinced that it was murder Ironside investigates, and uncovers the sad ...more

The Lonely Hostage Feb 01 1968 - A psychiatrist friend of Ironside's is murdered, and the only clues are his collection of artworks. Is one of the artists the murderer? And if so, which one?

The Taker Oct 12 1967 - Two killers break out of their cell in the precinct and hold Ironside and Eve Whitfield hostage, forcing the Chief to come up with a fool-proof plan for their escape. As always Ironside has a ...more

Memory of an Ice Cream Stick Jan 11 1968 - When Ed and two colleagues arrest a violent man they don't take his threats seriously, but when the other two officers are murdered, Ed is convinced that he knows who the killer is. Suspended ...more

The Man Who Believed Nov 23 1967 - Cars are being stolen in worryingly high numbers, and with the numbers recovered falling dramatically, the signs point to a crooked cop somewhere in the department. Mark is convinced that the ...more

Feb 22 1968 - A friend of Ironside's turns out to be an amnesiac victim without a past. The need to discover who she really is comes to the forefront when somebody tries to kill her, and it becomes clear that ...more

Sep 28 1967 - When TV personality Francesca Kirby starts to receive death threats, her old friend Robert T. Ironside is soon on the case. When the threats become attempts on her life, he begins to delve ...more

Let My Brother Go Nov 02 1967 - A recently blinded woman is witness to a murder, and not knowing that she couldn't see him the murderer attempts to silence her. Ironside is on hand to protect her, and also to help her to come ...more

Force of Arms Jan 04 1968 - A visiting Soviet athlete vanishes during a practice run, and Ironside is placed on the case. It soon turns out that the 'trustworthy Soviet hero' is anything but, and that the athlete is ...more

Return of the Hero Apr 04 1968 - A decorated Vietnam war hero is found guilty of murder, but the Chief, amongst others, does not believe that he is guilty. Whilst he is trying to find out the truth, somebody else is killing off ...more

Barbara Who Feb 29 1968 - Lecturing on a law course at a local college, the Chief finds that one of the students is planning to prove that the perfect crime can be committed. The person responsible appears to be ...more

Tagged for Murder Oct 26 1967 - Ironside is having problems keeping a group of local kids on the straight and narrow, and enlists the help of football star Bat Masterson, an old friend of Mark's. Bat's brother Joe, however, is ...more

The Challenge Feb 08 1968 - During a night on the town, Eve Whitfield kills an armed robber who tries to shoot her. When he turns out to be a boy just turned seventeen, she doubts her abilities as a police officer, ...more

The Past Is Prologue Dec 07 1967 - Ed falls for a woman that he meets one night in Las Vegas. She promptly disappears in mysterious circumstances, and Ed and the rest of the team try to find out what has happened. Needless to ...more

A Very Cool Hot Car Nov 30 1967 - A friend of the Chief's turns out to have been living under an assumed identity for the last nineteen years, and is wanted in New York for murder. The mayor is determined to have him extradited ...more

Eat, Drink and Be Buried Oct 05 1967 - A policeman known to Ironside for some years is shot dead whilst on an investigation. The evidence points to him being crooked, but the Chief is determined to prove otherwise.

To Kill a Cop Jan 25 1968 - A cop goes bad and shoots a fellow officer, then offers to give himself up to Chief Ironside. Instead, he takes the Chief and Mark hostage, and plans to kill them as soon as his escape is ...more

The Fourteenth Runner Dec 28 1967 - An old friend of Mark's is a suspect in a murder investigation, but Mark refuses to accept that the man may be bad. Ironside tries to convince him otherwise, but in the process risks breaking ...more

Officer Bobby Mar 14 1968 - Ed is charged with police brutality following a raid on a hippie drug den. As always, of course, things are far from being as they seem, and the trail leads to a group of apparently model ...more

Light at the End of the Journey Nov 09 1967 - An ingenious art theft takes place at Comus Towers Art Museum, and a guard is murdered in the process. Chief Ironside takes the case, but another death is to follow; this time the proprietor of ...more

Trip to Hashbury Mar 21 1968 - Mark's date is found murdered in Golden Gate Park, and he is determined to catch the man responsible, with or without Ironside's help. When he decides to take the law into his own hands, ...more

An Inside Job Oct 19 1967 - An apparently accidental death occurs, but Ed risks his shield on the certainty that it was murder. When Ironside gets on the case a murky tale of murdered ex-servicemen and an old robbery is ...more

All in a Day's Work Feb 15 1968 - A compulsive (and unlucky) gambler is in debt to a local mobster for $32,000. Ironside wants to put the mobster away, but only can if the gambler is prepared to turn state's evidence. The Chief ...more

Girl in the Night Dec 21 1967 - A local businessman sets up an organised vigilante force to try to clean up San Francisco. When a key member is murdered, it becomes clear that the ""Second Force"" has got

Perfect Crime Mar 07 1968 - A baby is found abandoned in the Chief's van, following an explosion at an airport. The Chief suspects that the child's mother was the intended victim of the attack, and plans to make her come ...more

Due Process of the Law Mar 28 1968 - Mark's date is found murdered in Golden Gate Park, and he is determined to catch the man responsible, with or without Ironside's help. When he decides to take the law into his own hands, ...more

Ironside Mar 28 1967 - Holidaying in an isolated farmhouse, Chief of Detectives Robert T. Ironside is shot by an unseen assailant and paralysed from the waist down. Fearing enforced retirement, he uses his personal ...more

Side Pocket Dec 05 1968 - A young pool hustler is coerced into a contract with a crooked promoter when his brother amasses large gambling debts. The Chief steps in, but can he get through to the brothers in time?

Up, Down, and Even Jan 09 1969 - Eve's niece is arrested for possession and use of marijuana, and the Chief investigates her school and friends in a bid to clear her. It soon becomes obvious that she is guilty as charged, but ...more

Sep 26 1968 - Ironside is the only witness to a murder, but has to go into hospital for exploratory surgery immediately after the events that he witnessed. The murderer is determined that he should not leave ...more

Sep 26 1968 - Ironside is the only witness to a murder, but has to go into hospital for exploratory surgery immediately after the events that he witnessed. The murderer is determined that he should not leave ...more

I, the People Oct 31 1968 - An obnoxious talk show host known as ""The Peoples' Voice"" begins to receive death threats, and the Chief is assigned to protect him. Firstly he must overcome his own ...more

The Sacrifice Oct 03 1968 - A policeman friend of Ironside and the team is the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Is he really guilty, though, or is the evidence just a little too damning?

Not With a Whimper, But a Bang Apr 10 1969 - A local college is plagued by false bomb alerts, and the editor of the campus paper is convinced that leftist militants are responsible. However, when the fourth bomb proves to be real, and a ...more

In Search of an Artist Jan 02 1969 - A painting turns up, apparently painted by an old friend of the Chief's who is presumed dead after confessing to a murder. The Chief believes that he is still alive, and innocent, and sets out ...more

Why the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club Met on Thursday Jan 23 1969 - Victoria Ironside, the Chief's aunt, is a member of the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club. When a fellow member disappears, Aunt Victoria turns to the Chief for help, but what he uncovers turns out ...more

Puzzlelock Mar 13 1969 - An ex-policeman murders his wife, and sets up a complicated false trail and apparently flawless alibi in order to cover his tracks. The Chief has to find a way to crack the man's seemingly ...more

Sergeant Mike Dec 12 1968 - A old woman is murdered, and the only witness appears to be a large, grumpy Alsatian. The Chief enlists his help in a search for the murderer, and uncovers a story of con-jobs and blackmail ...more

A World of Jackals Feb 13 1969 - An old friend of Mark's calls him to ask for a meeting, but she is kidnapped before he can reach her. It soon transpires that her disappearance is tied to that of movie star Gloria James, who ...more

Price Tag -- Death Nov 07 1968 - The Chief is alerted to the murder of a down-and-out by an ex-cop now living on the streets. The trail soon leads to a long line of false cheques, and an extremely unstable man.

The Macabre Mr. Micawber Nov 28 1968 - A rich man is murdered, and his man-servant is the prime suspect, until a talkative Mynah bird appears which may just have the solution to the whole case on the tip of his tongue.

A Drug on the Market Mar 06 1969 - An old friend of the Chief's, recently widowed, is hearing strange voices and receiving threatening 'phone calls. She is afraid that she is going mad, but the Chief is determined to prove that ...more

A Matter of Love and Death Apr 03 1969 - A young woman is found dead in a park, and it soon transpires that she died as a result of an illegal abortion. Greatly affected, Eve disguises herself as a pregnant woman, and tries to discover ...more

Moonlight Means Money Feb 27 1969 - Ed and an old friend uncover a drug running operation whilst having a night on the town, and after becoming implicated in the affair they are suspended. Ed risks extreme wrath from above in ...more

Robert Phillips vs. the Man Oct 10 1968 - A black rights activist is arrested for murder, and San Francisco's Black community threatens to take to the streets in protest. Commissioner Randall asks the Chief to investigate the case in an ...more

Desperate Encounter Oct 24 1968 - A friend of the Chief's invites him to stay and then promptly disappears, leaving Ironside to figure out what has happened to him, whilst also running the gauntlet in a town determined to cover ...more

Reprise Nov 21 1968 - When Eve is injured during a shooting, the rest of the team recall their early encounters with her, and the Chief wonders if he was right ever to have encouraged her to join the force. ...more