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Below is a complete It Takes a Thief episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual It Takes a Thief episodes are listed along with the It Takes a Thief episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. It Takes a Thief episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “The Great Casino Caper,” “Beyond a Treasonable Doubt” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the It Takes a Thief episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Bachelor Break-In Feb 02 2005 - John, Angelo and Mark attempt to change a lifetime of bad habits in a bid to protect their ""big-boy"" toys and most treasured childhood possessions.

Heist in the Suburbs Feb 09 2005 - Henry and Susie differ on the security measures necessary to protect the contents of their rural home, including the priceless mementos left by their only son, who passed away at the age of 17.

Mom Knows Best Feb 16 2005 - Security-conscious Ginger has argued with her daughter and with Bennett, her husband of more than 25 years, about the issue. Will her fears be justified?

City Slickers Feb 23 2005 - Newlyweds Sunitha and Eric see just how invulnerable their dog and neighbors are making their 1929 suburban house to a burglary.

Pinching the Painter Mar 02 2005 - Previous victims of thieves, Danny and Teresa have much to protect: jewelry, electronics and Danny's art, worth tens of thousands of dollars. Yet only their son, Damon, has been diligent about ...more

The Great Harley Heist Mar 09 2005 - Jon and Matt visit a suburban neighborhood where most houses have no garage. The house they stop at belongs to Marlene and Katrina, two roomates who are as close as sisters. They learn that the ...more

Three Women and a Burglar Mar 16 2005 - Suzanne and her adult twin daughters ask for help in securing their house, already robbed twice and located in an unsafe neighborhood.

Grand Theft Autos Mar 23 2005 - Matt and Jon visit a lakeside retreat known to the locals as Club Marko. Home to a batchelor who lives each day as if it were his last, it was well protected, or so the homeowner, Mark, thought. ...more

Reading, Writing and Robberies Mar 30 2005 - Matt and Jon take a trip to New Jersey, to the home of Ryan and Camilla. Matt finds out that the only one who locks the doors in the house is their 3 year old daughter. After going through the ...more

Like Mother, Like Daughter Apr 13 2005 - Matt and Jon visit long island, to the home of Stephanie, a single mother of 2 who had been robbed twice already. They lock up the house, but, their efforts are wasted as six of the windows ...more

Desperate Housewife Apr 20 2005 - Once again in New Jersey, Matt & Jon visit the home of Roseann and Phil. Bill's unfinished projects have left Roseann feeling uneasy about being home at night, especially after robberies ...more

Little Women Apr 27 2005 - Matt & John go to Connecticut to visit the home of a single mom and her two daughters. Arachnophobia caused the homeowner to not check the cellar window. While it was locked, Jon used a ...more

Something Old, Something New May 04 2005 - Matt & John visit a neighborhood outside NYC, to an old Tudor home. All the locks are original to the house, including the mortise locks on the side and back doors. Jon kicked in the side ...more

Thief and the Single Lady May 11 2005 - Matt & John visit a suburban neighborhood outside of New York City. They find the home of a single mother whose children have moved out. She has lived all over the world and has expensive ...more

Good Cop, Bad Cop This episode will likely air in the fall when the show returns

Leave It to Grandma

Theft on the Water

Daddy's Little Girl

Big Burglar on Campus

Inherited Fortune

Big Apple Break-In

Shape Up or Ship Out

Open House

Mi casa es su casa

Special Assignment: Big Brother

Security He Said/She Said

Collecting Bad Habits

Diamond Dealer This episode will likely air in the fall when the show returns

Party Crashers

Bed and Break-Ins Sep 23 2005 -

A Silent Robbery

Wine, Dine and Dash

Car Repair... or Robbery?

Cops and Robbers This episode will likely air in the fall when the show returns

Haven in the Hood

Shaking Up the Southern Comfort

Unlocking the Past

And Burglar Makes Four

Nighttime Is the Right Time

Jonny's Angels

Big Burglar On Campus Sep 12 2005 -

Diamond Dealer Sep 13 2005 - Jon and his accomplices do the unthinkable when they decide to rob a town's police station, fire station, and courthouse.

Haven In The Hood Sep 14 2005 - Two women think their house, tenant, and adopted son are safe until a reformed burglar proves otherwise.

Good Cop, Bad Cop Oct 27 2005 - A Skate Shop in New Jersey thinks their "surviellance cameras in use" sticker will deter burglars. But when Jon sees no cameras, it's a welcome sign to rob them.

Shaking Up The Southern Comfort Sep 15 2005 -

Open House Sep 16 2005 - A homeowner thinks his handiwork will prevent a burglar from breaking in. After writing in to Matt and Jon, he is put to the test and fails miserably.

Cops and Robbers Sep 19 2005 - A family thinks their home in a gated community just off a golf course is safe from crooks.

Special Assignment: Big Brother Sep 20 2005 - A single mom with two young daughters gets a lesson in home security.

Security He Said/She Said Sep 21 2005 - A suburban couple learns a lesson on how to keep their home safe while they commute to the big city for work.

Daddy's Little Girl Sep 22 2005 - Jon's next target is a house that has people always running in and out of.