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Below is a complete Jackie Chan Adventures episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Jackie Chan Adventures episodes are listed along with the Jackie Chan Adventures episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Jackie Chan Adventures episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Re-Enter the Dragon” to “Little Valmont, Big Jade” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Jackie Chan Adventures episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Monkey a Go-Go Oct 12 2002 - The troublesome Monkey King returns! An unsuspecting construction worker finds a monkey puppet in concrete and unwittingly pulls its leg. The Monkey King is free and off to get his revenge on ...more

Re-Enter the Dragon Mar 08 2003 - Uncle takes Jackie, Jade and Tohru to the Peiking Opera which is in on tour in San Francisco. There Uncle attempts to reunite with an old friend of the chi arts, Wing, but they are soon ...more

The Powers Unleashed Sep 21 2002 - The Enforcers and Daolon Wong both break into Section 13 in search of the talismans. Uncle capture the Dark Chi warriors in a magical urn. Jackie destroys the talismans rather than allowing them ...more

The Powers That Be

When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear is a compilation album thought of and produced by musician Cevin Soling in 2002.

Hey Jackie An introduction by Jackie Chan.

The Dark Hand Sep 09 2000 - Captain Black hires Jackie Chan to a secret government agency - Section 13, to track down the artifacts pursued by the Dark Hand, a crime organization far darker than anyone could have known. ...more

Enter Viper Sep 30 2000 - Jackie must steal the next Talisman of Invisibility from a museum before the Dark Hand does, but when he was in the building, Jade followed him, and a thief was also inside the building trying ...more

Bullies Nov 11 2000 - After having a fight with Shendu, Valmont keeps the Dragon Talisman of combustion for himself and not only busts into the U.S. Mint but puts Captain Black into the hospital as well. Valmont ...more

The Mask of El Toro Fuerte Sep 23 2000 - Jackie gets into the ring with Mexico's greatest wrestler (El Toro Fuerte) when Jackie and Jade visit Mexico. Jackie found that the Ox Talisman of super strength was embedded into El Toro ...more

The Jade Monkey Dec 09 2000 - Jade uses the latest talisman to turn herself into a monkey to escape the Dark Hand, but the boat collapsed and the Dark Hand, Jade, and Jackie are stranded on an island. Jade gets caught off ...more

The Tiger and the Pussycat Mar 10 2001 - The Tiger Talisman splits the dark and light sides of Jackie in two, which makes it easy for Valmont to trick his dark side into working for the Dark Hand. The light Jackie could not do ...more

The Rock Dec 02 2000 - Jackie is poisoned by the Dark Hand and will give him the antidote for the talismans. Jade steals all the talismans, while the Dark Hand destroys the antidote. When Jackie fully turns to stone, ...more

The Power Within Sep 16 2000 - Jade swallowed the Rooster Talisman which gave her telekinetic powers, and Jade must harness this ""power within"" in order to save Jackie and herself.

Tough Break Nov 18 2000 - Jade accidentally drops the Rat Talisman into the battery compartment of her Gnomekop toy, and it comes alive through the power of reanimation. The toy is grabbed by the Dark Hand and is used to ...more

Shell Game Oct 14 2000 - Jackie and Jade have different goals after learning the Dark Hand members have stolen an endangered tortoise, which has the Rabbit talisman of super speed encrusted on its shell. And now, the ...more

The Dog and Piggy Show Jan 06 2001 - Uncle helps Jackie retrieve the Pig Talisman from the Dark Hand's newest enforcer, Hak Foo, using the Dog Talisman's power of immortality. Jackie and Jade could not believe the strength that ...more

Day of the Dragon Mar 17 2001 - Shendu retrieves all twelve talismans and transforms into a humanoid dragon. Now, he is on the loose and ready to destroy the entire continent of Asia. Jackie, Uncle, and Jade must find the ...more

Project A, for Astral Oct 28 2000 - Jackie and Jade have different goals after learning the Dark Hand members have stolen an endangered tortoise, which has the Rabbit talisman of super speed encrusted on its shell. And now, the ...more

Through the Rabbit Hole Sep 08 2001 - In the sequel to ""Shell Game,"" Jade tries to take the rabbit talisman to school to prove that her adventures really happened. As she sets out for school, Kepler's cronoton ...more

The Stronger Evil (1) Sep 29 2001 - Jackie returns to his quiet life, after believing his work with Section 13, and the threat of Shendu to be to be behind him. Suddenly, the Dark Hand returns, armed with the power of all twelve ...more

Jade Times Jade Oct 13 2001 - In an attempt to be at two places at once, Jade miscasted a duplicator spell on herself, only to discover she could not stop duplicating. The army of Jades proved a powerful force in a final set ...more

Feb 09 2002 - While on a boat Uncle casts the chi spell and gets rid of the final demon, but Jade is taken too. Shendu claims to the other demons that they can escape threw the eighth door Shendus. Jackie ...more

Tough Luck Mar 16 2002 - In learning that Jackie must escort the Tailsmans from Section 13's ultra secure vault to the Ben-Shui Temple for safekeeping, Jade pays a late night visit to the Tailsmans for 'one last ...more

I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet Aug 24 2002 - Jackie and Jade cross paths with a television show archaeologist named Wesley Rank while they were trying to find the Snake Talisman. Jackie's effort was to keep the talisman away from Wesley ...more