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Below is a complete Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks episodes are listed along with the Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Sheep About Town,” “Good Neighbors” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pie Filling Sep 07 2003 - Piggley, Ferny, Dannan and Molly just can’t resist eating one of Mrs. Winks’s fresh-baked pies…even though she told them it was off limits. The friends decide to pool their creativity to bake a ...more

The Salmon of Knowledge Sep 14 2003 - Piggley has a big test coming up in school and hates the thought of giving up an entire weekend to study. He decides instead to catch the legendary “Salmon of Knowledge,” an all-knowing fish ...more

Ferny is a Bug Sep 21 2003 - Piggley’s father tells him an old Irish tale about fairies disguising themselves as bugs and playing tricks on anyone who harms them. Soon Piggley and Dannan are convinced that fairies have ...more

The Case of Big Sty Sep 28 2003 - Piggley’s favorite radio program, “Piggley Trotter, Private Eye,” inspires Piggley, Ferny and Dannan to spend many imaginative and adventurous afternoons playing detective. One particular ...more

All Night Long Oct 05 2003 - Mr. Winks is going fishing and Piggley and his friends really want to go along. Dad doesn't think they're ready for the trip, so the three friends set out to prove that they're not only ready, ...more

Picture Perfect Oct 12 2003 - Piggley accidentally embarrasses his good friend Ferny by taking a photo of him with his pants ripped and his undies showing! After promising not to show it to anyone, the photo gets away from ...more

Teacher Creature Oct 19 2003 - Young Piggley’s insecurity rises when he discovers that his teacher, Mr. Hornsby, is coming to his house for supper. Piggley is certain he's going to “grade” the Winks family and that they’ll ...more

Molly's Dolly Oct 26 2003 - A series of odd circumstances convinces Piggley that Molly’s new doll is actually a real leprechaun in disguise! Piggley and his friends set out to prove his theory and try to catch the ...more

Song of the Banshee Nov 13 2003 - When Piggley, Ferny and Dannan hear strange noises in the barn, Piggley decides it’s the “song of the banshee”—which frightens Dannan more than she wants to admit! When she finally confesses her ...more

Our Dragon's Egg Aug 01 2004 - Piggley, Ferny and Dannan rescue an errant egg - which they decide must be a dragon’s egg. They hatch all kinds of plans to keep the egg safe, but when the creature inside emerges, it turns out ...more

Rock Around the Cluck Aug 22 2004 - Young Piggley discovers the joy of the new sounds of rock ‘n roll, and finds that he is suddenly eager to go to school—on Saturdays!—for his guitar lessons. When Piggley falters during his first ...more

Donkeys Into Racehorses Aug 29 2004 - When Mr. Hornsby asks the class to think about the meaning of the old expression “you can’t make a racehorse out of a donkey”, Piggley takes it as a challenge! He sets out to change his donkey ...more

Fir Not Sep 05 2004 - Piggley and his pals try to track down and trap a Fir Darrig, a particularly mischievous leprechaun. In the process, the kids accidentally break a window and decide to blame it on the Fir ...more

A little bit of something extra! extra! Feb 22 2004 - The kids set out to write newspaper stories and Piggley and Ferny end up making up exciting adventure stories instead. But Dannan knows that news stories are about the truth and that the truth ...more

The Cat Came Back...and Back Aug 08 2004 - Sweet Shop owner Miss Nanny offers a reward for the return of her lost cat and Piggley and friends leap at the opportunity. Of course, catching a cat with a mind of her own is not such an easy ...more

Good Neighbors Aug 15 2004 - Piggley and his friends (inspired by a spooky radio program) are convinced that the young boy whose family just moved into the small house up the lane from the Winks’ farm is actually a mad ...more

Sheep on the Loose Jan 11 2004 - When Piggley is put in charge of the sheep, his overly enthusiastic approach makes the sheep disgruntled—and causes Wiley to run away. Piggley must then use his ingenuity and understanding to ...more

Ferny wears the star Sep 05 2004 - Ferny gets the chance to be the leader in a game of cowboys, and Piggley is put in the unusual position of being a follower. But Ferny doesn’t play cowboys Piggley’s way and Piggley soon loses ...more

Wish Upon a Story (1) Jan 16 2005 - Grandpa is feeling a little blue on his birthday, so his young grandpigs decide to try to cheer him up by telling the great storyteller a few stories of their own describing how life would be if ...more

Wish Upon a Story (2) Jan 23 2005 - Uncle Ferny arrives from Ireland with a special birthday gift for Grandpa Piggley: the original Raloo Rocket. As the old friends and grandchildren repair the beloved wagon, they recall its ...more

The Creepy Cabbages of Galway Jan 02 2005 - After being told he’s too young to listen to his parents’ science fiction radio show, Piggley eavesdrops anyway. When his impressionable imagination puts him in a strange dream filled with ...more

Walking Thor Oct 31 2004 - Ferny is distraught when his pet fish, Thor, dies. Piggley and Dannan try to help Ferny by distracting him with games and play, but Ferny doesn’t seem to be getting “better”. The townsfolk pitch ...more

Dannah's American Cousin Oct 15 2004 - Dannan is excited when her cousin, Gaddie, comes to visit from the United States. She gets jealous, however, when it appears that Ferny and Piggley like Gaddie better than they like her. When ...more

Dannan Does a Jig Dec 26 2004 - When Dannan’s grandma teaches the class to dance, Dannan proves an enthusiastic student of the art. When Dannan realizes that she isn’t a very good dancer, however, she becomes afraid that she ...more

Rain, Rain Go Away Sep 26 2004 - When Mr. and Mrs. Winks have to go out in the rain to repair a fence, Piggley must keep Molly inside and entertained. He quickly realizes that what is fun for him isn’t necessarily fun for ...more

New Best Friends Feb 01 2004 - Piggley and his best friends Ferny and Dannan are challenged to open their minds and hearts to new friends when Mr. Hornsby requires them to do a team project with classmates they don’t know ...more

A Touch of Spain Oct 09 2004 - A series of misunderstandings lead the villagers of Tara to believe that Don Toro and Ferny are moving back to Spain. So the town throws Don Toro a special birthday fiesta complete with Spanish ...more

Trial and Error Sep 19 2004 - When Dannan’s school bag is chewed to pieces, Finnegan the donkey is the likely suspect. The kids hold a “trial” in the barn, where witnesses tell different versions of the crime. When it is ...more

Milk Melodrama Jan 18 2004 - When Piggley overhears his dad is worried about the farm’s poor milk sales, he launches a creative campaign to improve business. Dad is impressed and touched by Piggley’s generosity of spirit. ...more

Molly had a little lamb Sep 12 2004 - Molly is about to start school and feels very grown up. To prove it, she persuades her parents to let her take care of an adorable lamb. When Molly can’t say “no” to the little darling, however, ...more

The Legend of Raloo Jan 04 2004 - Mr Hornsby’s tale of ancient Irish battles inspires the kids to act out their own crusade. The game that ensues brings to light the differences in the trio’s heritage. Unfortunately, this puts ...more

No Girls Allowed Jan 25 2004 - When Piggley and Ferny join a “boys only” storytelling club, Dannan is upset that she is excluded because she is ‘different’, but her friends soon realise that life is much more fun when she’s

Treasure hunt Feb 08 2004 - Mr. Winks plants a treasure map for Piggley and his friends, but this is a map with a difference! The trio set about the tasks on the treasure trail and are having so much fun they don’t realize ...more

For Whom the Bell Trolls Feb 15 2004 - Hector plays a joke on Piggley, Dannan and Ferny, but they don’t think it’s so funny. With a little gentle encouragement from Don Toro, Piggley and his pals look at their problem with Hector ...more

Ferny gets a crush Feb 29 2004 - Piggley and Dannan think they know best how to help a love-struck Ferny get the attention of his schoolmate, Millie. While he appreciates that his friends are trying to help, in the end Ferny ...more

My Right Arm Sep 01 2004 - Piggley's lack of social graces almost ruins the big party for the ambassador to Denmark.

Lucky U Mar 14 2004 - Using creativity and cleverness, Piggley, Dannan and Ferny work together towards the common goal of finding and testing three lucky horseshoe legends in order to find the “true” story behind the ...more

Father's Day Nov 07 2004 - Piggley needs to help his father with some chores around the farm. But when Piggley takes a more creative than practical approach in painting the milk cart and builds a castle of hay for the new ...more

Growing Pains Dec 11 2004 - After griping about his parents’ rules, Piggley wishes he were a grownup, so he could do as he pleases. When Dad sprains his ankle and puts Piggley in charge of the farm for a day, however, ...more

Searching For a Shamrock Jan 05 2005 - Piggley and friends borrow a special wooden shamrock from Mr. Hornsby - then misplace it. Following advice from Don Toro, they retrace their steps to find it, starting from the last place they ...more

The Legend of Raloo Sep 12 2004 -

Treasure Hunt Sep 26 2004 - Grandpa recalls the first time he got a book without pictures; Piggley imagines himself as the hero in the story he is reading.

Milk Melodrama Aug 24 2004 - The Raloo Rockers need to work hard so they can go to Dublin to audition for Uncle Buck's Variety Express.

New Best Friends Aug 24 2004 - Ferny's getting a pet and he and his friends wonder what kind. Also: Mauri Bernstein's sock puppet helps her tell a story; a grandfather recalls his Ohio childhood for his grandson.

No Girls Allowed Aug 26 2004 - Grandpa Piggley recalls when he entered the Raloo River Race with his miniature ship.

For Whom The Bell Trolls Aug 27 2004 - Piggley is disappointed when his father can't afford to get him a new snow sled for his birthday, but he learns the best gifts are those from the heart.

Extra! Extra! Aug 30 2004 - Hector won't leave Dannan alone after she saves him from a mild mishap.

Ferny Gets A Crush Aug 31 2004 - Piggley doesn't take his writing assignment seriously.

Lucky U Sep 02 2004 -

Fern Wears The Star Sep 06 2004 - Grandpa Piggley recalls when he was lost at sea with Dannan and Ferny.