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Below is a complete JoJo's Circus episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual JoJo's Circus episodes are listed along with the JoJo's Circus episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. JoJo's Circus episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Skeebo's Pet / Follow That Rainbow” and “Cotton Andy / Nighty Night.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the JoJo's Circus episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Legend of Clownfoot Oct 05 2003 - JoJo and her friends gather together for Mr. Tickles' annual telling of "The Legend of Clownfoot." When strange events happen and the lights go out, they fear that Clownfoot is

A Circus Town Christmas Dec 07 2003 -

Cotton Andy / Nighty Night Oct 03 2003 - JoJo learns how to make cotton candy from Cotton Andy the Cotton Candy master but she forgets one of the steps on how to stop the machine and blankets Circus Town with cotton candy. JoJo learns ...more

A Case of the Sillies / Hide and Go-Liath Mar 24 2004 - While at the big top, JoJo notices rather odd behavior among the circus performers. Everyone seems to be giggling and acting goofy, rather than working on their acts. When JoJo begins laughing ...more

Mirror Mirror / Trina Trips Up Dec 05 2003 - JoJo learns an old family tradition called "Mirroring" from her grandparents and teams up with Goliath to do the routine for class. Trina learns that everyone makes mistakes sometimes ...more

Hamster-Cize / Shoo Fly Fhoo! Dec 07 2003 - Hogan the hamster escapes from his cage and JoJo and Tater uses the exercises that they learned in class to rescue him. A fly interupts Mr. Tickle' s concert but JoJo help out by allowing the ...more

Charlie the Clown Baby / Fire House Day Mar 30 2004 - JoJo and her parents babysits her baby cousin Charlie, but it can be difficult for them. JoJo and her friends learn about fire safety during Firehouse Days at the Circustown Firehouse.

Funny Bunnies / Ivan the Bearable Mar 25 2004 - Jumberto Jackrabbit ask JoJo ,Goliath.and Skeebo to babysit his nephews Jig, Jag and Jug while he goes to town to fix a magic wand that is not working properly but when the triplets wake up Kaos ...more

Try These on for Boing! / Happy Birthday Tater! Oct 02 2003 - JoJo's goes to the Clown Shoe Store to purchase a new pair of Clown Shoes after outgrowing her old shoes. JoJo and her friends tries to wake Tater and his family in time for Tater's 5th birthday ...more

Easy as Pie / Take a Bow Sep 28 2003 - JoJo Tickle has finally attended her first day at the Little Big Top Clown School along with her pet lion Goliath. At Clown School, they both meet their new teacher, Mrs. Kersplatski and ...more

The Watchamadoodle / What's the Trick? Dec 02 2003 - Bingo Bongo, A World Famous Circus Clown who travels around the world via hot air balloon, accidentally drops a tennis racket while searching for her map and when JoJo and her friends see it, ...more

JoJo to the Rescue / A Clown Ride Mar 26 2004 - JoJo pretends to be a superhero like Super Duper Girl and helps Dinky find his lost toy duck. JoJo visits Uncle Flippy's farm to learn how to ride a horse with her dad but her dad rides a horse ...more

Confetti Caper / JoJo on the Tightrope Oct 01 2003 - A box of confetti goes missing and JoJo and her friends must locate the missing confetti before her parent's performance and discovers that the mice used the confetti to use for their circus ...more

Zero Heroes / The Spudinski's New Act Dec 03 2003 - JoJo and Goliath attempt to learn some emergency practise skills from Chief Funnyshoes. Mr. Spudinski shows JoJo and her classmates some new circus acts.

Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm / Up, Up and Away Sep 29 2003 - JoJo and her friends go on a field trip to the farm, but hilarity ensues when JoJo accidentally left the barn and the animals are out of their pens running amok. Baloney Balloony, the ...more

Flower Shower / The Itchy-Oochy Scratchy Patch Oct 27 2003 - JoJo must replace her Dad's squirting flower after his old one loses its spray and learns how to pick one after witnessing Bal Boa's Trance Dance without getting soaked. JoJo, Goliath and Skeebo ...more

Hide and Go Dinky / Fire Chief Says Sep 30 2003 - Dinky wants to play Hide and Seek but JoJo and Skeebo rather play other games that are too hard for Dinky to play JoJo and Goliath are with their classmates while waiting at Chief Seltzer's' ...more

Seal Fright / Skeebo's Missing Hat Trick Oct 04 2003 - JoJo helps Waldo the seal who is trying to memorize a musical number but can't remember the song that he's going to perform and teaches him a trick to improve her memory and not to be nervous ...more

Circus Shh Shh / The Little Big Top Boogie Band Oct 06 2003 - It's Play All Day Day at JoJo's house but JoJo's father is suffering from a bad case of the Sneaky Sneezies and had to stay home from work and rest but JoJo's friends have a hard time trying to ...more

Oct 20 2003 - JoJo accidentally breaks a bass drum before a performance and JoJo, Goliath and Skeebo tries to fix the bass drum before the Frogini's performance. After seeing photos of her relatives being ...more

Messy Mess / Pop Up! Dec 01 2003 - JoJo, her friends and Mr Tickle make a huge banana split for Mrs. Kersplatski as a Teacher's Day surprise along with making a big mess in the process. Skeebo develops a outbreak of the polka-dot ...more

Jojo Signs Up / The Un-Average Day Dec 04 2003 - JoJo and Skeebo while helping Peaches hang up circus posters for her accidentally hang the posters backward and use their finger painting skills to create new ones. JoJo spends time with her ...more

The Clown Family Picnic / Dinky's Dance Dec 06 2003 - Jojo and Skeebo have a little snit before the Clown Family Relay Race to see who would win but learns that winning isn't everything. Dinky learns to dance for the upcoming dance recital but ...more

The Last Roar / Helping Hands Feb 29 2004 - Goliath loses his voice before a big performance starring him, so JoJo and her friends fill in for him. JoJo and Goliath need to pick gumdrops so JoJo's mother can use them to make a Gumdrop ...more

Skeebo's Pet / Follow That Rainbow Mar 23 2004 - Skeebo wants a puppy for a pet,but his parents want Skeebo to practice by taking care a toy duck named Quacky-Wacky before he can get a real pet. JoJo and her friends follow a rainbow to find a ...more

Charlie the Clown Baby Returns / Fishing Trip Feb 23 2005 - JoJo, Goliath and her dad Takes Charlie to Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm for a.visit but chaos ensues when Charlie wanders off and discovers a whole new way to tour the farm JoJo and her friends ...more

Goliath Gets a Boo Boo / Join the Club Mar 04 2005 - Goliath hurts himself while playing Follow the Leader by stepping on a splinter and JoJo and her mom takes him to see Dr. Longtall the veterinarian but Goliath felt a little nervous but JoJo ...more

The Mane Event Mar 20 2005 - Goliath gets a mane-cut for the Big Whoop-De-Do celebration but has a difficult time selecting the perfect mane-cut for him. Granny and Grampy Tickle comes for a visit and JoJo are planning a ...more

The Robot Clown / Mice-Capades May 27 2005 - JoJo and her dad helps Skeebo and his dad assemble a robotic clown for their new act but when both Mr. Tickle and Fire Chief Seltzer fail to read the instructions JoJo, Goliath, Skeebo and Harpo ...more

A Circus Town Wedding Jun 20 2005 - When Mrs. Kersplatski announced that she and Mr Aldeberto Muscles are getting married and becomes Maya's Stepmother, Maya fears that her dad won't be able to spend time with her anymore and runs ...more

Get Crabby / Bouncing Bowling Ball Jul 04 2005 - JoJo looks after the class pet, a clown crab named Cha-Cha, for the night and teaches Cha-Cha about nose-honking but forgets to put the lid on his cage and must find him before going back to ...more

The Octopus Ride / Hiccup Helper Jul 11 2005 - JoJo, Goliath and her friends are ready to ride The Octopus at the annual Circus Town Carnival but Goliath and Dinky couldn't go the ride because they're too little but both Goliath and Dinky ...more

Follow that Monkey / X Marks The Spot Jul 18 2005 - JoJo, Trina and Skeebo play a game of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" after the monkeys who are part of Mr Tickle's new act escape from the Big Top and run loose into Trina's house causing ...more

Happy Hoppy Day / Brushing Up Jul 25 2005 - JoJo and her classmates celebrates a new holiday that the Frogini Brothers brought over from the "Old Country" and learn about the traditions of Happy Hoppy Day. JoJo, Croaky and ...more

The Cricketeers / Tickled Pink Aug 08 2005 - A musical family band, The Cricketeers are coming to The Big Top for a concert but Hector gets separated from his wife, Gracie (whom Goliath had a crush with), and his son,Cody, so JoJo and her ...more

Practice Makes Perfect / Happy Not-Birthday Skeebo Aug 29 2005 - JoJo accidentally break a toy calliope that she was going to give to Maya for her birthday but decides to perform "The Circus Song" on a real calliope for her birthday. JoJo, Goliath ...more

Best Pet in Circus Town / Picture Perfect Sep 26 2005 - Terrific the Tiger Tamer arrives in Circus Town to judge a pet show (only open for dogs and cats) and JoJo helps Skeebo and Trina to train their pets. It's Class Picture Day at the Circus Town ...more

Make It Snappy / Harpo Come Home Oct 03 2005 - JoJo and her friends makes a batch of clownberry juice for the annual fundraiser for the school but as they rushed to make a next batch they forgot to add the clownberries. While playing ...more

Circus Town Hoedown / Time Flies Nov 14 2005 - it's the annual Hoedown at Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm and JoJo learns about Square Dancing and helps fill in for Uncle Flippy after he lost his voice during the Hoedown. Mr.Tickle brings home a ...more

The Thanksgiving Hip-Hooray Parade Nov 21 2005 - The Annual Thanksgiving Hip Hooray Parade is in jeopardy when Mrs. Kersplatski is hospitalized after breaking her elbow and Jo Jo and her friends bring the parade to Mrs Kersplatski and the ...more

Quiet Magic / Too Many Toys Nov 05 2005 - Skeebo brings his cousin Alex (who is hearing-impaired /Deaf) to school for a mind reading act who uses sign language as part of the act and teaches JoJo and her friends how to uses sign ...more

Ride Em Goliath Jan 01 2006 - JoJo uses her father's trophy Putt Putt ball for a game of Silly, Silly Putt Putt (Miniature Golf) but accidentally loses the golf ball on a wild shot. Goliath is ready to ride the Wacky Cycle ...more

Chores Galore Jan 06 2006 - JoJo's kite was accidentally torn by a gust of wind and her dad gives her a kite that only flies with giggles and laughter. JoJo and Goliath helps out doing chores around the house with her ...more

A Snowclown for Dinky / Skating Away Jan 23 2006 - JoJo created a pair of Really Silly Bunny Ears for the annual Springtime Celebration pageant at the Little Big Top Circus School but discovers that the others students are wearing regular plain ...more

Simply Ear-Resistible Mar 30 2006 -

The Best Breakfast Ever / Popcorn Panic! Oct 20 2004 - JoJo and her father tries to make a special breakfast for Peaches for Sweet Peaches Day (a holiday like Mother's Day) but it goes awry JoJo and her friends make crafts out of a type of popcorn ...more

A New Twist / Lost and Found Oct 19 2004 - Babalulu the owner of the local ice cream parlor now has a job selling pretzels at the Big Top but she doesn't know how to twist pretzels so JoJo and her friends help out doing crazy twisted ...more

Frown Fighters / Goliath the Great! Oct 21 2004 - While at the park practicing funny clown walks JoJo and her friends discovers a depressed Cotton Andy after his cotton candy making machine Whoopsabell breaks down and try to cheer him up ...more

Sleepover Surprises / How Does Your Garden Grow? Oct 17 2004 - JoJo holds her first ever sleep-over at her house but Bal Boa feels a little homesick and is afraid of showing his stuffed animal (Stuffy Wuff) during the sleep-over but is surprised that ...more

Hi There, Small Fry! / My Dinner With the Tightropes Jan 01 2005 - JoJo and her friends meets Tater's new baby sister, Small Fry, for the first time but Tater gets jealous when SmallFry gets all the attention but learns that being a big brother is very ...more