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Full List of Judge John Deed Episodes

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Below is a complete Judge John Deed episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Judge John Deed episodes are listed along with the Judge John Deed episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Judge John Deed episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Duty of Care” and “Nobody's Fool.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Judge John Deed episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1

    Exacting Justice

    Jan 09 2001
    Deed presides over the murder trial of Maurice Hart, a black defendant who shot and killed the driver of a van which ran over and killed Hart's daughter in a hit and run accident. At the same time,...
  • 2

    Above the Law

    Jan 20 2005
    Deed has three drug-dealers in his court accused of a vicious gang killing, and he comes under pressure from government law officers to hear the case without a jury. A witness is killed, and the jury...
  • 3

    Defence of the Realm

    Feb 03 2005
    Deed's fling with a woman claimant in his court gets him into hot water. His brother judges are appalled, and Deed finds himself exiled to Warwick.Meanwhile, Jo is sitting as a judge in a trial in...
  • 4

    Separation of Powers

    Feb 10 2005
    Deed has an environmental case before him, in which a company operating a large-scale waste incinerator is accused of damaging people's health by air pollution. Jo Mills represents the parents of a...
  • 5

    Popular Appeal

    Feb 17 2005
    An angry contestant in a TV show kills another competitor on camera, and the show's producers face charges of manslaughter in Deed's court. Meanwhile, Deed is pressing for an inquiry into the death...
  • 6

    In Defence of Others

    Jan 27 2005
    Deed has the case before him of a man charged with killing a paedophile, but the jury find the defendant not guilty. After his acquittal, the man calls a press conference and sends out a message...
  • 7

    Lost and Found

    Jan 13 2005
    Jo Mills was planning to take time off work, but then she agrees to defend a man who escaped trial sixteen years before after he was charged with attempted murder. Jo is partly attracted to the case...
  • 8

    War Crimes (1)

    Jan 09 2007
    Deed's involvement in the case of a far-right British National Party councilor brings him to the notice of terrorists who decide to send a woman to kill him. When the assassin meets Deed, she has a...
  • 9

    Evidence of Harm (1)

    Jan 16 2007
    Deed risks a constitutional crisis in pursuit of justice for a soldier?s family. Jo Mills asks him to review the withdrawal of Legal Aid funding in the case of the soldier, who committed suicide...
  • 10

    War Crimes (2)

    Jan 11 2007
    Continuing the story of a war crimes trial in The Hague. Deed finds the defendant is a victim of the British government's attempts to develop an exit strategy out of the continuing occupation of Iraq...
  • 11

    Evidence of Harm (2)

    Jan 18 2007
    Deed delves deeper into why funding for the soldier to sue the pharmaceutical company was withdrawn and makes ever more sinister discoveries. Then the forces of reaction move to stop him....
  • 12

    Hidden Agenda

    Dec 17 2001
    Deed presides over a murder trial. An old man suffering from cancer died from a morphine overdose, and his attractive young woman doctor has been charged with murder, on the accusation of the dead...
  • 13

    Appropriate Response

    Dec 10 2001
    Romero, a serial rapist sentenced by Deed to twelve years imprisonment, is out on parole after serving eight years. As a sex offender, Romero has had a rough time inside and he plans to get even with...
  • 14

    Duty of Care

    Dec 03 2001
    Deed presides over the case of a young man's death on a building site, in which the well-connected construction company boss is trying to lay the blame on his employees. Deed's determination to get...
  • 15

    Exacting Justice (Pilot)

    Jan 09 2001
    Deed presides over the murder trial of Maurice Hart, a black defendant who shot and killed the driver of a van which ran over and killed Hart's daughter in a hit and run accident. At the same time,...
  • 16

    Rough Justice

    Nov 26 2001
    A charismatic MI5 informer appears in Deed's court charged with battering his wife, and the judge comes under pressure from on high to let him off, as he is an important source of information about...
  • 17

    Abuse of Power

    Nov 28 2002
    After a young woman is battered to death, the mentally retarded Gary Patterson confesses and the police consider the case solved. However, Gary later withdraws his confession, leaving Judge Deed's...
  • 18

    Everyone's Child

    Dec 19 2002
    Deed has to give judgement in a court battle between a child and his parents. Jason Powell (who is represented by Jo Mills) has heart disease, and the doctors say his only hope of life is in a heart...
  • 19

    Nobody's Fool

    Dec 12 2002
    Deed rekindles his old love affair with Francesca Rochester, and at first he fails to notice that she is making use of him in a struggle with her dotty aunt for power over a property and publishing...  more
  • 20

    Political Expediency

    Nov 21 2002
    After a call girl is found dead in a skip, an Arab sheikh's chauffeur is charged with killing her, but the evidence points to the sheikh himself being involved in the murder. Unfortunately for Deed,...
  • 21

    Economic Imperative

    Jan 26 2004
  • 22

    Judicial Review

    Dec 04 2003
    Deed gets angry when a brother judge deals leniently with a man convicted of political offences from whom the judge has had certain favours. He makes an accusation of corruption, despite Jo's...
  • 23

    Health Hazard

    Nov 27 2003
    Deed has two difficult new cases in his court. In one, a woman with a brain tumour claims it was caused by using her mobile phone. In another, the defendant in a hit-and-run case seems unfit to stand...
  • 24


    Dec 11 2003
    Jo Mills leads for the prosecution and Brian Cantwell for the defence when a British member of parliament, Alan Roxborough, is tried on a charge of attempting to murder his boyfriend with a frying...
  • 25

    Silent Killer

    Jan 27 2006
    In court, Deed has to judge the case of a couple who are fighting their local council over a police communications mast on the roof of the building they live in. Gilly Bridges has motor-neurone...