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Below is a complete KaBlam! episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual KaBlam! episodes are listed along with the KaBlam! episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. KaBlam! episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “E Pluribus Kablam!” to “Great For Paper Training.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the KaBlam! episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

You've Tried the Rest! Now Try the Best! Dec 30 1996 - Sniz And Fondue The Borrowers: Sniz and Fondue owe two gangsters one thousand dollars, while the two ferret brothers have their own plans on how to use the money. Action League Now! In the Belly ...more

All Purpose Kablam! Oct 07 1996 - Sniz And Fondue Second Hand Sniz: Sniz's roommates teach him a ""timely"" lesson. Action League Now Ready, Set, Action!: It's evil vs. action when Mayor is littering and ...more

Oct 14 1996 - Sniz And Fondue The Making of a Supermodel: Sniz must decide whether to remain on Earth or become an alien mascot. Action League Now! Thunder and Lightning: Lightning is hot over the male ...more

Comics For Tomorrow Today Oct 21 1996 - Sniz And Fondue Mod Stylin': Fondue consoles a balding Sniz. Action League Now! The Wrath of Spotzilla Part 1: The evil Spotzilla threatens the community, so learns about musical instruments and ...more

Comics Of Champions Oct 28 1996 - Action League Now! Sinkhole of Doom: Thundergirl rescues a boy stuck in a garbage disposal. Sniz And Fondue Rage Against the Vending Machine: Sniz and Fondue take on a toy vending machine ...more

It's Flavorific Nov 04 1996 - Sniz And Fondue Stunt Bike Sniz: Sniz tries to jump the house on his new motorcycle. Action League Now! No Fly Zone: Thundergirl, doused with an evil liquid, loses her ability to fly. Prometheus ...more

Kablam! Gets Results Nov 11 1996 - Sniz And Fondue Squeaky Clean: Fondue avoids germs while in a bubble. Action League Now! Roboflesh: The Action League must figure out who is the real Flesh. Life With Loopy Goldfish Heaven: ...more

A Little Dab'll Do Ya Nov 18 1996 - Sniz And Fondue You Dummy: Sniz becomes jealous of a wooden dummy. Action League Now! Stink or Swim: Stinky Diver rescues his brother, Stench Diver, from a smelly fate. Life With Loopy 20,000 ...more

Untitled Nov 25 1996 - Action League Now! Where Pigeons Dare: The Action League protects the heirs to the pigeon legend when their queen is killed. Sniz And Fondue Dark Vator: Sniz goofs off, and Captain Slacks ...more

Not Just For People Anymore Dec 02 1996 - Sniz And Fondue Fashionably Fondue Action League Now! The Wrath Of Spotzilla Part 2: The continuation of a previous episode. Prometheus And Bob Fishing: Prometheus attempts to teach Bob fishing. ...more

Resistance is Futile Dec 09 1996 - Sniz And Fondue War of the Supergeeks: Sniz and Fondue's parents trick them into performing loads of chores to see who is the best sibling. Action League Now! Testimony Of Terror: All I can say ...more

What The Astronauts Drink Dec 16 1996 - Sniz And Fondue Mr. Sniz's Wild Ride: Sniz gets a girlfriend who happens to a motorbike rider. She is only dating Sniz to get blame for everything she did. Action League Now! Dog Day ...more

Your Real Best Friend Dec 23 1996 - Sniz and Fondue A Toxic Tail Action League Now! Road To Ruin: A road is mysteriously collapsed while being drived on and many citizens are dying from this. Who is behind this crisis? Life With ...more

Art + Science = Fun Mar 10 1997 - Action League Now! Danger Society: There's a new group of superheroes in town, the Danger Society. Can the Action League retain their jobs as super heroes, or will they have to leave town? ...more

Better Than A Poke In The Eye Mar 17 1997 - Action League Now! Flesh And Blood: The Flesh finally finds his long-lost parents. But are they his real parents or are they fakes?! Prometheus And Bob Trapping / Spear: Prometheus attempts to ...more

Cramming Cartoons Since 1627 Mar 24 1997 - Action League Now! Turkey of Terror: Thanksgiving special. Prometheus and Bob Breakfast: Prometheus teaching Bob breakfast? Life With Loopy Kung Fu Loopy: Loopy tags along with Larry to The ...more

Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag Apr 07 1997 - Sniz And Fondue Chicanery Chums: The boys start to watch a TV Show called Chicanery Chums. Action League Now! The Quarkey Syndrome:In a neuclear reactor incedent, Quarkey gets superpowers and ...more

Apr 14 1997 - Sniz And Fondue Rat in the Hat Action League Now! Meltman At Large: Meltman becomes an independent superhero named Mega Meltman upon drinking an untested formula by Bill the Lab Guy. Prometheus ...more

Harold's Glow-In-The-Dark Brand Butter Apr 21 1997 - Action League Now! Revenge of Hodge Podge: Hodge Podge returns from the dead and he hypnotizes people to make them destroy the Action League by using sound waves. Can the Action League stop him? ...more

Hurts So Good Apr 28 1997 - Sniz And Fondue Celluloid Sins: Sniz becomes addicted to plexing. Action League Now! Incident At Chlorine Lake: People are suddenly drowning at Chlorine Lake. Could this be one of The Mayor's ...more

I Just Don't Get It May 05 1997 - Action League Now! Caged Thunder: Thunder Girl is locked into jail for abseuleutly no reason. Why is she in jail? It may be one of the Mayor's tricks! Prometheus And Bob Ice Skating: Prometheus ...more

Kablam! James Kablam! May 12 1997 - Sniz And Fondue Great Infestations: Sniz and Fondue's house is infested with bugs! Action League Now! Rock-A-Big Baby: Meltman takes Thunder Girl to a KISS concert, just in time for a giant baby ...more

Tastes Like Paper May 19 1997 - Sniz And Fondue Crustacean Sensations: Sniz gets sick - need I say more? Action League Now! Voice Of Treason: When Hodgepodge steals the Doctor's newest device, the voice box, the Action League ...more

Won't Crack Or Peel May 26 1997 - Action League Now! Danger For A Dignitary: Everyone in the town gets amnesia including the Action League! How can they save the day now? Prometheus And Bob Furniture: Prometheus attempts to ...more

Won't Stick To Most Dental Work Jun 02 1997 - Sniz And Fondue Clubbed: Sniz's attempt to make his brother happy only causes trouble when they owe a music company big bucks. Action League Now! Big Baby: A huge baby is accidently released by ...more

E Pluribus Kablam! Mar 31 1997 - Sniz And Fondue Hello Dolly: Fondue obtains a cursed doll. Action League Now! Science Fiction Parody: Friendly aliens invade Earth and attempt to make peace with humankind, but are lead to ...more

More Happiness Than Allowed By Law Aug 30 1998 - Jet Cat Sacred Identity Action League Now! Flippers of Fury: This episode is all up to Stinky Diver and his flippers because he is going to have to deffeat the Red Ninja. He goes back to his ...more

Money Train 2 Sep 06 1998 - Sniz And Fondue Solitaire Confinement - Fondue becomes addicted to Windows Solitaire. Action League Now! Rags To Riches: The Mayor becomes rich and hires a bunch of people to destroy the Action ...more

Episode 29 Sep 13 1998 - Henry and June give out awards for the Kablam shows over the years, bidding their farewell to the Kablam viewers since 1996. In the end of this final cartoon, Henry and June finally close the ...more

Timeless! Sep 20 1998 - Henry and June dig up a time capsule.

Year Round Fun Sep 27 1998 - Sniz & Fondue The Great Chili Cookoff: Sniz and Fondue wish to cooperate in a hottest chili contest, but are forced to compete against each other. Action League Now Mad Dogs and Englishmen: ...more

Your Logo Here Oct 04 1998 - Sniz and Fondue Penny-ante Vigilantes: Fondue finds a crook in his house, although it's really sleepwalking Sniz. Action Leauge Now Melty Dearest: Meltman finds a spider and has to protect it. ...more

Great For Paper Training Oct 11 1998 - Action League Now Melty's Girl: Once again, Meltman gets an unlikely girlfriend. Prometheus & Bob Television Life with Loopy Bull in a China Shop Race Rabbit Old Dentist Henry & June ...more

Holdeth The Pickle, Holdeth The Lettuce Oct 18 1998 - Jetcat Project EVIL Action League Now Tears of a Clone: Bill the Lab Guy creates a cloning machine and chaos comes as time goes on. Prometheus & Bob Toilet Life with Loopy Loopy and the Snow ...more

It's All In The Wrist Oct 25 1998 - Sniz & Fondue Hosed!: Sniz believes that his hose can heal people. Action League Now Art of Thunder: Thunder Girl shows how much she loves to draw. Prometheus & Bob Treehouse Life with ...more

You'll Love Our Selection Nov 01 1998 - Action League Now Roughing the Passer: The Mayor tries to injure NFL Quarter Back's so than he can play as starting Quarter Back and become famous. Prometheus & Bob Arctic Life with Loopy ...more

You May Already Be A Kablammer Nov 08 1998 - Action League Now Hit of Horror: K-Podge creates a song which hypnotises people to destroy the Action League, so Bill The Lab Guy calls Lou Rawls to Help. Prometheus & Bob Laundry:Prometheus ...more

The New Class Nov 15 1998 - Action League Now A Star is Torn: The Mayor tries tricking the Action League once again. The Mayor dresses up as a conductor of a movie and asks Thunder Girl to be in it by doing killer ...more

Time Capsule Dec 31 1999 - Henry and June dig up a time capsule.

A Nut In Every Bite! Nov 20 1999 - Race Rabbit Dog/Prince/Ham (Not Seperate Episodes): Race Rabbit must save the Prince from an outlaw Dingo. Action League Now Yurplastic Park: Dinosaurs are released at Yurplastic Park and The ...more

Takes A Knockin' And Keeps Tick-Tockin' Nov 27 1999 - Action League Now Winds of Evil: The Mayor starts chaos again when he gets a fan and starts blowing it at everyone. The only thing he can't knock down is Stinky Diver's house which is in a ...more

In It To Win It Dec 04 1999 - Action League Now Chickie Chickie Bang Bang: The Mayor releases hungry chicks around town so they can deffeat the Action League. Can the Mayor keep these chicks under control? Prometheus & ...more

Sasquatch-ercise Dec 11 1999 - Action League Now The and the Dumb:The Flesh fails his licence renewing test and is fired so the action League tries to make the Flesh Take the test again. Prometheus & Bob Softball: Bob ...more

Under New Management Dec 18 1999 - Action League Now What's Eating the Flesh?: A mutant guniea pig has a virus that if you touch it's fur than you will get seperated from you're body parts by the virus. The Flesh rides the guinea ...more

Going The Extra Mile Dec 25 1999 - Action League Now Tune Up of Terror Prometheus & Bob Pet The Little Freaks When the evil-fashioned villain No Face plans to control what the humans wear by releasing starving moths to eat ...more

The Best Of Both Worlds Jan 01 2000 - Action League Now Armageddon Outta Here: A giant meteor called Ammageddon comes down to planet earth that will destroy the world. It is up to the Action League to bounce it back up to the ...more

The Kablair! Witch Project Jan 08 2000 - Jetcat I Was a Grade School Were-Moth Action League Now A Flesh of Brilliance: Flesh, a genius? Something doesn't seem right about this... Life with Loopy Bargain Hunters From Beyond the Stars ...more

Now With More Flava' Jan 15 2000 - Race Rabbit Robot Rabbit: Race is smitten by a fake rabbit created by the Boolies, which contains a bomb. Action League Now Grief for the Chief: The Chief is badly injured by the Action League ...more