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Below is a complete Keeping Up Appearances episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Keeping Up Appearances episodes are listed along with the Keeping Up Appearances episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Keeping Up Appearances episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Iron Age Remains,” “Driving Mrs. Fortescue” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Keeping Up Appearances episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Sea Fever Dec 26 1993 -

The Pageant Dec 25 1995 -

Comedy Connections Jul 26 2004 - The documentary series Comedy Connections featured an episode dedicated to Keeping Up Appearances. Stars Clive Swift, Josephine Tewson, Judy Cornwell and David Griffin, along with writer Roy ...more


Pebble Mill Interview Nov 30 2007 - Pebble Mill interviews Patricia Routledge and Clive Swift

Funny Women

The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket Mar 01 1997 - Daisy and Onslow find the secret diary of Hyacinth and start reading in it. The rest of this TV-special are clips from prevous episodes

Interview with Judy Cornwell Nov 30 2007 - An interview with Judy Cornwell

Life Lessons from Onslow Nov 30 2007 - You'll laugh too hard to take notes when Hyacinth's beer-drinking and philosophizing brother-in-law, Onslow, gives a lecture on successful human relationships, using examples from Keeping Up ...more

Interview with Patricia Routledge Nov 30 2007 - An interview with Patricia Routledge

Kitty Monologues

Second Chance Shorts

Sea Fever Dec 26 1993 - Hyacinth and Richard prepare for their luxury stay on the QE2. Yet traffic, a muddy field and too much luggage result in a disastrous start to a holiday that only gets much worse for Hyacinth ...more

The Pageant Dec 25 1995 - Hyacinth and Richard arrive at the Church hall as Hyacinth organises a Pageant based on the English Civil War, with herself as Queen Henrietta Maria and Richard as Charles I. However all of the ...more

Driving Mrs. Fortescue Sep 08 1991 - Hyacinth and Richard drive a wealthy Mrs Fortescue into town, however Hyacinth's plans to impress are crushed by her family when Daisy and Rose flag down the Buckets for a lift. Eventually to ...more

The Father Christmas Suit Dec 25 1991 - Richard has had to take early retirement. Sadly for him, Hyacinth has many plans for his future.

The Art Exhibition Oct 11 1992 - Hyacinth and Richard spend the weekend on a yacht.

What To Wear When Yachting Oct 18 1992 - Hyacinth and Richard spend the weekend on a yacht.

How to Go on Holiday without Really Trying Sep 27 1992 - Hyacinth takes a trip to the travel agents for some ""quality"" holiday brochures. Afterwards, Onslow decides to take Richard in hand and show him how to 'enjoy' life.

Violet's Country Cottage Sep 20 1992 - Hyacinth gets a chance to try some social climbing while borrowing her sister Violet's cottage for the weekend.

Richard's New Hobby Oct 04 1992 - Daddy runs off to join the Foreign Legion. Hyacinth and Richard manage to find him, but he escapes again and runs riot at an art gallery - The same art gallery that Hyacinth and Richard have ...more

Iron Age Remains Sep 13 1992 - Hyacinth drags Richard off into the countryside in search of the remains of an Iron Age settlement.

Early Retirement Sep 06 1992 - Richard has had to take early retirement. Sadly for him, Hyacinth has many plans for his future.

Angel Gabriel Blue Dec 25 1994 - Hyacinth is in search for her dream kitchen while Richard has developed a fungus infection, not to his wife's approval. As a result, Hyacinth claims it is gout, a disease supposedly caught by ...more

A Riverside Picnic Sep 24 1995 - Hyacinth organises a riverside picnic, much to the despair of those invited. Despite Emett's and the Vicar's best efforts to tell Hyacinth they are unable to attend, they find getting out of ...more

Stately Home Nov 12 1990 - Hyacinth and Richard visit a stately home where the leading lady hopes to meet a member of the aristocratic family. However she fears her social status will be sabotaged by Onslow, Daisy and ...more

The Christening Dec 03 1990 - Daisy and Onslow’s granddaughter Kylie is getting christened, but Hyacinth is unimpressed because there has not been a wedding first. The day does not get any better for Hyacinth when she and ...more

The New Vicar Nov 05 1990 - Hyacinth is determined to create the perfect impression when inviting the new Vicar for “tea and light refreshments”. However her hopes come crashing down on her when Onslow and Daisy turn up ...more

Daddy's Accident Oct 29 1990 - Hyacinth's "Daddy" is put into an ambulance and taken to hospital, after getting injured chasing after the milk woman naked on her bike. After visiting him, Hyacinth returns home and ...more

Nov 26 1990 - In an attempt to make Onslow jealous, Daisy finds herself a toyboy. However the plan fails and Daisy sends Onslow to the Church hall to meet Richard, in a final ploy to get him to notice her

The Charity Shop Nov 19 1990 - It is Liz and Hyacinth's day to help Mrs Nugent at the charity shop, and on their way there, Hyacinth has to make a visit to Onslow and Daisy's to remove a woman (played by Gretchen Franklin) ...more

The Candlelight Supper Sep 15 1991 - Hyacinth wants to impress Emmet with her musical talents at an elaborate musical supper. However her plans backfire when a short-skirted Rose turns up, followed by two aggressive men who begin ...more

Problems with Relatives Sep 29 1991 - Hyacinth's brother-in-law Bruce is stuck up a tree, Daddy goes to the register office to be married and Emmett meets Daisy, Onslow and Rose, throwing Hyacinth into dismay. Liz offers to drive ...more

A Picnic For Daddy Nov 03 1991 - Hyacinth arranges a picnic for Daddy, but things go awry when the senile old man decides to test-drive the Buckets' car. Thus Hyacinth has to ride in Onslow's, as a car chase gets underway.

Hyacinth Tees Off Sep 22 1991 - The Major invites the Buckets for a golfing weekend at a luxury hotel. All is well until Onslow and Daisy turn up unexpectedly to collect Rose after she has spent a raunchy weekend away with a ...more

Singing For Emmet Oct 13 1991 - Richard is offered early retirement and so ponders over the possibility of having to spend all day everyday with Hyacinth. Emmett is enraged when Hyacinth ends up rehearsing a performance for ...more

The Three-Piece Suite Oct 27 1991 - Hyacinth is very excited at the prospect of having her new three piece suite, an exact replica of the one at Sandringham House, delivered. She will also give Daisy and Onslow her old suite, ...more

Onslow's Birthday Oct 06 1991 - Hyacinth is dreading an invite to Onslow's birthday party, but changes her mind when finding out she and Richard will be picked up by Rose's wealthy Greek boyfriend. Thus Hyacinth holds a ...more

The Toy Store Oct 20 1991 - Daddy has ended up at the toy store and is "improving" a few toys with the help of a screw driver. This results in Hyacinth and Richard having to go into town to solve the problem, ...more

A Strange Man Sep 01 1991 - Hyacinth is shocked to see a strange man wearing only a towel emerge from Elizabeth's house, thus she tells Richard they will have to move house. However her opinions change when discovering who ...more

A Job For Richard Sep 05 1993 - Hyacinth’s attempts to keep Richard occupied in his years of retirement continue. Now she has found him an executive job in frozen foods, and to impress the manager of the company she has ...more

Country Retreat Sep 12 1993 - Hyacinth wants “a little place in the country”, however her heart is not set on little. An old farmer with a speech impediment causes much difficulty for Hyacinth when out looking at property, ...more

The Commodore Sep 26 1993 - Hyacinth switches on her sailing persona when volunteering to collect a guest speaking Commodore from a train station, however Richard gets clamped and they cannot find the man. When Hyacinth ...more

Let There Be Light Oct 17 1993 - It is the "bring and buy" sale at the Church hall and the Church goers are in for a shock because Hyacinth has volunteered Richard to fix the Church hall electrics, despite his lack of ...more

Please Mind Your Head Oct 10 1993 - Hyacinth and Richard are settling into their new country apartment, but Richard is less than enthused with its diminutive size. It's already cramped enough as it is for two, but when Hyacinth ...more

Looking at Properties Oct 03 1993 - Richard panics when leaving Hyacinth to browse country property without him, fearing she will purchase something they cannot afford, as he collects "Daddy" from a police station. ...more

A Celebrity For the Barbecue Sep 19 1993 - For her summer entertaining, Hyacinth Bucket has decided to host an elaborate indoors barbecue. In an attempt to compete with the Barker-Finchess, she is determined to get a celebrity to attend. ...more

Skis Oct 01 1995 - For Richard’s birthday Hyacinth buys some skis as she believes they "will look good on the car". However needing Violet and Bruce’s roof rack the Buckets head off to Violet's luxury ...more

The Hostess Nov 05 1995 - Hyacinth has put an advert in the local newspaper to teach people social etiquette, however an excited Hyacinth does not quite get what she expected.

The Country House Sale Oct 08 1995 - Richard is not looking forward to going to a country house sale with Hyacinth as he believes she will spend beyond their limit. Liz and brother Emmett are also going to the sale, and are ...more