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Below is a complete Kid vs. Kat episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Kid vs. Kat episodes are listed along with the Kid vs. Kat episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Kid vs. Kat episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Suddenly Last Summe r/ The Kitty Vanishes” and “Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb / Pet Peeved.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Kid vs. Kat episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Let the Games Begin Let the Games Begin is the first episode of Kid vs. Kat, co-produced, written and directed by Rob Boutilier, co-written by Michael Lahay, with Josh Mepham and Greg Sullivan as animation

Let the Games Begin/Night of the Zombie Kat Oct 25 2008 - Let the Games Begin: Coop Burtonburger has his first run in with Kat when his little sister brings the feline home. Night of the Zombie Kat: Zombie cats invade the Burtonburger household after ...more

Trespassers Will Be Persecuted/Oh Me-Oh Meow! Dec 30 2008 - Trespassers Will Be Persecuted: When Old Lady Munson forbides Coop from stepping on her lawn, Kat makes sure that he does, in fact, get in trouble. Me-Oh-Me-Oh Meow: Kat is forced to wear a ...more

Do Not Fort Sake Me / Cookie D'Uh Dec 31 2008 - Do Not Fort Sake Me: Kat takes over Dennis and Coop's newly built tree fort. Cookie D'uh: Coop is accused of stealing Millie's Greenie Girl Cookies.

Nip/Duck/Search and De-toy Jan 24 2009 - Nip/Duck: Coop is determined to find out the truth about Kat when Kat's mysterious X-Rays are destroyed. Search and De-Toy: Coop comes up with a plan to rescue helicopters from Old Lady Munson.

Flu the Coop/Class Act Jan 31 2009 - Flu the Coop: Tensions mount when Coop is forced to stay home from school and Kat is none too pleased. Class Act: Coop uses a magic trick to make Kat disappear forever.

Hypno Kat/The Allergy Feb 07 2009 - Hypno Kat: One of Kat's toys causes every cat in town to become hypnotized. The Allergy: Coop comes up with the perfect plan to get Kat out of the house. He convinces Dad that his intense ...more

Just Me and Glue / You'll Be Show Sorry Feb 21 2009 - Just Me and Glue: Chaos ensues when Coop and Kat's hands are accidentally glued together. You'll Be Show Sorry: There's only one reason that Coop and Kat would team up to compete in a local cat ...more

How the Test Was Won / I'm Okay You're a Kat Feb 28 2009 - How the Test Was Won: As Coop prepares for a big test, Kat comes up with multiple ways to distract him from studying. I'm Okay, You're a Kat: A self help tape switches up the personalities of ...more

Beware the Were-Coop / Trick or Treat Mar 07 2009 - Dial 'B' For Babysitter: Coop has his work cut out for him when he's forced to babysit Kat, Old Lady Munson and her dog, Growler. The Grass is Always Meaner: Coop comes up with a plan to make ...more

Dial B for Babbysitter / The Grass Is Always Meaner Mar 14 2009 - One Big Happy Family: To prove that Kat's the source of all his problems, Coop decides to spend every moment with his Dad. Happy Campers: Coop and Dennis' families compete in a camping

One Big, Happy Family / Happy Campers Mar 21 2009 - U.F. Float: The gang creates a life-sized U.F.O. float for a local parade. Play N'Ice: A backyard ice rink causes problems for Kat.

U.F. Float / Play N'Ice Mar 28 2009 - House of Scream: Dad turns a house into a haunted house, and Kat uses this as the perfect opportunity to take out Coop. Planter's Warp: Kat turns all of the plants in the house into gigantic and ...more

House of Scream / Planter's Warp Apr 04 2009 - Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb: Coop believes that an Egyptian tomb is actually a spaceship that belongs to Kat. Pet Peeved: When Millie's attention is diverted, Coop seizes the opportunity to get ...more

Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb / Pet Peeved Apr 11 2009 - Don't Give Me No Static: Coop borrows one of Kat's experiments for a science project. Unfortunately, things backfire in a big way. Storm Drained: Kat's weather changing machine could interupt ...more

Don't Give Me No Static / Storm Drained Apr 18 2009 - Fishy Frisky Business: Coop is unable to stop Kat's newest diabolical plot when he is banned from the grocery store. Teed Off: Coop and Dennis revive a neighborhood tradition: a golf challenge.

Fishy Frisky Business / Teed Off Apr 25 2009 - Something Fishy In Owl Lake: The whole neighborhood is caught up in a fishing competition. Dire Education: Millie takes Kat in for Show and Tell day, much to Kat's disdain.

Christmas Special 1/2 Dec 01 2009 - Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat: Coop takes karate lessons to show off his skills at school. Tom Kat Foolery: On April Fool's Day, Coop's lies catch up with him when no one believes anything he

Something Fishy In Owl Lake / Dire Education Jan 01 2009 - In Dog We Trust: Coop brings a stray dog into the house to directly compete with Kat. Catch My Drift: Kat develops a sudden love for snow, and it's just in time for Coop's tobogganing

Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat / Tom-Kat Foolery Jan 01 2009 - Suddenly Last Slammer: When the police question everyone about a late night rumbling, their stories are all mismatched. The Kitty Vanishes: Kat discovers that his teleporter can transport ...more

In Dog We Trust / Catch My Drift Jan 01 2009 - Capture the Kat: A game of capture the flag turns nasty when a host of Kat's secret forest traps get involved. Outer Space Case: Old Lady Munson develops a suddent interest in a hot new tv show, ...more

Suddenly Last Summe r/ The Kitty Vanishes Jan 01 2009 - Buzz Off!: Kat accidentally turns the town's mosquitoes into giant bugs. Fat Kat: When Kat gains a lot of weight, Coop takes advantage of the situation.

Season 1, Episode 22 Jan 01 2009 - Kat Whisperer: Coop learns a new skill that causes him and Kat to become fast friends. Now, he's making friends with all of the neighborhood cats. Bend It Like Burtonburger: After joining the ...more

Season 1, Episode 23 Jan 01 2009 - Stall That Jazz: When Kat's hearing is accidentally enhanced, Coop goes out of his way to create lots of noise. Under Destruction: After Kat destroys the house, Dad begins doing extreme

The Kat Whisperer/Bend It Like Burtonburger Jan 01 2009 - Beware the Were-Coop: After Kat scratches Coop, he believes that he's turning into a were-cat. Trick or Threat: On Halloween, Coop and Dennis plan on trick or treating... much to Kat's dismay.

Season 1, Episode 25 Jan 01 2009 - Hack Kattack: Kat uses a universal remote control to try and hack into Earth's computer systems. It's a Rocket, Man: Both Coop and Kat join a local rocket club and Coop becomes a big star. ...more

Kid vs. Kat vs. Christmas Part One / Kid vs. Kat vs. Christmas Part Two Nov 30 2009 - Coop's hopes of a normal Christmas are shattered by the fact that Kat is constantly causing trouble.

Extra Special Delivery May 08 2010 - Coop hits a ball into Phoebe's house and has to retrieve it. He's followed in by Kat who at first trys to mess things up for Coop but has problems of his own by the name of Honeyfluff.

Run Coop Run May 08 2010 - Cat subsitutes Coop's soccer ball for one with a built-in time bomb. Coop and Dennis run off trying to find a place to drop the ball to explode. No matter where they go they keep finding reasons ...more

Katnapped! Apr 25 2011 - Coop goes into Kat's brain to mess with Kat's dreams to make them his worst nightmare, but it's a big nightmare for Coop.

Dental Damage Apr 18 2009 - Coop's at the denist's office where Kat distracts the denist and trys some surgery of his own. Coop frees himself and the fight is on with the office being the loosing end.

A Squirrel Wind Adventure Feb 15 2011 - Kat tries to attack some birds in a feeder and a squirrell scares them off. Kat knocks the squirrell off the feeder and drop-kicks it out of the yard. A short time later Kat's being hit by an ...more

Boy Meats Grill Feb 23 2011 - Dad offers Coop a chance at a passage to manhood. Kat finds that this does not meat his approval and a fight is on. Can Coop pass the mustard?

All Washed Up Nov 04 2008 - The daily battle between Coop and Kat end up in the bathtub and the fight continues ending in the bathroom flood of floods.

Kaponk! May 08 2010 - Coop begins working on his paddleball record and finally annoys Kat who begins to try and wreck his plans.

Pasta Disasta May 08 2010 - Coop's family dinner out at the local pasta place is interrupted by Kat who has been smuggled in by Millie and the fight is on.

Sky High Dive May 08 2010 - A day at the pool finds Kat placing some super-bouncing gook on the diving board as Coop prepares to dazzle his friend with a really high dive that ends of leaving Old Lady Munson without her ...more

Laser Guided Furball May 11 2011 - As Millie and Phoebe play make over, Kat begins using a laser pointer in his finger to tease Honeyfluff and uses that to begin a fight with Coop. It's Kid vs Kat vs Cat.

Lions and Tigers and Kat... Oh My! May 22 2011 - A trip to the zoo has Kat trying to make time with a lady lion only to have the King of the Beast set off a fight beween the other animals and Kat with Kat taking the loosing end all the way.

Fumblebee May 08 2010 - Kat's napping is interruped by a little bumblebee and the fight is on.

Slap Shots May 08 2010 - Hockey Practice is interrupted by a classic Coop vs Kat on the ice

Boys vs. Bus Feb 25 2011 - Lorne and Harley oversleep and miss the school bus and have quite the adventure catching up to it only to find out that it's Saturday.

Catboy Feb 26 2011 - Lorne and Harley rock out with a 'Catboy' music video featuring the battles between Coop and Kat.

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Apr 21 2011 - Coop discovers that Kat has shed his skin, leaving catnipian termites, after broken by Coop.

Don't Toy With Me! Nov 08 2009 - Back to School shopping with the family and Kat finds a chance to make things really ruff for Coop who's found a toy he really wants.

Whiskering Heights Jun 05 2011 - Whiskering Heights is the first minisode from the second season of Kid vs. Kat, and the 15th overall. There are no credits given except for story and storyboards.

You and Whose Armour? Jun 05 2011 - Coop makes a Kat-Proof-Suit out of an old washing machine. It seems to work until Kat breaks out the old steam roller.

Catboy Update Apr 18 2009 - Lorne and Harley are filming a 'Catboy Update' film and allow Kat to take possion of a leaf-blower and it's a fight to the finish into Old Lady Munson's yard.

Come Wail Away Mar 05 2011 - As Kat joins a bunch of wailing cats, Coop mistakes it for a signal of an alien invasion and sets out to wake up the entire town in alarm. It's a musical interruption at the end by Old Lady ...more

Pretty Kitty May 28 2011 - Family picture day has Millie and Dad dropping off Kat at the groomers. Kat does not take to being groomed. After finishing off the groomers, it's between Coop and Kat with Dad and Millie ...more