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TV Full List of Killinaskully Episodes

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Below is a complete Killinaskully episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Killinaskully episodes are listed along with the Killinaskully episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Killinaskully episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “A Christmas Carol” and “The Ad.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Killinaskully episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Emergency : Part 2 Killinaskully is in the grip of the emergency and DeValera is in the grip of paralysis. the skies are filled with Germans, the shelling never stops and, to make matters worse, there's no booze. ...more

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The Emergency : Part 1 It's Christmas 1944 and the precious Faggart Power Station is in the hands of the Killinaskully Local Defence Force. When a surprise visit from DeValera finds the troops QWOL and the Defence ...more

The German Fillum Dec 30 2003 - Two German film-makers come to the remote Irish village of Killinaskully in order to shoot a documentary. Their progress is very much reduced due to the machinations of the unusual locals, ...more

The Funeral Oct 31 2004 - Killinaskully is in festive mood as it prepares for the funeral of one of its most famous sons, ""Jumpin Gerry Houlihan"". Preparations for an extravagant burial are thrown ...more

The Sign Oct 17 2004 - Nothing unites a community like bad news and so the whole village rallies round when Timmy's demise is imminent. A trip to his beloved ""Spudworld"" is hastily planned but, ...more

The Date Oct 03 2004 - Love blossoms as both Mr. Cantwell, the local headmaster and German documentary maker Dieter fall for the schoolteacher Miss Fahey.

Christmas Special I: The Nativity Dec 24 2003 - Dan, Jimmy and Timmy endeavour to do their Christmas shopping in a rival town. Meanwhile a couple (including an expectant mother) arrive in Killinaskully and seek a place to stay...

The New Priest Oct 10 2004 - When old Fr. Mularkey is packed off to a home for the bewildered, the Killinaskully faithful wait with baited breath for their new priest. Their faith is put to the test, however, when the new ...more

The Pitch Oct 24 2004 - Killinaskully GAA club have been using ""the pitch"" for as long as anyone can remember, so, when the widow Gilhooley puts it up for auction they are confident it will be ...more

The Election Sep 25 2005 - It is time for Killinaskully town council elections and, as usual, Willie Power is the likely candidate. However, things begin to turn bad for Willie when Dieter enters the race as a Green Party ...more

A Christmas Carol Dec 24 2005 - The race is on for Willie to find Killinaskully a giant crib when a mysterious stranger and his expectant wife roll into town. Meanwhile, Dan and his fellow wise men wreak havoc on their annual ...more

The Play Oct 30 2005 - The Killinaskullians are poised to take on arch enemy, Bally, in the second Annual One-Act Drama Festival. It's been fifty years since the first one, so all eyes are on Dan as he thatches the ...more

The Night Out Oct 16 2005 - While Nurse Maloney tries to whip Timmy into shape, the wedding of the year is put on hold after Dieter is found in a compromising position in the ladies' toilet. Despite the best efforts of ...more

The Ad Oct 23 2005 - Dan gets more than he bargained for when he places an ad in the lonely hearts page of the Gazette, while Jacksie and Fr. Philip go head to head over the "whatcha-call-it" machine in

The Dogs Oct 02 2005 - To lengthen the odds for a big race, Willie wants Jimmy to nobble his prize greyhound, Moyganny Lady, so she will lose her next two races. Meanwhile, Dieter plans to pop the question to Miss

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The Visit Oct 09 2005 - A visit from the gung-ho US President, Zachary Taylor Madison, fills the Killinaskullians with excitement. But when the town is taken over by Secret Service agents, only Dan, Killinaskully's own ...more

The School Year Oct 15 2006 - When Miss Fahey disappears there is chaos at the school. Willy struggles to get a new principal before the school inspector arrives.

The Lifeboat Nov 05 2006 - When a leak is sprung in the roof of the community hall, Willy Power decides to use the EEC lifeboat money to fix it. Chaos can only ensue when an inspector visits wishing to see the lifeboat... ...more

The Radio Station Oct 01 2006 - Killinaskully finds its voice when KCR radio takes to the air. Dan's Roger Whitaker albums are a big hit and Goretti tries to spread some romance with her phone-in show. But will the station ...more

The Driving Test Oct 22 2006 - When Dan refuses to retract the sexist remarks that he makes about women drivers, all the women in the village go on strike

Cheese Dreams Oct 29 2006 - It's Hallowe'en and Dieter decides to try out some new cheese on the unsuspecting Killinaskullians. With Merry Men, Zombies and a visit to the ER, Dieter's gastronomic episode turns into a bit ...more

The Sports Day Oct 08 2006 - It's a bad day for fr. Phillip when he discovered his that bally's new Parish priest is his old nemesis, fr. Bob 'speedy' Gilmartin. With the sports day coming up, all eyes are on the all ...more

A Killinaskully Carol Dec 24 2006 - Dan is visited by three ghosts on Christmas night who help him discover the true meaning of the season.

The Horse Whisperer Sep 30 2007 - Pa Connors has yet another get rich quick scheme while jacksie bans peaking English in the pub. Pa soon finds that the course of true love does not run moothly. Especially where horses are

The Stoats Oct 07 2007 - With a by-pass threatening the future of the village and rumours circulating about the arrival of the Olympics, it would take all of Willie Power's cunning to save the day. unfortunately, Willie ...more

The Crime Spree Oct 14 2007 - With Killinaskullly in the grip of a crime spree, a concert by country singer turned rapper, Big Diddy, might bring some relief. However, with Timmy playing records backwards, he might be facing ...more

The Visitor Oct 21 2007 - An old scouting buddy of Dan's proves popular with the locals even though Dan has no recollection of ever meeting him. When the visitor dips his hand in everyone's pocket it might be time for ...more

The Treasure Map Oct 28 2007 - A mysterious stranger with an intriguing map lures Dan on a spectacular treasure hunt. With a giant golf ball on the loose and the dreaded Bally Boys up to their old tricks it will probably end ...more

The Wedding Nov 04 2007 - Things are looking up for Dieter when Catherine returns from her travels and agrees to be his bride. But with fighting in-laws and Timmy in charge of the rings, it'll be a miracle if anyone gets ...more

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The Christmas Concert Dec 24 2007 - With a bocity grotto outside Jacksie's, Willie Power is dtermined to spread some Christmas cheer at twenty euro a pop. meanwhile, not even a classic movie from Dieter can save the Christmas ...more

The Rally Oct 12 2008 - The annual Killinaskully vs. Bally Rally

The Heist Oct 26 2008 - It looks like Dan's distinguished life on the dole is coming to an end when he pens an ill-tempered letter to the minister. There's nothing for it but to retrieve the offending post, but with a ...more

The Nature Walk Nov 02 2008 - Cantwell loses his head and several children in the woods at holloween.

The Last Round Dec 24 2008 - Jacksie causes consternation when the bar is put up for sale, but a visit by the Saw Doctors saves Christmas.

The Will Jul 28 2008 - Goretti takes to the Quija board when Theo is pursued by a money lender.

The Festival Oct 05 2008 - Hoards of dirty bachelors descend on the village.

The Trial Oct 19 2008 - Dan, Timmy and Jimmy battle for their liberty in a tense courtroom drama.

Christmas Special V: The Emergency - Part 2 Dec 25 2008 - During Christmas 1944, the village's Local Defence Force fail to protect the nearby power station in Part I. In Part II, panic grips Killinaskully as the Luftwaffe attack.