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Below is a complete Kimagure Orange Road episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Kimagure Orange Road episodes are listed along with the Kimagure Orange Road episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Kimagure Orange Road episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Introducing Kazuya! Be Careful Around the "Panic Kid"!” to “Hikaru-chan?! The Disturbing "C" Experience!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Kimagure Orange Road episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Kimagure Orange Road: I Want to Return to That Day Oct 01 1988 - On a brisk early spring day, Kyosuke's thoughts range back to the previous summer... where amid struggling to prepare for exams amid the many distractions of youth, he and Madoka finally came to ...more

White Lovers Mar 01 1989 - The gang visits Kyosuke's grandparents in northern Japan for a skiing vacation, but an ancient curse causes an avalanche of trouble.

Hurricane! Akane the Shape-changing Girl Feb 01 1990 - Kyosuke's tomboy cousin Akane, who has the power to impersonate anyone, comes to visit -- and falls in love with Madoka!

I Was a Cat, I Was a Fish Dec 27 1989 - A magical rope causes Kyosuke to swap souls, first with the family's pet goldfish, and then with Jingoro, their cat! When he's found by Madoka and Hikaru, he gets a private lesson on how girls ...more

New Kimagure Orange Road: Summer`s Beginning Nov 02 1996 - Kyosuke awakens after a traffic accident to discover that three years have passed, and that his entire life is falling apart!

Hawaiian Suspense Apr 01 1989 - A Hawaiian vacation goes awry when Hikaru is mistaken for an heiress and kidnapped! When Madoka and Kyosuke try to rescue her, things quickly get out of hand.

Message in Rouge Apr 01 1991 - Madoka runs away from home because she believes her father is cheating on her mother. What will Kyosuke do when she asks to stay the night?

Stage of Love = Heart on Fire! (Spring is for Idols!) May 01 1990 - Hayakawa, a famous singer, comes to town to host a battle of the bands. An accidental head-on collision with Kyosuke results in the two swapping bodies, and Hayakawa wastes no time puting the ...more

Kimagure Orange Road: Shonen Jump Special Dec 31 1985 - Kyousuke invites Madoka to a trip to Okinawa but in the end Hikaru, Kazuya and Yuusuke go with them. After a series of misunderstandings because of Kazuya's powers, Kyousuke and Madoka end up ...more

Stage of Love = Heart on fire (Birth of a star!) Jul 01 1990 - Kyosuke tries to convince Hayakawa not to talk about his experience and races to find Madoka and get her to the contest on time. Fortunately, he can teleport...

An Unexpected Situation Apr 01 1991 - Akane suckers Kyosuke into pretending to be her boyfriend so she can impress her friends.

Transfer Student! Humble First Love! Apr 06 1987 - Kasuga Kyosuke moves to a new town and meets two unusual girl; we learn of his family's unusual gifts; and realize that it isn't easy being a cat.

Just a Little Lemon Kiss Apr 13 1987 - Kyosuke uses his powers when he shouldn't, and Hikaru becomes infatuated. We are also introduced to the "legendary" Cutlet Sandwich.

Mood Swings - Rowing First Date Apr 20 1987 - Komatsu and Hatta lust after Kyosuke's sisters, and Kyosuke's plans to date Hikaru end up with him all wet.

Two People's Secret - The Part-Time Job May 04 1987 - A chance encounter by Hikaru leads Kyosuke to believe that Madoka is having an affair with an older man, and when the truth is revealed, brings them closer.

That Guy is a Rival! Love's Midterm Exam! May 11 1987 - Madoka tutors Kyosuke for some crucial exams, while a the same time Kyosuke tutors Hikaru. Meanwhile, an angry young man wants Kyosuke's head for stealing his girl!

Madoka's Private Life - A Spark-Colored Kiss! May 18 1987 - Kyosuke gets concerned when it seems that Madoka is considerabley more "experienced" than he is.

Your Smile! Shutter Chance at the Beach May 25 1987 - Hikaru is "discovered" by a photographer and gets a modeling job, but the trip to the beach to keep an eye on her has happy consequences for Kyosuke and Madoka.

Kurumi-chan's How To Date! Jun 01 1987 - When Kyosuke's sister Kurumi is apparently kidnapped, he learns a lot about his friends.

A Premonition! Hikaru-chan Will Die! Jun 08 1987 - A precognitive dream convinces Kyosuke that Hikaru is about to die, and when Hikaru learns of this, she decides to use his anxiety to get closer to him.

Don't Ring the Wedding Bells! Jun 15 1987 - Circumstances convince Kyosuke that Madoka is about to get married, resulting in a hilarious "The Graduate" parody ending.

Study Abroad in America! Goodbye Madoka! Jun 22 1987 - Madoka decides to move to America to be closer to her musician parents, sending all her friends into a panic.

Everyone is Looking! Hikaru's Super Transformation! Jun 29 1987 - Kyosukes feelings for Madoka get wobbly when Hikaru gets a makeover that makes her look much more mature.

A Foreboding Dream! Madoka and Kyosuke are Breaking Up At Last! Jul 06 1987 - Afraid of being looked down upon by Madoka as a wimp, Kyosuke overdoes it trying to quickly become a hunk.

Madoka's Ultimate Decision! Putting a Period to the Love Triangle Jul 13 1987 - When Hikaru fears that Kyosuke has a new girlfriend, she turns to Madoka for advice on how to win him back!

Well, Do You Believe or Not? Madoka Saw a UFO Jul 20 1987 - Kyosuke and Madoka see a UFO, but Kyosukes's reluctance to confirm her story lands him in the doghouse!

The Summer Temptation - A Double Date Out Of the Blue Jul 27 1987 - Durnng the summer break, Kyosuke makes two dates and finds himself frantically teleporting between Hikaru at the pool and Madoka at the library.

Madoka's Challenge! The Haunted Beach Big Wave Legend Aug 03 1987 - A trip to the seashore ensnares everyone in a spooky mystery, and Madoka must challenge the legendary "Big Monday"!

Hikaru Witnesses! The Camp is Full of Danger! Aug 17 1987 - Kurumi's "help" allows Kyosuke to excel at Tennis Camp, allowing him to get closer to Madoka. Unfortunately, Hikaru sees him getting closer to Madoka...

Kyosuke in a Pinch! Sweet Nothings at the Wuthering Heights! Aug 24 1987 - While still at the tennis camp, Kyosuke gets into a compromising situation with another girl. Madoka is not amused!

An Adult Relationship? Madoka Secretly Returns Home in the Morning! Aug 31 1987 - When Madoka suddenly vanishes, Kyosuke becomes concerned. He becomes even more concerned when he sees her exiting a nightclub with another man!

Kyosuke and Madoka in a Big Fight! The 3-Legged Race of Love! Sep 07 1987 - Egos get in the way when Kyosuke and Madoka are chosen to represent their class in the big school marathon.

Risky Self-Hypnosis! Kyosuke Changed! Sep 21 1987 - After being picked on by his family for being so indecisive, Kyosuke accidentally hypnotizes himself and becomes a confident ladies man. How will he fare with Madoka, however?

Kyosuke Becomes a Kid! Getting Super-Close to Madoka! Sep 28 1987 - When Kyosuke learns that he can switch bodies with his little cousin Kazuya, he hatches a plot to use Kazuya's telepathic abilities to find out exactly what Madoka thinks about him!

Marked Woman Madoka! Kyosuke, Proving He's a Man! Oct 05 1987 - Kyosuke tries to protect Madoka from a gang of tough girls, but it is Hikaru that winds up in their cross hairs!

Dangerous Decision! Manami-chan's Big Adventure! Oct 12 1987 - Manami changes her image with a glamorous makeover; only to get in trouble with some bad girls. Kyosuke, in heroic disguise, tries to rescue the damsel in distress -- and neither knows who the ...more

Don't Cry, Jingoro! The Heat of Young Love! Oct 19 1987 - Strange behavior by Jingoro leads to a frenzied quest to find a mate for the poor cat. But what does Jingoro really want?

Madoka and Yuusaku - The Marching Song of Runaway Youths Nov 02 1987 - Yuusaku confesses his love for Madoka in front of Kyosuke, and soon the two are spending a lot of time together. When they head off to a known "suicide mecca", Kyosuke assumes the

Will My Birthday Come Twice? Time-Runner Kyosuke Nov 09 1987 - When everyone forgets Kyosuke's birthday, he self-hypnotizes himself and becomes very untrusting. Only his unreliable time-travel ability can get him out of the resulting jam!

Strange Madoka! The Mushroom of 120% Truth! Nov 16 1987 - While out on a hiking trip, the gang discovers the legendary "Mushrooms of Truth". One bite, and you'll confess your innermost secrets...

Roots Panic! Madoka in the Mysterious Homeland Nov 23 1987 - Kyosuke's grandparents invite the gang to visit them in the country, and drive Kyosuke up the wall because they aren't very careful about using their powers!

Perverted With a Camera! Robo-Kyosuke! Nov 30 1987 - Kyosuke is hypnotized by Kurumi and commanded to be obedient, only to end up becoming Hatta and Komatsu's slave. Discovering the hold they have over him, the two perverts order Kyosuke to get ...more

Adios, Kyosuke! Paranormal Powers Caught On Video! Dec 07 1987 - When Komatsu and Hatta accidentally witness Kyosuke teleporting, they use the student film they are making as a vehicle to try and expose him!

Heroic Orange Legend - Madoka's Duel in the Blizzard Dec 14 1987 - Madoka's past comes back to haunt her when she helps out an old friend, and ends up in a duel with a gang leader!

Kyosuke Timetrips! The Third Christmas Dec 21 1987 - Kyosuke's unreliable time traveling ability gets put to the test as he repeats a day several times, each time trying to make things better...

Hypnotizing Madoka - Kyosuke's Dangerous New Year Jan 04 1988 - When Kyosuke tries to hypnotize Madoka as a joke, he ends up actually doing it. Now Madoka will do anything he wants... anything at all!

First Dream of the New Year - Giant Monster Jingoro's Counterattack Jan 11 1988 - New Year's Special. The KOR characters play various roles in this parody of "Top Gun" and Toho monster films.

Immobilized Madoka - Kyosuke's Mysterious Watch Jan 18 1988 - Kyosuke's grandfather hands him a pocket watch that allows him to actually stop time - for normal human beings! But using it too much is so very tempting...

Madoka the Popular - Kyosuke Finally Confesses Jan 25 1988 - Kyosuke has a real problem when a young girl named Sumire gets a crush... on Madoka!

Heartbroken Hikaru - Follow Her to the Winter Beach Feb 01 1988 - Hikaru is crushed to learn that Kyosuke and Yukari spent the night together. Of course, they didn't actually do anything wrong, but...