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TV episodes Full List of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Episodes

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Below is a complete Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episodes are listed along with the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “A Whale of a Tale” and “Air Ride-In-Style (1).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Kirby Comes to Cappy Town Sep 14 2002 - Trouble is brewing on the planet Popstar, and it's in the form of a giant octopus that's eaten a herd of sheep! King Dedede claims to know nothing about this monster, saying the only thing ...more

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A Blockbuster Battle Sep 14 2002 - Kirby needs a place to live, but to pay rent he'll need a job! Unfortunately, King Dedede is determined to make sure Kirby fails at every turn. Will Kirby be chased out of Dream Land?

Kirby's Duel Role Sep 21 2002 - Tiff and Tuff get a letter from Metoknight, and it says he wants to have a duel with Kirby. Durring the duel between Kirby and Metoknight, Kirby uses Pysco Attack but Metoknight is too strong, ...more

Dark and Stormy Knight Sep 21 2002 - King Dedede tries to oust Kirby from Cappy Town by ordering up a fierce cloud monster. Meanwhile, Tiff heads to Kabu Valley and uncovers a valuable secret from an unexpected source.

Beware: Whispy Woods Sep 28 2002 - Lured by a trail of juicy, red apples, Kirby gets lost in the mysterious Whispy Woods, putting him in danger! Can Tiff, Tuff and Tokkori save their friend from the trap set by the King?

Un-Reality TV Sep 28 2002 - Excitement ensues when the King brings TV to Dream Land, but breaking news reports a huge monster?s destroying Cappy Town in search of Kirby. What's really behind Dedede's TV deception?

Kirby's Egg-cellent Adventure Oct 05 2002 - The ancient bird, Dyna Blade, has reappeared in Cappy Town after 100 years to lay and hatch her egg. When the eggshell turns up empty, is Kirby's unruly appetite to blame?

Curio's Curious Discovery Oct 05 2002 - The burial site of an ancient Cappy King is discovered, proving King Dedede's ancestor established the Cappy civilization. Unconvinced, Tiff does some digging and uncovers a big secret.....

The Fofa Factor Oct 12 2002 - King Dedede orders Fololo and Falala to split up, but they refuse. Then they go to sir Ebrum and Lady Like to ask where they came from, but they quickly change the subject. After evrey one ...more

Hail to the Chief Oct 12 2002 - The Cheif is sleeping when he is suposed to be controling traffic. The King gets mad and is going to fire him but when Tuff falls in a volcano It is up to the cheif to save him.

The Big Taste Test Oct 19 2002 - To impress a food critic, King Dedede hires Chef Kawasaki to whip up a gourmet dinner. And, only the finest ingredients will do. Kirby loves to eat, but this time will the Chef cook Kirby?

Kirby's Pet Peeve Oct 19 2002 - Kirby needs a playmate his own size so the family decides to buy him an electronic dog from the toy store. But, King Dedede has other plans for Kirby's pet. What happens next is shocking!

The Pillow Case Oct 26 2002 - As a reward for being N.M.E's best coustemer, N.M.E sends Dedede a pile of pillows that give people nightmares about Kirby. He announces on TV he's giving out the pillows and, dispite Tiff's ...more

Escargoon Squad Oct 26 2002 - Dreamland Is Always Peaceful...Well, Not Today. When King Dedede Has His Picture Taken, A White Image Hovering In The Background Appears In The Photo. The Worried King Dedede Visits The Town's ...more

A Fish Called Kine Nov 02 2002 - Tiff discovers that she has an admirer.... a fish named Kine. A relationship with a fish would never work, exept Tiff isn't aware of the Trade-off Kine made with King DDD.

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Flower Power Nov 02 2002 - Kirby swallows a noddy, not knowing that it might put him to sleep for 1,000 years. Will Tiff and Tuff be able to find the magical Flower Pukey to save Kirby!

Kirby's Duel with the Son Nov 09 2002 - A son accidently thinks Kirby killed his father,so he challenges the star wrestler to a fight.

Dedede's Snow Job Nov 09 2002 - It's a VERY hot day in Cappy Town, so King DeDeDe decides to order up an N.M.E monster, but all he gets is a pint-sized dragon. The dragon uses his power, to freeze. Everybody takes notice to ...more

A Princess in Dis-dress Nov 16 2002 - Capppy Town is excited to find out a princess is visiting.King DeDeDe meets her and is quickly smitten.So he plans to impress her by singing a song & asking her to marry her.But the ...more

Island of the Lost Warrior Nov 16 2002 - A warrior finds Kirby in a island and plans to exercize him,Tiff,and Tuff for battle.

The Empty Nest Nov 23 2002 - Escargoon invents a formula that will turn any creature into a mega-monster. Can Kirby prevent King Dedede from taking Dyna Blade's chick and turning it from a birdie into a beast?

Ninja Binge Nov 23 2002 - King Dedede steals the ancient scroll that holds secrets of the ninjas from Mr. Curio's store. Can Tiff and Tuff get the scroll back before he uses it to train his army to be ninja fighters?

Like Mother, Like Snail (aka Escargoon Rules) Nov 30 2002 - Escargoon mom comes back to visit him, thinking that he is a successful snail.

Sword and Blade, Loyal and True (aka Hour of the Wolfwrath) Nov 30 2002 - King Dedede orders a monster. This one being a red/crimson colored wolf-like creature. King Dedede tells it to go destroy Kirby, but it's response was a snarl, and it jumped over his head. The ...more

The Flower Plot Dec 07 2002 - King DDD steals the only flower in Whispy Woods and turns it into a monster. Unaware that Tiff, and Tuff broght it back to whispy. Can the kids stop DDD before he levels the forest and bulids a ...more

Labor Daze Dec 07 2002 - Dedede employs the residents of Cappy town to make appliances and at the end of the day can take home TV's and such. But Dedede uses the parts built to create a monster to destroy Kirby.

A Spice Odyssey (aka The Hot Shot Chef) Dec 14 2002 - Tired of the Bland food served by Kawasaki, DeDeDe downloads a top class chef to cook up something spicy. Can Kawasaki compete with this new chef?

Hatch Me if You Can Dec 14 2002 - Dedede hides a Golba egg under a sleeping Kirby so that when the egg hatches, Kirby will develop a bond with it. The baby Golba that hatches becomes fast friends with Kirby, but it has an ...more

Cappy New Year Dec 28 2002 - The Villagers Of Dreamland Are Busy Talking About Their New Year's Eve Celebration When Suddenly, There Is An Announcement From King Dedede That He Is Planning A Huge Extravaganza This Year. The ...more

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Abusement Park Feb 01 2003 - King Dedede builds an amusement park in order to trap and destroy Kirby but when Metaknight stops Dedede's plan they hold a kareoke contest in order to send Kirby to NME headquarters.

Junk Jam Feb 01 2003 - When the residents of Cappy Town awake dreamlnd is covered in trash and every night more and more come finally tiff,tuff,and kirby have a stake out and realize it is aliens polluting there ...more

The Kirby Derby (1) Feb 08 2003 - Everyone is exited about Cappy Town's first Grand Prix. Kirby's starship has been restored, but will Kirby be able to use his piloting skills in the Grand Prix?

The Kirby Derby (2) Feb 08 2003 - With the Grand Prix underway, King DDD attempts to triumph with his usual antics. Who will have the skills to win the race of 12 laps?

A Recipe for Disaster Feb 15 2003 - The REAL Chef Shiitake comes to Cappytown, and decides to open his own restaurant after tasting his former student's cooking. However, Tiff believes there is more than meets the eye (or in this ...more

Watermelon Felon Mar 01 2003 - King Dedede and Escargoon videotape Kirby eating watermelons and roaming about town in hopes of catching him breaking the law. When Kirby does nothing wrong, they edit the footage and air it on ...more

Escar-gone Mar 08 2003 - Escargoon is invaded by King Dedede's new monster, Erasem. Unfortunately, Erasem's power is that whoever it takes as host is forgotten by all but himself, which means nobody recognizes or ...more

Monster Management Mar 15 2003 - Knuckle Joe returns to Dreamland, this time as the new Monster Manager at NME, and sends King Dedede a multitude of monsters non-stop. With Kirby's hands (and his mouth) already full handling ...more

Prediction Predicament (1) Mar 22 2003 - Dedede keeps having a nightmare in which Kirby attacks him. When he goes to Mabel to see what it is about, he is stopped by the towspepole, who demand to know why Dedede hasn't built the park he ...more

Prediction Predicament (2) Mar 29 2003 - With the impending doom of the asteroid coming MUCH sooner than 1000 years, Dream Land decides to enjoy what time they have left. King Dedede, not wanting to go with a dirty conscience, decides ...more

Sheepwrecked Apr 05 2003 - A ram comes to Cappytown, complete with a wolf pack mind and a desire to achieve his goal of liberating sheep everywhere. Asserting himself as leader of the Mayor's flock, he soon turns the ...more

War of the Woods Apr 12 2003 - Whispy Woods warns Tuff, Kirby, Tokkori, and their friends of a premonition he has: His wise old friend, Acore may be in some sort of danger. Tuff agrees to help, only he is unsure of the exact ...more

Pink-Collar Blues Apr 19 2003 - Tired of the inept and slow Waddle Dees that act as his servants and guards, King Dedede orders a servant robot from NightMare Enterprises. When Waddle Doo asks for one day off for the Waddle ...more

Tourist Trap Apr 26 2003 - King Dedede attempts to make Dream Land a popular tourist destination for the NightMare Enterprises magazine. But Dream Land is just too ordinary for the tourists that visit, and the tourists ...more

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A Novel Approach Jun 21 2003 - There's a problem in the castle! King Dedede's ratings for Channel DDD have gone to zero. King Dedede learns that the cause of this is the book ""Pappey Pottey and the Fool's ...more

The Fight for the FoxBox Aug 30 2003 - A mysterious evildoer, fed up with villains losing every episode, steals the broadcast codes for the FoxBox, breaks it up, and gives the pieces to King Dedede, Dial Bolic of the dMp (of ...more

Snack Attack (1) Sep 06 2003 - Tuggle, the grocery store owner, and Gangu, the toy shop owner, decide to combine Tuggle's chocolate candies and Gangu's Star Warrior toys, neither of which sell well alone. The result is a new ...more

Snack Attack (2) Sep 13 2003 - When we last left off, Dream Land's residents were being beaten senseless by the martial arts figures from Dedede's batch of chocolate capsules. The citizens find out that these figures are ...more

Don't Bank on It Sep 27 2003 - Still in debt to NME, King Dedede hatches a new plan with NME, which results in every citizen of Dream Land receiving their very own Dedede Doll, which Channel DDD claims will bring good luck. ...more

Kirby Takes The Cake Oct 04 2003 - Kirby is confused when he wants to play with everyone, but they are all suspiciously busy with something. They all push him out of the way, and so Kirby feels left out. With everyone in town not ...more

Air Ride-In-Style (1) Oct 11 2003 - King Dedede is sick of wasting money on monsters, as they aren't successful in taking out Kirby for him. However, the NME salesman has a new pitch - if the Warpstar is taken out, then Kirby will ...more