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The Best Episodes of Kitchen Nightmares

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Chef Gordon Ramsay visits restaurants across the United States to help owners make changes to better their business. The best episodes of Kitchen Nightmares often feature disgusting practices or outdated menus. Some good episodes of Kitchen Nightmares also feature owners who are bad at bookkeeping and managing their staff.

What are the best episodes of Kitchen Nightmares? “Mojito” from season three is a fan favorite. This episode finds Chef Ramsay visiting Brooklyn where separated spouses run a confusing kitchen. “Lela's” is also a compelling episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

“Burger Kitchen” is another good episode from Kitchen Nightmares as is “Amy's Baking Company” which finds Chef Ramsay leaving without finishing his improvements for the only time in the show's history.

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    Burger Kitchen (1)

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    Chef Ramsay pays a visit to Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles in order to revamp the bland menu and to revive the tired establishment with a fresh look and a renewed vibe fit for the hip Hollywood crowd....
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      Chef Ramsay travels to sunny South Florida, where he encounters a dreary situation. Le Bistro, a small French restaurant, is barely surviving, and the head chef, Andy, has no idea why. He doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with the food, service or dining experience. When Chef Ramsay finds out that he and Chef Andy share similar culinary training, he is in disbelief. Can Ramsay cook up a plan that will get through to the stubborn chef and revive this sinking ship?...
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        Gordon Ramsay visits a family-run Italian restaurant in Babylon, NY that's being run into the ground by Peter, the hot-tempered manger and co-owner....
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          Chef Ramsay takes on the challenge of turning a pizza restaurant in Burbank, California, called Sebastian's, into a pleasurable place to dine at. Sebastian's serves frozen food from a complicated menu and the wait staff is always auditioning for their next big role....
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