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Below is a complete Kong: The Animated Series episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Kong: The Animated Series episodes are listed along with the Kong: The Animated Series episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Kong: The Animated Series episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Reborn” and “Curse of the Great Dragon.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Kong: The Animated Series episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Return (1) 18 year old Jason and his best friend Tann journey to the mysterious Kong Island hidden in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. With them is their college Professor, Dr. De La Porta. After a close ...more

The Return (2) On Kong Island, the evil Professor Ramone De La Porta forces Dr. Jenkins to take him to the location of the powerful, mystic Primal Stones. Jason, Tann, and Lua frantically search the exotic ...more

Primal Power De La Porta takes the Primal Stones from an ancient temple on Kong Island, which upsets the Island's mystic and environmental balance. Earthquakes, storms, and volcanoes shake the Island. They ...more

Dragon Fire Jun 16 2001 - The theft of the Primal Stones from Kong Island threatens to awaken the ancient demon Chiros. Lua journeys alone to Chiros' ruined temple in an attempt to imprison him. She is captured and ...more

Billy Jun 23 2001 - Jason, Tann, Lua, and Kong travel to New York City in an attempt to stop a series of robberies of ancient tablets connected to the Primal Stones. They discover that De La Porta is behind the ...more

Cobra God Jul 07 2001 - A ""sea monster"" is stealing hi-tech weapons. Jason and his friends suspect that it's De La Porta using the Cyber-Link. While investigating, they uncover De La Porta's ...more

The Giant Claw Robberies Jul 14 2001 - Jason, Kong, Tann, and Lua are forced down in Africa by engine trouble. Lua encounters an evil poacher named Rakhir who kidnaps her to use as bait for his real target--Kong! With his mercenary ...more

Top of the World Jul 21 2001 - Kong, Jason, Tann and Lua investigate a temple in the Atlantean ruins of Shama-Ra on Kong Island. Tann and Lua are possessed by the ancient spirits of the Atlantean King and Queen. They take the ...more

Curse of the Great Dragon Jul 28 2001 - In England, De La Porta forces a Druid Priest, Dr. MacKay, to agree to help him use ancient Druid ceremonies to unlock the powers of a Primal Stone. Kong and his friends travel to England to ...more

Reborn Aug 04 2001 - De La Porta takes Tann's billionaire parents hostage in Paris, forcing Tann to agree to lead Lua into a trap. An unhappy and confused Tann sends Jason and Kong off on a false trail and takes Lua ...more

Indian Summer Aug 11 2001 - Jason, Kong, Tann, and Lua travel to Los Angeles in an attempt to stop De La Porta from stealing a stone tablet on display at an LA museum that contains the secrets of the Primal Stones. Down ...more

Blue Star Aug 18 2001 - Harpy takes Dr. Jenkins and Chon-Dar prisoner in an effort to find the Primal Stones. Jason, Tann, and Lua attempt to rescue them, but Harpy gasses Kong with giant spider venom knocking him ...more

Dangerous Melody Aug 18 2001 - Our heroes travel to Egypt to foil De La Porta's scheme to find the legendary Staff of Set, use it to activate a Primal Stone and resurrect Set, the ancient Egyptian God of Evil. Pursuing the ...more

Top of the World Jason and company discovers that De La Porta is on his way to an isolated Himalayan monastery to seize an ancient parchment revealing the use of the Primal Stones. De La Porta and his henchmen ...more

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Master of Souls An old friend of Tann's, Caroline Watson has discovered the Primal Stone of the Soul and is being stalked by De La Porta and his men. Tann, Jason, Kong, and Lua fly to Guatemala to rescue her. ...more

Enlil's Wrath De La Porta kidnaps a Middle Eastern Shaman forcing him to use the powers of the Air Stone against Kong Island. Terrible storms strike Kong Island. Our heroes journey to temple of Enlil in the ...more

Welcome to Ramon's Ramone De La Porta makes a peace offer to Jason, inviting him to meet with him at an Opening at his museum/headquarters in NY. Jason cautiously accepts, but Tann and Lua come in disguise to ...more

DNA Land Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong attempt to trap Professor De La Porta, but the trap turns into a running battle. While our heroes are distracted, Howling Jack stuns and captures Kong with a powerful ...more

The Renewal Dr. Jenkins, Jason and Tann host a surprise 15th birthday party for Kong completes with a giant birthday cake! That night Lua leads Kong out into the jungle where she uses a Primal Stone to open ...more

Chiros Child Lua falls into a trap set by the demon Chiros and falls into a fissure and deep into the earth. A mysterious young girl who leads Lua to a cavern containing the secret Chamber of the Thirteen ...more

The Aquanauts Professor Ramone De La Porta travels to Scotland and Loch Ness and its sunken Atlantean ruins and the Primal Water Stone. Dr. Jenkins, Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong arrive to stop him. Ramone merges ...more

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Windigo De La Porta and his men travel by helicopter to an isolated Canadian Indian Village. They take the villagers hostage, forcing the tribe's Shaman, Big Bear, to take Ramone to the Indian's ancient ...more

Green Fear Jason, Tann, Lua, and Kong travel to the deep jungles of Central Africa to seek out the Gwake tribe. These isolated pygmies hold one of the secrets of the Primal Stones. While rescuing a Gwake ...more

The Ice Giant A terrible electric storm rakes Kong Island activating the Primal Stones and creating a vortex that sends the seaplane with our heroes onto an island in a different time and space. In the ...more

Framed Ramone de La Porta's henchmen, Tiger Lucy and Omar raid a government arsenal stealing top secret weapons. They leave behind a set of Jason and Tann's fingerprints and a ripped piece of one of ...more

The Invisible Threat An invisible man lands on Kong Island and steals the Primal Stone of Antimatter. The thief rendezvous with Professor De La Porta's submarine and becomes visible revealing he to be a young ...more

Sir James Alex's Legacy A giant, mutant coyote is terrorizing a small village in central Mexico. Our heroes travel to the village and are attacked by the villagers who mistake Kong for the monster that has been raiding ...more

Lies The mad Professor Ramone De La Porta Cyber-links with a strand of Jason's hair and is able to merge into an exact duplicate of our hero. With his henchmen he takes his submarine to Kong Island ...more

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Return To Redwoods (1) Our heroes search an ancient temple on a small Greek Island and uncover a bronze plaque whose inscription holds the key to the stolen Primal Stones. De La Porta and his henchmen arrive and ...more

Scared Songs Dr. Jenkins gets a call for help from an old boyfriend, Dr. Amador, who is working with the Australian Aborigines near Ayers Rock. Lua has a prophetic vision of impending disaster and Kong ...more

Apocalypse In this sequel to Episode 34 Jason, Lua and Kong search for the last of the Primal Stones in an effort to prevent it from falling into Ramone De La Porta's and Chiros' hands. Ramone searches as ...more

Quetzalcoatl Using an enormous drill and forced Indian labor, De La Porta and his goons dig for gold in a mine deep inside the Sacred Mountain in Central Mexico. One Indian, Tlaloc, attempts to escape and is ...more

The Thirteenth Stone (2) Our heroes find themselves more than 6000 years in the past on ancient Kong Island when it was the Lost Continent of Atlantis! Unfortunately Atlantis is being destroyed by the powers of Chiros. ...more

Interview with a Monkey Howling Jack appears worldwide on Network TV promising to reveal the ""truth about Kong"". Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong race to LA in an attempt to stop him. En route they watch ...more


Blue Star A meteorite glowing with blue energy approaches Earth. Dr. Jenkins deduces that it will collide with the Earth attracted by the power of the Primal Stones. Guided by Lua's visions, Jason, Tann, ...more

Curse of the Great Dragon Jul 28 2001 - Jason is really excited when he receives an invitation to a karate exhibition in the city of Xi An in China! Unfortunately Tann was not invited and now plans to give up karate. Jason and Lua fly ...more

Billy On the deserted Manhattan docks, a young boy named Billy witnesses a titanic battle between Kong and a giant Cyber-Rat creature. After the battle, Billy finds one of the Cyber-links. He uses it ...more

Indian Summer Tiger Lucy and Giggles break into a sacred Indian cave/temple hidden in the Ozark Mountains, and steal a mystical totem for De La Porta. The Professor attempts to use the totem to control the ...more

Cobra God Jason, Tann, and Lua are attending an exclusive auction of relics in NY City. Tann outbids the evil Professor Ramone De La Porta for an ancient Atlantean stone tablet, paying ten million ...more

Dangerous Melody Our heroes track De La Porta to the jungles of Burma and the fantastic Forgotten City. In a ruined temple, the Professor tries to activate the Primal Stone of Time. Jason, Tann, and Lua attempt ...more