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Below is a complete Kung Fu: The Legend Continues episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Kung Fu: The Legend Continues episodes are listed along with the Kung Fu: The Legend Continues episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “Sunday in the Museum with George,” “Aspects of the Soul” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Kung Fu: The Legend Continues episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Initiation (1) Jan 27 1993 - This is the first part in a two part episode. Caine returns to Chinatown and encounters a protection racket. He also reunites with Lo Si (The Ancient).

Initiation (2) Jan 27 1993 - This is the second part of the series.Caine is reunited with his son,who he thought was dead. Guest Stars-Ernst Abuda,Lori Hallier,Bernadette Li,Mark W Conklin,Von Flores,Marla Schaffel.

Shadow Assasin Feb 03 1993 - Caine helps author Elliott Cooper,who has been marked for death for writing a book about Shadow Assasins, men who can kill you with their thoughts. Guest Stars-Martin Kove, Lauren Piech, Gary ...more

Sunday at the Hotel with George Feb 10 1993 - Peter and Caine attend the wedding of Peter's sister,Carolyn,at the Sutton Place hotel. They stumble upon a robbery in progress. Guest stars-Bernard Behrens,Geordie Johnson,Marla Schaffel.

Sacred Trust Feb 17 1993 - Peter must clear his fathers's name when Caine is wrongly charged with murder. The victim is the ancient's nephew. Guest Stars-Geza Kavoa,Joe Di Mombro,Von Flores.

Force Of Habit Feb 24 1993 - Peter's new partner is physically abusing his wife,so Peter sends her to Caine for help. Guest Stars-Kim Coates,Jason McSkimmey,Calista Carradine,Kate Trotter(before joining the cast as Captain ...more

Pai Gow Mar 03 1993 - Caine and Peter go undercover to investigate several murders that are linked to a high stakes Chinese dice game. Guest Stars-Betsy Soo,Fred Lee.

Challenge Mar 10 1993 - Tan, a chinatown crimelord and the renegade Shaolin monk who destroyed Caine's temple, is back in Chinatown and he challenges Caine to a showdown. Guest Stars-Ernst Abuda.Mark W Conklin.Von ...more

Disciple Mar 17 1993 - One of Caine's students has become involved in a fight ring. When The Ancient is kidnapped, Caine is forced to fight. Guest Stars-Glen Plursmer, Stavroula Lagothettis, and Peter ...more

Rain's Only Friend Mar 31 1993 - Peter thinks about leaving the force, after he shoots an innocent bystander at the scene of a robbery. Guest Stars-Tom Mason.Marina Anderson.Victoria Snow.

Secret Place Apr 07 1993 - Peter tries to free a busload of students and a teacher which is being held hostage by a disturbed man. Guest Stars-Craig Wasson.Richard Anderson

Dragon' Eye Apr 14 1993 - Caine only has a few hours to find a rare herb that is needed to save the life of a little girl. Unfortunately, the woods, where the herb grows, have been taken over by a survivalist who has set ...more

Blind Eye May 05 1993 - When Peter's blind stepmother is attacked, it is up to Caine to help her use her other senses to identify her attacker. Guest Stars-Chris Wiggins.Eli Gabay.

The Lacquered Box May 12 1993 - While sitting at the bedside of an injured Peter, Caine reflects upon his early days in Chinatown when he and Peter fought against corrupt cops and would-be crime boss Clarence Choi (who later ...more

Illusion May 19 1993 -

Straitjacket May 26 1993 - Caine goes undercover in a psychiatric hospital to protect a patient he believes is not crazy; but in real danger. Guest Stars-Catherine Disher.Sam Malkin.

Reunion Oct 27 1993 - One of Caine's former students, Valerie, seeks his protection after she witnesses a murder. Guest Stars-Cali Timmins.

Dragonswing Nov 03 1993 - Peter is asked to help Kyle, an old friend, whose girlfriend has been kidnapped. Peter and his father form a Dragon's Wing to help find her. Guest Stars-Patrick MacNee.Robert Vaughn.

Shaman Nov 10 1993 - Caine helps a Native American tribesman who is opposing the building of a casino on reservation land. Guest Stars-Billy Merosty.Lawrence Bayne.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Nov 17 1993 - When a student of Caine's disappears, Peter and his father try to find her and come upon a white slavery ring. Guest Stars-Deborah Drakeford.Dylan Neal.

Redemption (1) Nov 24 1993 - Part one of a two-part episode. Caine volunteers to protect the heir to the Chinese throne, who is in danger of being assassinated. Guest Stars-Ernie Reyes Jr.Bernadette Li.

Redemption (2) Dec 01 1993 - Part two of a two-part episode. As Emporer-to-be Sing-Ling prepares to ascend the throne, Caine and Peter continue to battle assassins. Guest Stars-Ernie Reyes Jr.Bernadette Li.

Return of the Shadow Assassin Jan 26 1994 - The shadow assassin has returned to Chinatown to seek revenge against Kwai Chang Caine. This time he has help. Guest Stars-Martin Kove, George Lazenby, and Gary Blumsack.

May I Ride with You Feb 02 1994 - Caine asks Peter if he can spend the day with him, wanting to see how Peter spends a normal day. Guest Stars- Natalie Radford, Henry Czerny, and Dominic Zamprogna. Special Guest Star- Regis ...more

Dragon's Daughter Feb 09 1994 - Tan's daughter has returned to Chinatown and is stalking young men in order to flush out her father's killer, Kwai Chang Caine. It is up to Peter and Caine to stop her. Guest Stars-Marla ...more

Ancient Lottery Feb 16 1994 - The Ancient wins the lottery with a ticket given to him as a goodwill gesture by a greedy developer and upcoming politician. Now Tan wants it. Guest Stars-Chuck Shamata, Joel Wyner, Amanda ...more

Laurie's Friend Feb 23 1994 - Peter enlists the help of a young girl, who is psychic, to help find a gun that has been used in the murder of a cop. Caine discovers the girl has a psychic protector --- another Caine! Guest ...more

Temple Mar 02 1994 - Caine and Peter return to Braniff, wherein lies the temple were Peter grew up. They meet the widow of one of the priests from the temple. She needs their help since some very familiar ...more

Only the Strong Survive Mar 09 1994 - Peter goes undercover in a Kung Fu tournament to help save a little girl who has been kidnapped. Guest Stars-Bo Svenson, Alex Carter, and Christine Reeves.

Out of the Woods Mar 16 1994 - Peter takes a few days off work, and he and his father go camping. They come across a group of lost campers and an escaped criminal and his sons.

Tournament Apr 20 1994 - An industrialist, who holds a grudge against Caine, sponsors a martial arts tournament. When Caine enters the tournament, Peter follows him, on a special undercover assignment.

The Bardo Apr 27 1994 - Peter is wounded in the line of duty, but he cannot be operated on, because his life signs are fluctuating. Caine finds out that Peter's soul is being held in the Bardo, an in-between realm of ...more

The Possessed May 04 1994 - The Church is trying to exorcise a man who is possessed. However, something goes wrong and the demon possesses other people, instead. Somehow, Caine gets involved and tries to help a troubled ...more

Warlord May 11 1994 - To save his father who is dying, a Chinese warlord insists that Caine use his healing skills to cure the warlord's father.

The Innocent May 18 1994 - Caine is one of the jurors in a murder trial. He is the only juror who believes that the defendent is innocent.

Magic Trick May 25 1994 - A magician at a nightclub uses magic to hypnotize and kill wealthy victims. Caine pretends to be a magician so that he can stop the killer.

Aspects of the Soul Oct 12 1994 - Caine is contacted by Clarence Choi, who seeks friendship and forgiveness for his past attacks against Caine.

Kundela Oct 19 1994 - Aborigines are angry about a land deal made by a businessman who happens to be the uncle of Peter's girlfriend. Pretty soon, aboriginal assassins appear on the scene.

The Gang Of Three Oct 26 1994 - A group of two elderly men and a Chinese boy, recently back from college, decide to fight crime. When they get themselves involved in a major robbery by notorious gang, Peter and Kwai Chang ...more

Sunday in the Museum with George Nov 02 1994 - George, an expert thief, returns to steal ancient Chinese treasures, which unleashes a deadly curse.

Dragonswing II Nov 09 1994 - The Dalai Lama and Caine are kidnapped. Will Peter be able to rescue them, with the help of two former acquaintances, who are mercenaries.

Sing Wah Nov 16 1994 - A ruthless black magic cult, that uses an usual form of kung fu, tries to kill an archeologist because of a document he has deciphered.

Enter the Tiger Nov 23 1994 - Peter and Caine come to the rescue of an impassioned Chinese dissident who is trying to help the democracy movement in his country.

Retribution Nov 30 1994 - When a senator is killed at a Captain Blaisdell's reunion of his former commando team, Peter says he saw the captain kill the senator. Caine helps the captain find answers to this puzzle from an ...more

Jul 05 1995 - Someone's after a diary owned by Caine's father, which contains half a map leading to an ancient chalice with powers ""too great for mortal man.""

Rite of Passage Jan 25 1995 - Peter gets off on the wrong foot with his new captain. Meanwhile, Caine has travelled to Shambhala to battle an evil warrior who has ties to Peter's world.

Plague Feb 01 1995 - When a deadly plague is released by a madman, can Caine come up with the antidote in time?

May I Walk With You Feb 06 1995 - When Peter spends a day following Caine on his rounds, they end up dealing with a hostage crisis.

The Return of Sing Ling Feb 15 1995 - When a young Chinese emperor is targeted for murder, Peter and Caine end up protecting him during his return trip to China. They are pursued by a determined agent of the Chinese government.