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Below is a complete L.A. Law episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual L.A. Law episodes are listed along with the L.A. Law episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. L.A. Law episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Bourbon Cowboy” to “Love in Bloom.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the L.A. Law episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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Simian Chanted Evening Oct 24 1986 - Kuzak fights for his terminally ill client's right to be cryogenically preserved after death; Becker whets his appetite for entertainment law when he brokers an extremely favorable divorce ...more

Gibbon Take Nov 14 1986 - Van Owen's ex-fiance gets his revenge by humiliating her during a campaign appearance, thus sabotaging her race for the bench; when Kelsey shakes a trust's money tree to benefit the homeless, ...more

The Princess and the Wiener King Oct 17 1986 - McKenzie's disappointment in the greedy law school students whose class he addresses leads him to offer a clerkship to a student who appears to be more socially responsible; in defending a young ...more

The Venus Butterfly Nov 21 1986 - Becker, Markowitz and Kelsey bicker over who will inherit Chaney's office; Van Owen prosecutes a man charged with the mercy killing of his terminally ill lover; to Kelsey's undying gratitude, ...more

The House of the Rising Flan Oct 10 1986 - Sifuentes is outraged when he learns that the motive behind an invitation to dinner at the Brackman house was to enlist his aid in perpetrating an immigration fraud; Kuzak continues to pursue ...more

Becker on the Rox Feb 12 1987 - When a pharmaceutical firm employs a jury consulting firm to assist him in a product liability suit, Kuzak becomes engaged in a contest of style over substance until he enlists Sifuentes's help ...more

Those Lips, That Eye Oct 03 1986 - Kuzak pursues a very attractive deputy district attorney, Grace Van Owen, even though she's engaged to marry the man managing her campaign for a seat on the bench; Perkins is beaten by her ...more

Sidney, the Dead-Nosed Reindeer Dec 18 1986 - La Rosa digs up the ammunition Kelsey needs to succeed in representing an inventor in a contract dispute over patent royalties; Kuzak is horrified as he witnesses a severely depressed Hershberg ...more

El Sid Dec 11 1986 - An increasingly unstable Hershberg asks Kuzak to take over the case of a woman who shot a police officer; Rogoff reassigns Van Owen to night court as punishment for helping Appleton; Perkins ...more

Slum Enchanted Evening Oct 31 1986 - Van Owen faces hairy jokes from her colleagues and the anger of her ex-fiance after bailing out on her wedding; Kuzak represents a television news anchor suing for sex discrimination and ...more

December Bribe Jan 22 1987 - The partners consider whether they should merge with a large New York firm; Kuzak and Van Owen bemoan the scheduling difficulties that keep them apart; McKenzie negotiates a sweetheart deal for ...more

Prince Kuzak in a Can Jan 08 1987 - Overburdened with Hershberg's caseload, and haunted with guilt over his death, Kuzak snaps at his colleagues, pays a heavy price for the way he handles a manslaughter case, and ruins Van Owen's ...more

Pigmalion Apr 09 1987 - Becker represents the wife of a children's television show host who sues her husband for divorce after catching him in bed with an unlikely partner; Brackman and Kerris finally settle their ...more

Pilot Sep 15 1986 - Becker begins the day dealing with some irate clients and finds himself at the wrong end of a gun; Melman discovers a dead partner; Kuzak finds a creative way to see that justice is done when he ...more

Oy Vey! Wilderness! Apr 02 1987 - Markowitz and Kuzak join forces to help a fisherman when the IRS confiscates his boat in a tax dispute; Sifuentes convinces Feldman to drop criminal assault charges against Brackman, but Kerris ...more

The Douglas Fur Ball Jan 15 1987 - McKenzie gets Kuzak sprung from jail; after Brackman's wife discovers his infidelity and serves him with divorce papers, he begs her to take him back when he discovers that she's represented by ...more

Sparky Brackman RIP ?-1987 Mar 26 1987 - Kuzak faces a tough opponent in civil court when he represents a college student suing for damages after being raped; the ongoing conflict between Brackman and his litigious neighbor escalates ...more

Fry Me to the Moon Dec 04 1986 - Kuzak gets nightmares over handling an appeal for a man sentenced to death; Van Owen helps Gilliam get a reprieve for Appleton; Melman comforts Becker when his parents try to put him in the ...more

The Grace of Wrath Feb 26 1987 - Sifuentes tries to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat by responding to the advances made by an attractive juror after his elderly pot smoker client is found guilty, but soon comes to ...more

Beef Jerky Feb 05 1987 - Van Owen prosecutes a case of seminal importance; Becker comes to regret pushing a client beyond her limits after confronting her with her husband's infidelity despite her protests; in civil ...more

Fifty Ways to Floss Your Lover Feb 19 1987 - Becker is enthralled by the beautiful, but somewhat incompetent, secretary who's temping while Melman is on jury duty until he discovers that their relationship will never be anything but ...more

Raiders of the Lost Bark Nov 07 1986 - Kuzak slyly sticks Sifuentes with a dog of a case, but it's Sifuentes who's sitting pretty after he discovers the teeth in the matter, and pulls out an unexpected win; Abby rebuffs an admirer; ...more

The Wizard of Odds Oct 22 1987 - Brackman begins to get carried away over his judicial appointment until an insulting parrot puts him in his place; Kelsey successfully represents a psychiatrist being sued in civil court for not ...more

The Brothers Grimm Nov 12 1987 - Sifuentes represents a traumatized woman suing a cop for not intervening as he witnessed her rape, and her boyfriend's murder, during an armed robbery in a bar; Markowitz's request for a prenup ...more

Pettycoat Injunction Feb 18 1988 - Still traumatized by the mob hit, Van Owen resigns from the firm and decides to take some time off before job hunting; Kuzak shocks Becker into dropping a client who's illegally using court ...more

The Bald Ones Feb 25 1988 - Brackman loses a parent, but gains another sibling; Kuzak convinces Van Owen to come out of retirement to represent his client's co-defendant in a felony murder trial; Perkins and Rollins bicker ...more

Gorilla My Dreams Jan 14 1988 - Sifuentes's plan to use the zoo as a teaching tool for giving Stulwicz some sex education has unexpected benefits for two of its residents; Melman's new boyfriend gets arrested for insider ...more

Auld L'Anxiety Nov 19 1987 - McKenzie overcomes his fear of aging, as well as a little vanity, in successfully representing a client in an age discrimination case; Van Owen is devastated when a witness she has forced to ...more

The Lung Goodbye Oct 15 1987 - Kuzak takes a personal interest in representing a terminally ill smoker suing a tobacco company; Sifuentes's bad luck with women continues; Kelsey and Markowitz unsuccessfully seek out ...more

Chariots of Meyer May 05 1988 - Van Owen is stung when the defense attorney of the man she prosecutes for attempted murder levels charges of racism against both her and the witnesses in the case; McKenzie gains a young admirer ...more

Full Marital Jacket Jan 07 1988 - In the aftermath of his anxiety attack, Brackman has a new perspective on life, and his wife has a new perspective on their relationship that involves talking to lawyers; Benny is mistakenly ...more

Brackman Vasektimized Nov 05 1987 - Kelsey forces a client to clean up his act after she discovers that his company is knowingly dumping carcinogens into a local water supply; the jealousy bug takes a big bite out of Van Owen when ...more

Divorce with Extreme Prejudice Dec 17 1987 - Van Owen has mixed emotions about successfully prosecuting a teenager who murdered his abusive father; seeking to get out from under his brother's blackmail, Brackman confesses his infidelity to ...more

Goldilocks and the Three Barristers Dec 10 1987 - Van Owen prosecutes three attorneys for the sexual molestation of a teenage stripper; after agonizing over the possibility that Vasek may have exposed him to AIDS, Brackman vows to go on the ...more

Belle of the Bald Apr 14 1988 - Kuzak successfully represents a woman who murdered her rapist after he invoked his diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution, but the case ends tragically when the rapist's brother seeks his ...more

Beauty and Obese Feb 11 1988 - Kuzak represents an attorney suing the law firm that fired her for being overweight; Markowitz gets caught up in the middle of greedy heirs, their attorneys, Kelsey, and Brackman when his client ...more

Cannon of Ethics Oct 29 1987 - Kelsey seeks the advice of outside counsel, Kuzak's former mentor Wendell Gleason, in resolving her ethical dilemma about Dr. Warren's guilt, but is none too appreciative when Gleason's terminal ...more

Hand Roll Express Jan 21 1988 - McKenzie gets Brackman's arrest for solicitation vacated when he's able to prove that his colleague really was ordering off the menu at a sushi bar, and not negotiating a tryst with an ...more

Fetus Completus Mar 03 1988 - Feelings run high among the attorneys at the firm when Kelsey represents a doctor petitioning the court to allow him to deliver an endangered eight month old fetus by Caesarean section against ...more

Open Heart Perjury Apr 21 1988 - Rollins goes after a businessman who bilked a widow out of her life's savings; Becker capitalizes on the pending divorce of a judge who's presiding over his case; Roxanne is bored by a traveling ...more

Leapin' Lizards! Apr 28 1988 - A TV superhero fights to remain in the role of the Salamander; Becker celebrates his birthday with the new woman in his life; and Roxanne discovers she has a big tax problem.

Rohner vs. Gradinger Dec 03 1987 - Rollins does an end run around Markowitz and McKenzie to retain a client, much to their displeasure; Sifuentes meets an attractive divorcee; Kelsey's misgivings about her mother's visit prove ...more

I'm in the Nude for Love Jan 12 1989 - Kuzak returns from his suspension to defend the owner of a nudist colony being sued for creating a public nuisance, and manages to turn the damaging testimony of a witness intent on defrauding ...more

The Accidental Jurist Feb 23 1989 - Kuzak decides that a private trial with a closeted judge is the best way to win to retain his gay client's multi-million dollar endorsement contract with a cereal manufacturer, but when the ...more

The Son Also Rises Nov 10 1988 - Perkins decides to strike out on her own as a solo practitioner; Becker loses a car but gains a new friend when he agrees to represent Meyer's sister in her divorce action; McKenzie decides to ...more

The Unbearable Lightness of Boring Apr 06 1989 - Kelsey and Markowitz are devastated when Harris changes her mind about the adoption; Melman decides to file for divorce; Rollins hires an attractive new summer intern; the lure of a potential ...more

Hey, Lick Me Over Nov 03 1988 - Sifuentes represents a couple suing their security company for neglecting to take action when they were assaulted during a home invasion robbery; Van Owen prosecutes a man for unlawful touching ...more