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Below is a complete Laredo episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Laredo episodes are listed along with the Laredo episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Laredo episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “One Too Many Voices” and “The Seventh Day.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Laredo episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

That's Noway, Thataway Jan 20 1966 - Two actors, Dudley and Newton, are being threatened with jail in Three Forks for their outstanding bills as their manager ran off with their receipts. Chad and Joe walk in and Chad rescues his ...more

The Calico Kid Jan 06 1966 - Chad and Joe are sent to Guarded Wells to dispose of the Ramirez Gang. They do and a grateful town rewards them with food, drink and hotel rooms for free. Chad devises a way he and Joe can take ...more

A Very Small Assignment Mar 17 1966 - Reese has a toothache and is sent to retrieve the overdue school teacher from the train station at Gutter's Gulch. While there Reese brags that he is there to pick up the most important man ever ...more

The Deadliest Kid in the West Mar 31 1966 - Lance Mabry joined a gang of war buddies for a train robbery and is now on the run with the money. He hides out at his farm and learns his young daughter Missy is there, having run away from ...more

A Taste of Money Apr 28 1966 - Reese's inventor friend Major John Cane is called upon to open a locked bank vault. Outlaw Ezekiel Fry sees him do it and tricks him into helping his gang rob the Porfirio Bank. Reese, Chad and ...more

Sound of Terror Apr 07 1966 - Murders begin occurring the day Shamus McCloud arrives in town. At first the murder of Doctor Ingram's dog seems to be possible revenge by Shamus McCloud for the death of his brother at the ...more

Above the Law Jan 13 1966 - Hired gun Jab Harlan orchestrates an escape for outlaw Brad Scanlon so he can trail him and clear an innocent man of Scanlon's crime. In the process he tangles with Reese, foiling a capture ...more

Meanwhile, Back at the Reservation Feb 10 1966 - When Reese, Chad and Joe capture the Morgan gang it includes 14-year-old Grey Smoke. Joe helps him out and gets him hired as a runner for the Rangers. Reese is assigned to trackdown cattle ...more

Quarter Past Eleven Mar 24 1966 - Reese decides to throw a party for Captain Parmalee's fourth anniversary with Company B. Chad and Joe are sent after robbers to recover Press Wasco's money and to unofficially pick up whiskey ...more

Anybody Here Seen Billy? Oct 21 1965 - Chad sneaks into the barracks at night wearing only his underwear. Reese and Joe catch him and he explains he lost Billy Harker, the prisoner he was escorting. He gets a change of clothes, ...more

The Land Grabbers Dec 09 1965 - Parmalee has only 3 rangers, Reese, Chad and Joe to keep order at a land rush. He reminds them that any rangers found showing any favoritism will face prison. While patrolling the area Chad ...more

The Heroes of San Gill Dec 23 1965 - Chad and Joe are planning to spend the weekend at the festival in San Gill but Captain Parmalee is leaving down to make a speech and puts them in charge of the office. Reese returns from a ...more

The Treasure of San Diablo Feb 17 1966 - Reese and Cotton run off two outlaws intent on forcing the inhabitants of San Diablo to divulge where the fabled treasure is hidden. Dandy Davis is wanted and Cotton heads back to Laredo with ...more

Which Way Did They Go? Nov 18 1965 - Reese, Chad and Joe capture the Slaughter Gang and take them to the nearest jail in San Sabo. They take the stolen money to the bank and meet Miss Emma there, who is a cultural lecturer selling ...more

The Would-Be Gentleman of Laredo Apr 14 1966 - Reese ""saves"" three con artists from robbers and Don Miguel's ""dying"" wish is that Reese have 10% of his estate. It turns out the estate is the entire ...more

Rendezvous at Arillo Oct 07 1965 - Reese, Chad and Joe chase Durkee, a wanted man, into Captain Parmalee's office only to find out he is seeking amnesty in return for information about the Jamison Gang. The three of them are ...more

I See By Your Outfit Sep 23 1965 - Parmalee sends Reese, Chad and Joe to Porfirio to investigate Mexican bandits but find elderly Alvar de Aveles flying a Mexican flag over the jail on Alamo Day. Reese breaks into the jail, ...more

A Question of Discipline Oct 28 1965 - Reese, Chad and Joe get into a saloon fight defending the honor of the Rangers. Parmalee disciplines them by assigning them to escort Jerky Collins' wagon of smelly buffalo hides. Chad tries to ...more

Sep 30 1965 - A New Hampshire deputy constable named Clendon Macmillan comes to Laredo with 9 years of experience, intending to improve the quality of the average Ranger. He would like to apply his modern law ...more

A Medal for Reese Dec 30 1965 - Reese is tricked into volunteering for stable duty by Chad and Joe, who are then sent out to escort a payroll wagon. They are distracted from the wagon by a runaway team and the payroll wagon is ...more

It's the End of the Road, Stanley Mar 10 1966 - Reese pretends to be a cattle buyer at Martha Tuforth's way station where outlaws Jack Hanks, Paco and Crazy John Holden are awaiting the arrival of Benny Murphy, who has their money to travel ...more

Pride of the Rangers Dec 16 1965 - Chad and Joe set Ranger Jess Moran up for a 4th of July boxing match with Calvary champion Percy Flower, the bet being a month's pay. The Pryor Gang is in the territory and Captain Parmalee is ...more

Sep 16 1965 - Parmalee sends Reese, Chad and Joe undercover, disguised as prospectors, to find Lazyfoot and his gang. In Aggie's Saloon they meet Grubby Sully who says he needs partners to get to his goldmine ...more

No Bugles, One Drum Feb 24 1966 - Reese comes up with the perfect plan to catch Linda Littletrees, use Joe, who she is in love with, as bait. Parmalee says they might use the plan but then orders Reese, Chad and Joe to stay off ...more

Limit of the Law Larkin Jan 27 1966 - New ranger Cotton Buckmeister is assigned by Judge Larkin to return a strongbox of official documents to Uvalde. Chad and Joe are to accompany him. Judge Ike Macallum ruthlessly rules Uvalde and ...more

Three's Company Oct 14 1965 - Emily, an old girlfriend of Chad's, appears in Laredo with her father, a railroad tycoon. He offers Chad a $400 a month job, whether the romance between he and Emily works out or not. Reese and ...more

The Golden Trail Nov 04 1965 - Captain Parmalee sends Reese on a mission to pickup a special shipment and bring it back to Laredo. Reese brags about the mission before he leaves leading several people to believe it's the ...more

Miracle at Massacre Mission Mar 03 1966 - Reese is sent out to escort the Bordeaux sisters and gets his face slapped before finding out the sisters he's looking for are nuns. He escorts them to a settlement and makes them promise not to ...more

Jinx Dec 02 1965 - Reese's friend Cletus Grogan comes to town and Reese gets him to join the Rangers to convince him he isn't a jinx. Cletus is sent along with Reese, Chad and Joe to track down Linda Little Trees ...more

A Matter of Policy Nov 11 1965 - The stage carrying State Senator Sparks and Captain Parmalee is held up by the Davis Gang, who takes the stagecoach horses forcing the Senator and Parmalee to walk to Laredo. Meanwhile, the ...more

We've Lost A Train [An Episode Of The Virginian]

The Legend of Midas Mantee Sep 16 1966 - Midas Mantee is out of prison and back into his old career: stealing gold from banks. Reese unwittingly foils Erik Hunter's plan to go undercover and join Mantee's gang. So Erik stages a ...more

A Question of Guilt Mar 10 1967 - Joe's old friend John Bright Star is accused of killing Clara McDermott, a woman who had befriended him. Joe and Cotton are picked for jury duty and Judge Lamprey is presiding, his family was ...more

Dance of the Laughing Death Sep 23 1966 - Chief Tohpay, whose land has been stolen by the white man, is on the warpath. With modern military training provided by former army specialist John Garth they have taken a fort and captured ...more

Any Way the Wind Blows Oct 28 1966 - The rangers are investigating a series of bank robberies. They discover the robbers come in through the ceiling. Erik suspects a circus and joins it as a magician, romancing the lovely lady ...more

Coup de Grace Oct 07 1966 - Pro-Juarez rebel Juan Morales is taken from Ranger protection by the LeBec gang across the border to a French prison to await execution as an enemy of Emperor Maxmillian. The four rangers are ...more

The Bitter Yen of General Ti Feb 03 1967 - Joe saves Jem Sing from a traitor of General Ti who has stolen her and Ti's opium. Jem Sing tells Joe, ""Sterling One, you save Jem Sing's life, now life is yours forever."" ...more

Hey Diddle Diddle Feb 24 1967 - Joe, Erik and Cotton Buckmeister meet printer Lemuel Beamish, who asks to travel with them the next day. Unknown to the rangers Beamish has three men following him. Beamish's cinch breaks and ...more

Walk Softly Mar 31 1967 - Chad, Joe and Cotton Buckmeister are offered a $50 bonus to transport a bottle of Nitro Glycerin and the Professor who invented it to an army fort. A quick-change artist keeps trying to steal ...more

Leave It to Dixie Dec 30 1966 - Parmalee sends Chad and Joe after the Sam Dixie Gang, who Erik has been trailing for two weeks. Meanwhile, Reese is assigned to catch the thieves who stole merchandise from Morgan's Store. He ...more

Like One of the Family Mar 24 1967 - Captain Parmalee assigns Reese is to protect the rightful owner of the Willingham Ranch, which means evicting the Willinghams to make way for the railroad. The Willinghams are an eccentric but ...more

Oh Careless Love Dec 23 1966 - Chief Kicking Bear and his tribe do not want wagon trains camping in their valley and threaten to attack the one camped there now. Captain Parmalee, Reese, Chad and Joe arrive to help. After a ...more

Enemies and Brothers Feb 17 1967 - Laredo's new lady doctor is Captain Parmalee's sister-in-law, widow of his brother Frank who died in the Civil War. Reese, Chad, Joe and Erik are sent after outlaw Bart Cutler. They soon learn ...more

Split the Difference Apr 07 1967 - Captain Parmalee receives an invitation to the reading of Jake Ringo's will, a man he arrested who has been hanged. Parmalee will be the only law officer amongst a who's who of criminals that ...more

Last of the Caesars - Absolutely Dec 06 1966 - The four Rangers mission is to find out who has been raiding settlements, kidnapping skilled workers and killing the rest. Reese and Joe track the raiders for three days and are captured. Joe ...more

One Too Many Voices Nov 18 1966 - Emerson Whitby III is a millionaire who travels to Laredo to participate in a marathon poker game with other millionaires including the beautiful Sabrina Lane. The Rangers stop an attempt to ...more

The Sweet Gang Nov 04 1966 - Reese and Erik attempt to deliver a mine payroll but are ambushed by the Sweet Gang, a hillbilly gang lead by Ma Sweet, and have to retreat. Parmalee, Chad and Joe ride to join them, meanwhile ...more

Finnegan Oct 21 1966 - Sean Finnegan is intent on starting organized crime in Texas. He recruits name outlaws wanted outside of Texas and teaches them methods and techniques in various rackets. A stage robbery planned ...more

The Small Chance Ghost Mar 03 1967 - Reese is caught in a downpour and heads to Small Chance for cover. He finds a nearly deserted town that seems susceptible to earthquakes and murder that the three remaining inhabitants, Kay ...more

The Other Cheek Feb 10 1967 - Grover's Bend storekeeper Mr. Tinker telegraphs Parmalee that cattleman Ed Garmes is bullying a sheep raising religious group called the Peaceables, who refuse to defend themselves because of ...more