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Below is a complete Last of the Summer Wine episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Last of the Summer Wine episodes are listed along with the Last of the Summer Wine episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Last of the Summer Wine episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “The Secret Birthday Of Norman Clegg” to “Tarzan Of The Towpath.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Last of the Summer Wine episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Of Funerals and Fish (pilot) Jan 04 1973 - Norman Clegg visits his late wife's grave on the anniversary of her death, then he reunites with his friends Compo Simmonite and Cyril Blamire and the trio wonders through town talking about, ...more

Last Post And Pigeon Jan 02 2000 - Compo is selected to travel to France with a group of local WWII veterans, only to have the offer withdrawn when the organisers realize how scruffy he looks. The local ladies take pity on him ...more

The Phantom Number 14 Bus Jun 20 1999 - Compo, Clegg and Truly meet a man who wants to solve the mystery of the phantom number 14 bus, meanwhile Smiler has to deliver some furniture to the notorious Cooper Street. Pearl makes Howard ...more

Beware The Vanilla Slice Jun 06 1999 - Compo tries to resurrect the ancient art of Thumpy Dub.Auntie Wainwright sells Truly a broken lawn mower.Marina buys two vanilla slices from Ivy in the cafe, who is the other one for?..Glenda is ...more

Howard Throws A Wobbler Jun 13 1999 - Howard is suspicious when Pearl suddenly starts looking glamorous and very happy, he is so concerned he sends Compo to meet Marina to tell her he can't make it for their rendezvous and then ...more

Ironing Day Jun 27 1999 - Clegg tackles his ironing and ends up ironing for Howard too after he falls into a river. Smiler gets tiddly on two very small glasses of Auntie Wainwrights home made wine and Barry takes up dog ...more

May 11 1997 - When Pearl's ""security"" at home becomes too much for Howard to handle and Pearl starts suspecting his furtive encounters with Marina, the trio tries to find a double for ...more

A Clean Sweep Apr 27 1997 - An unlucky chimney sweep is in town and Foggy finds him a good old fashioned chimney to sweep.

The Love-Mobile Apr 20 1997 - The trio comes across a mobile ""lonely hearts agency. this time it seem it's the owners of the agency who need a bit of marital advice. Smiler tries to get rid of a tandem Auntie ...more

Deviations With Davenport May 25 1997 - the trio gets lost in the woods with Mr Davenport, a man in serarch of wisdom

According To The Prophet Bickerdyke Jun 01 1997 - The trio comes across a con man, leftenant comander Willaghby, that persuades the trio to buy a treasure map. they buy the map, thinking they can be rich, finding Captain Clutterbuck's treasure. ...more

How To Create A Monster May 18 1997 - The trio tries to make Smiler become more agressive, so he can stand up to Auntie Wainright, but they end up getting a little more than they asked for

The Mysterious C. W. Northrop May 04 1997 - Ivy's getting some love letters from a mysterious man that calls himself C. W Northrop. the trio wants to know who this person really is, and end up having a little surprise

Lipstick And Other Problems Apr 02 2000 - Truly tries to fix Clegg's Vacum Cleaner. Compo and Howard get into a fight with a big man. Barry gets in trouble, because he's ""caught"" by Marina, as she kisses him, and ...more

Elegy For Fallen Wellies Apr 23 2000 - After seeing Nora Batty dressed in a ""sexy"" outfit, Compo's heart doesn't live up to the excitement. He dies a happy man! His friends show him their respects, and 200 pairs ...more

Under The Rug Apr 09 2000 - Howard has a wig delivered to Clegg's, but when Pearl is suspicious Clegg has to not only pretend ownership of it, but be seen wearing it, much to Truly's amusement. Howard is only persuaded to ...more

Surprise At Throstlenest Apr 30 2000 - Clegg, Truly and Barry spend the day trying to find someone to take care of Compo's ferrets. they end up finding the ideal person for the task, encovering also a secret that Compo kept for quite ...more

Magic And The Morris Minor Apr 16 2000 - Our trio helps a middle-aged couple get their old car out of a field, but the wife insists she's recieving ancient telepathic messages through its hubcap. Or is she making it up as an excuse to ...more

The Only Diesel Saxophone In Captivity Feb 08 1998 - Barry buys a new saxophone from auntie Wainright. Glenda doesn't let him play indoors, so he has to find a spot outside to practice. the problem starts when Barry discovers in what type of case ...more

Nowhere Particular Feb 22 1998 - Howard buys a new van, as part of his new scheme to be left in peace with Marina. he even buys some furniture to put on the back of the van, to make it ""a little more ...more

Support Your Local Skydiver Mar 08 1998 - Nora Batty gets a postcard from a Gladwin in Cannary Islands. Compo's jealous, and tries to find something to win her heart back. first he tries to sing, but recieves a ""wet ...more

The Mother of All Mistakes - Or Is It? Apr 26 2009 - Hobbo is still having trouble getting Nelly to admit that she is his natural birth mother. To get the proof he needs, he fits Howard up with an eavesdropping wire to pick up Nelly talking to

Will Howard Cross the Atlantic Single-Handed? May 03 2009 - Hobbo is still having trouble getting Nelly to admit that she is his natural birth mother. To get the proof he needs, he fits Howard up with an eavesdropping wire to pick up Nelly talking to

Goodnight Sweet Ferret Jun 21 2009 - When word goes around town that Old Heptonstall is looking for volunteers, Hobbo and his army of volunteers, namely Alvin and Entwistle, go and visit him without a second thought.

Beware The Oglethorpe Jan 04 1998 - Clegg, Compo and Truly bump into an old school mate, who now has a miserable and peacful life. Compo's affraid to become like him, so he tries to think of ways to improve the trio's daily ...more

Who's Thrown Her Tom Cruise Photos Away? May 02 1999 - Howard's having some trouble regarding his love life with MArina. And this time is serious, she's thrown away her Tom Cruise photos. it's up to the trio to find a way to get the pair back ...more

What's Happened To Barry's Nose? May 16 1999 - Truly tries to help Barry become more confident, but things turn nasty leading to some damage to Barry's nose.

Destiny And Six Bananas Jun 15 1997 - When a primate is said to be loose in the local woods Foggy organises a search party, accompained of course with the right uniform and military discipline

A Sidecar Named Desire Jun 22 1997 - Remembering Nora used to enjoy a ride on a motorbike and sidecar when her husband was alive, Compo hires a motorbike from Auntie Wainright, and envites Nora for a ride. Wesley tries to fix ...more

Truly And The Hole Truth Jan 18 1998 - Compo wants to buy a present for Nora but has no money. Auntie Wainright search Compo's house for something of value to swap for the gift. Truly misses his life as a police officer, and regrets ...more

Just A Small Funeral May 07 2000 - It's Compo's funeral day, and all his friends come to pay their last respects to the ""little scuffy one"". even Auntie Wainright closes the shop to attend his funeral... one ...more

I was a hitman for Primrose Dairies Dec 31 2008 - Luther 'Hobbo' Hobdyke, a retired milkman with strong links to MI5, arrives in the village. Very soon, calling upon his experiences on numerous dangerous missions overseas as a master spy, he ...more

In Which Romance Springs a Leak Jun 07 2009 - Toby is beginning to realise that the benefits of going back to his ex-wife far outweigh the advantages of living alone in a sparsely furnished house with no-one to cook or clean for him.

There Goes The Groom Dec 29 1997 - Compo and Clegg are getting ready to attend the stag night of Edie Pegden's Niece's husband to be, but when Compo's ferret, Stella, gets lose, they need to turn their attentions to making sure ...more

Some Vans Can Make You Deaf May 21 2000 - Clegg, Truly and Wesley help Tom find a new exaust for his van. Howard discovers the simple pleasures, by having breakfast on the terrace. The ladies meet an adition to their tea party.

Waggoner's Roll May 28 2000 - Tom and Barry attempt to turn a reluctant Babs into a showbiz star.

Who's That Looking Sideways at Nelly? May 10 2009 - Hobbo is ready for any dangerous situation - and going round telling everyone that Nelly is his mother is one. Another danger arises when he demonstrates his gift of diguise, and finds himself ...more

The Rights of Man (Except For Howard) Aug 08 2010 - Howard is missing home, and Hobbo concocts various schemes to have Pearl take Howard back. Meanwhile, Barry is missing his hearty meals and Toby and Morton lament being divorced.

The Suit That Attracts Blondes Feb 01 1998 - Glenda gives one of Barry's old suits to the jumble sale, because she thinks it attracts blondes. Compo ends up buying the suit, with money from Truly and Clegg, and he DOES end up being chased ...more

Some Adventures of The Inventor of The Mother Stitch Apr 19 2009 - Hobbo tries to find a friend for Morton and Barry is depressed when Toby moves next door.

Next Kiss Please Jun 08 1997 - Compo bets Foggy he can get Nora batty to kiss him before sun set. will he manage to win the bet?

Tarzan Of The Towpath Jan 11 1998 - the trio ends up rolling down a hill, instead of walking down it, as they did when they were children, but their age proves to speak louder than their will for adventure. Barry's is asked by ...more

Oh Howard, We Should Get One Of Those Jan 25 1998 - Wesley's new creation, a bed on wheels, causes great success. particularly with Compo, who wants to be the first one to try it, providing he can find the right partner. this time he DOES end up ...more

Perfection - Thy Name Is Ridley Feb 15 1998 - When the local ladies start to gain some interest for a man named Walter Ridley, it's up for the trio to try and find out why he's so highly regarded by all the local women

From Audrey Nash To The Widow Dilhooley Mar 01 1998 - An old sweetheart of Truly is back in town, after many years living abroad. he spends the day preparing for their reunion, but he certainly takes more than he expected when he sees former Audrey ...more

The Pony Set Apr 18 1999 - When Compo decides to take up horseriding lessons to impress Nora Batty, It's up to Clegg and Truly to help him. for that they buy Auntie Wainright's wooden horse. the problems start when it's ...more

How Errol Flynn Discovered The Secret Scar Of Nora Batty Apr 25 1999 - The trio comes across a man dressed as Robin Hood Compo knows that Nora has a birth mark on one of her knees, but can't remember on which one, so he thinks of a way discover it

Optimism In The Housing Market May 23 1999 - Smiler injures his foot while selling door to door for Auntie Wainwright. The trio tries to assist him in recovering from his injury, with disastrous results.

Will Barry Go Septic Despite Listening To Classical Music? May 30 1999 - Compo, Clegg, Truly and Wesley meet a man with an earthquake detector and Barry spends the episode with his arm in a sling.

From Here To Paternity May 14 2000 - Compo recieves a personal letter after all these years. when Clegg and Truly open it they discover Compo's biggest secret: he has a son. the son, Tom, wrote to Compo, because after all the years ...more