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TV episodes Full List of Lie To Me Episodes

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Below is a complete Lie to Me episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Lie to Me episodes are listed along with the Lie to Me episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Lie to Me episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Fold Equity” and “Dirty Loyal.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Lie to Me episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Unchained Mar 04 2009 - Lightman and Torres team up to interrogate a notorious and imprisoned gang leader who claims to be rehabilitated. If the gang leader is freed on parole, he might help fight inner-city violence ...more

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Pilot Jan 21 2009 - Dr. Cal Lightman is the world's leading deception expert who studies facial expressions and involuntary body language to discover not only if someone is lying, but why. Lightman and his team of ...more





Love Always Feb 18 2009 - A controversial South Korean ambassador is presumed to be an assassination target at his son's state wedding. The Lightman team is sent to prevent the murder. Yet the son is shot instead and ...more

Moral Waiver Jan 28 2009 - When a female soldier accuses her platoon leader of sexual assault, Lightman is brought to Fort Meade to find out if there's any truth to the accusation. The woman is found to be covering for ...more

Better Half Apr 22 2009 - The Lightman Group is hired by Cal's ex-wife, Zoe Landau, to help with an arson case.

Do No Harm Mar 11 2009 - The parents of an abducted girl receive dozens of tips after offering a hefty reward for information. Cal and Gillian help them identify which tips are legitimate. Meanwhile, a publisher hires ...more

A Perfect Score Feb 04 2009 - Cal and Ria are brought in to interview a federal judge whose daughter was murdered. Meanwhile, NASA hires Gillian and Eli to interview a pilot they believe may have intentionally crashed a ...more

Undercover Apr 29 2009 - The group investigates a controversial case about a cop who shot a teenager and the threat of a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, the Lightman Group is supposedly "sued" relating to the ...more

Life Is Priceless Apr 08 2009 - Cal and Gillian assist FEMA in their investigation of a building collapse and uncover a massive cover-up. Meanwhile, a billionaire asks Ria and Eli to determine if his girlfriend loves him for ...more

Depraved Heart Apr 01 2009 - Lightman is obsessed with his investigation of two women (Naila Azad, Seema Lazar) who committed suicide - he is assisted by Torres; Foster and Loker try to recover millions of dollars for ...more

The Best Policy Mar 18 2009 - An old friend of Lightman asks him to look into a death caused by a new experimental drug. Foster and Loker help the U.S. government negotiate the release of two Americans about to be executed ...more

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Sacrifice May 13 2009 - Domestic terrorist bombings are occurring across the Washington, DC area sending everyone in a panic. FBI Agent Ben Reynolds calls on The Lightman Group to help identify those responsible and ...more

Blinded May 06 2009 - An FBI agent enlists the Lightman Group in the hunt for a serial rapist. Lightman is slightly disadvantaged by the skills of lying demonstrated by a former serial rapist whom the suspect is ...more

Episode 8 May 31 2011 - Yoon Joo heard from Sang Hee that Ki Joon collapsed and were in the hospital. Yoon Joo, Sang Hee and Ki Joon, all in the same room in the hospital, felt uncomfortable with one another. At the ...more

Episode 11 Jun 13 2011 - Ki Joon escorted Ah Jung on her business trip to the Jeju island. On the boat heading to Jeju, Ki Joon struggled with the sea sickness, and Ah Jung took care of him. When they arrived, a fancy ...more

Episode 4 May 17 2011 - Ah Jung comes out of the door and runs for the elevator. Sang Hee smiles while looking at her from the door. Meanwhile, Park Hoon calls Ki Joon and tells him that Ah Jung was with a man last ...more

Episode 9 Jun 06 2011 - Ki Joon got mad at the board members of World Hotel, yelling and throwing papers at the company's seniors, saying that since when the Golden Resort is their playing ground. After everyone left, ...more

Episode 16 Jun 28 2011 - So Ran is shocked to find out that Jae Bum has left her on the same day that she finds out that she is pregnant... Ah Jung and Ki Joon have a sweet but awkward reunion after being apart for more ...more

Episode 2 May 10 2011 - Park Hoon goes to meet Lawyer Jung Choi Go and sees him being intimidated by a wild middle aged woman. Meanwhile, Ki Joon starts to be aware of people's eyes. The employees get confused when Ki ...more

Episode 14 Jun 21 2011 - When Ki Joon arrived, news reporters waiting for him rushed in and started to ask questions about his fake marriage. While he managed to avoid all of the fuss and got in his car, Ah Jung was ...more

Episode 6 May 24 2011 - It's lunch time, but Ah Jung remained alone in the office, looking for perfect recipe for the housewarming party. It didn't seem that she was forced to do so. She looked quite excited doing it. ...more

Episode 15 Jun 27 2011 - After being fired from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ah Jung is heart broken and tries hard to get herself reinstated. Meanwhile, she gets help from her friends at the Ministry who send ...more

Episode 1 May 09 2011 - Ah Jung is a civil servant who lost her lover to her best friend. She accidentally gets entangled with Hyun Ki Joon, a young and handsome businessman. Out of her self-accusation, she tells her ...more

Episode 13 Jun 20 2011 - Ki Joon and Ah Jung were having good times, enjoying punching game. Then Ki Joon got a phone call. It was Yoon Ju. Since he was with Ah Jung now, Ki Joon ignore her call. In Ah Jung's workplace. ...more

Episode 10 Jun 07 2011 - Ki Joon walked out the restaurant without paying attention to Ah Jung, but his face took on a set expression. Next day, Ah Jung bumped into Manager Park in the lobby. Since Manager Park caught ...more

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Episode 12 Jun 14 2011 - While unpacking, Ah Jung found tiara in her bag. Since that reminded her of meeting Yoon Joo earlier, the tiara disturbed her. Then her phone rang; it was Ki Joon's good night message to her. ...more

Episode 7 May 30 2011 - Ah Jung and Ki Joon kissed at the housewarming! Even after that kiss, they couldn't take their eyes off of each other. Then the phone rang, which made Ah Jung and Ki Joon return to themselves, ...more

Episode 3 May 16 2011 - Ah Jung feels unpleasant by So Ran's impudent manner, so she calls Ki Joon, "Honey". Ki Joon gets stunned and Ah Jung runs away. Later, Ah Jung happens to come to the hotel for lunch ...more

Episode 5 May 23 2011 - After getting off of the swan boat, Ah Jung said that there will be no occasion for them to meet again and walked away. Ki Joon, hesitated for a while, gave in and called Ah Jung's name. She ...more

Grievous Bodily Harm Oct 26 2009 - When Cal's old pal, Terry Marsh, comes to town, he brings plenty of trouble with him. Meanwhile, the rest of the team meets with some students from a prep school to determine if any of them are ...more

Honey Oct 19 2009 - Eric Matheson (Garret Dillahunt) is determined to prove that he didn't murder his wife. Torres is assigned to investigate the murder, and goes to the house of the victim's sister. Matheson finds ...more

Teacher and Pupils Jul 12 2010 - After a grisly shooting in a federal housing project, Lightman is hired to read the face of the paralyzed victim.

Lack of Candor Nov 09 2009 - After a federal witness is killed, the US attorney arrives at the Lightman Group to take the next witness in line, Reynolds, into protected custody. Cal feels that the US Marshals Service cannot ...more

React to Contact Jun 28 2010 - Lightman is confronted with unsettling truths about his past while trying to save an Iraq war veteran.

Darkness and Light Aug 30 2010 - A missing woman leads the Lightman group to discover criminal activity in the adult film industry.

Bullet Bump Jul 26 2010 - The Lightman Group investigates when a young woman is killed at a political rally in Virginia.

Delinquent Jul 19 2010 - When a pregnant girl is found murdered, Cal and the LMG team help Torres try to clear her juvenile-delinquent sister of charges, and protect her from the real killer.

Black and White Sep 13 2010 - The Lightman Group investigates the murder of a journalist and friend of Lightman’s who was killed while exposing a corrupt politician

The Core of It Sep 28 2009 - A young woman approaches Lightman at his book signing, believing she has seen a murder. Lightman finds that the woman has multiple personalities, and he believes that one of her personalities ...more

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Black Friday Nov 16 2009 - The Lightman Group helps a teenager who believes he was abducted as a baby, while Loker and Torres try to figure out what caused a deadly stampede at an electronics store.

Secret Santa Nov 23 2009 - Cal spends the holidays in Afghanistan, where he relies solely on an American expatriate to help a mission to find a pair of missing Marines.

Exposed Aug 23 2010 - After Foster's boyfriend, Dave Burns (guest star Martini), gets abducted Lightman tries to track him down with the help of Burns' mysterious ex partner.

The Whole Truth Jun 21 2010 - Lightman is an expert witness at the trial of a woman charged with murdering her high-powered, and much older, husband.

Headlock Aug 02 2010 - A fighter in an underground club is found dead; Foster discovers a troubling secret.

Control Factor Oct 12 2009 - While on vacation in Mexico with Emily, Lightman becomes involved in the case of a missing American woman, who is a single mother on vacation with her daughter. Upon investigation, Lightman ...more

Beat The Devil Jun 07 2010 - Lightman investigates one of his mentor's graduate students, whom he is convinced is a psychopath, while Loker and Torres look into a UFO sighting.