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Below is a complete Life Goes On episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Life Goes On episodes are listed along with the Life Goes On episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Life Goes On episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Corky and the Dolphins” to “Break a Leg, Mom” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Life Goes On episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Thacher and Henderson Jan 21 1990 - At the high school football reunion, Drew finally makes peace with his best friend after a falling out over a business deal that caused Drew to lose $10,000 after 10 years. Becca watches Paige ...more

Becca's First Love Oct 15 1989 - Becca falls for the lead singer (Gabe) in a neighborhood band. She stays out with Maxine to listen to the band past curfew. Gabe encourages her to stay late and she gets in trouble with her

The Return of Uncle Richard Feb 04 1990 - Drew's younger brother Richard, a lovable family black sheep, breezes in at a time when Corky is beginning to wonder who'll look after him when his parents die. Drew and Richard don't get along, ...more

Ordinary Heroes Dec 03 1989 - A frustrated Drew decides to quit his construction job and go into the restaurant business; and he joins Libby in counseling a couple whose newborn daughter has Down's Syndrome. As it turns out ...more

Pilot Sep 12 1989 - Corky tries to mainstream into the 9th grade, the same grade as Becca. Becca worries that Corky may stop her from getting to the boy she really wants, Tyler Benchfield, a star on the football ...more

Break a Leg, Mom Oct 08 1989 - An episode showcasing the singing talents of Patti LuPone. A Tony winner for the musical ""Evita"", actually centers around Corky, for whom nothing seems to be going right. ...more

It Ain't All It's Cracked up to Be Mar 04 1990 - Becca enters a Miss Teen contest and finds out that she is sharing a room with none other than Rona Lieberman. Scholarship money is at stake in this pageant. Becca gets know Rona a little better ...more

Corky Rebels Feb 18 1990 - At 18, Corky wants out from under his parents' wings-- even if it just means taking the bus to school. Unfortunately, he ends up with the bad crowd. The height of this episode comes when ...more

Save the Last Dance for Me Apr 15 1990 - Becca's aged dance teacher (Viveca Lindfors) must enter a nursing home.

Pets, Guys and Videotape Dec 10 1989 - Paige goes to work for a veteranarian who is very kind with suffering animals but kind of insufferable with humans. The vet is divorced and has a child. Meanwhile, Becca videotapes a hectic day ...more

Paige's Date Oct 22 1989 - Drew sets up Paige with a charmer whose head is in the clouds; unfortunately his sense of responsibility seems to be mired in quicksand.

Corky for President Sep 24 1989 - Corky runs for freshman class president with the help of an unpopular, smart student,Lester Fishbein. He has a crush on Rona and really believes that Rona likes him as well. Rona encourages him ...more

Paige's Mom Nov 05 1989 - Paige's mom comes back. They have a great time, and make plans for a trip to New England. Paige's mom winds up living without Paige. A lot of flashbacks to when Paige's mom, an actress, ...more

The Spring Fling May 13 1990 - Becca finally gets asked to the dance by Tyler. Only had already accepted an invitation with someone else. She breaks it off with the first guy, but then feels guilty and dances with him or

Corky's Crush Jan 14 1990 - Becca and Corky (in the same class somehow) do a classroom exercise in which paired students must pretend to be married for a week to investigate issues of marriage and family life. Becca is ...more

Brothers Feb 11 1990 - The Special Olympics, a time for warmhearted competition and fun, also bring love to Corky and a challenge to Tyler, whose father won't permit Tyler's Down-syndrome brother to participate.

Corky Witnesses a Crime Nov 26 1989 - Corky tries out for the football team. The footbal coach hits a student, one of his former players, and all the team stands up for the coach except Corky who is compelled to tell the truth. The ...more

With a Mighty Heart Apr 29 1990 - Drew is sure that his father, who stops by on his way to join the Peace Corps in the Solomon Islands, isn't telling them the whole story.

Call of the Wild Nov 12 1989 - Drew works on a construction project at an Indian burial ground. A wolf who mysteriously gaurds the grounds saves Corky from Dobermans pursuing him in a nearby wooded area.

The Baby-Sitter Oct 01 1989 - Corky gets a babysitting job; his classmates barge in at the house where he is babysitting. The intrusive folks include Tyler, who regrets the whole thing, and ""Russo"", who ...more

Pig o' My Heart Mar 25 1990 - Drew finally gets a chance to own his own restaurant, but it's Corky who brings home the bacon: a huge runaway porker that hogs Corky's affections. Corkt adopted it to fill the void of Paige's ...more

Becca and the Underground Newspaper Apr 01 1990 - As a reporter for an underground newspaper, Becca zealously pens an expose of the school janitor's criminal past for the that's the truth- but not the whole truth. The janitor's name was ...more

Corky and the Dolphins Sep 23 1990 - While in Hawaii, Corky goes dolphin-riding and Becca falls for a surfer. (Part 2 of 2)

The Buddy Dec 09 1990 - A fun-loving old buddy brightens up Drew's life, but the man has a shady side. Meanwhile, Becca and Zoe squabble over room sharing.

The Visitor Sep 30 1990 - Libby discovers she's expecting again, and the family fears the consequences of a pregnancy at her age.

A Thacher Thanksgiving Nov 18 1990 - Corky pictures the family at the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving; Drew, opening the restaurant for the holiday, meets an old classmate who is homeless.

Corky's Travels Mar 10 1991 - Corky gets lost and wanders around the mean streets of Chicago. He meets a kindhearted, young hooker who gives him his first sexual experience-essentially a few long kisses. ( The episode is ...more

Lighter Than Air Apr 28 1991 - Libby cooks up a great ad for a line of diet frozen foods; Corky and Zoe paly Sherlock Holmes and snoop into Tyler's furtive behavior.

Chicken Pox Nov 04 1990 - Becca dreams about figure skating with a man. She wakes up with the chicken pox and has to stay home sick. Tyler comes to visit her several times to tell her about his problems with Rona. He and ...more

Halloween Oct 28 1990 - Halloween scares up a bad time for all: Libby and Drew at Jerry's big party, Corky at the school masquerade, and Becca who is home alone. The horror movies she's watching start to get to her. ...more

Last Stand in Glen Brook Feb 03 1991 - Becca organizes a '60s-style protest in support of a record store owner (Quincy Jones) arrested for selling allegedly obscene material. She begins having nightmares of ""Thought ...more

Libby's Sister Nov 25 1990 - Tension between Becca and Drew isn't helped by the arrival of Libby's sister Gina (Mary Page Keller) and neice Zoe ( Leigh Ann Orsi).

Thanks a Bunch, Dr. Lamaze Mar 17 1991 - Drew confronts his feelings about them having yet another child. He comes through in the end when another woman goes into labor early. Becca makes muck over athlete's unearned grades-only to ...more

Arthur Apr 07 1991 - Corky befriends an older man with Down Syndrome who leads a kind of life that Corky would like to lead.

Ghost of Grandpa Past Mar 31 1991 - Drew is having doubts about the restaurant and keeps having conversations with his Grandfather. I think in the end he decides on the new look for the restaurant.

The Banquet Room Renovation Oct 14 1990 - Drew decides to turn the back room of the restaurant into a banquet room in hopes of bringing in more money. He gets funding from Farmer Jack on the condition that Drew use his son (Teddy) as a ...more

The Bigger Picture Jan 13 1991 - Gina despairs when nothing she does is right in the eye of her mother, and Corky despairs when his special-ed substitute suddenly takes leave.

La Dolce Becca Nov 11 1990 - Becca gets a crush on a French student and Maxi with this French guy's friend. They have high hope of getting in with this ""mature"" crowd. She and Maxi go to a bar with ...more

Honeymoon from Hell Sep 16 1990 - The Thatchers win a problem-plagued church raffle trip to Hawaii.

Head over Heels Feb 10 1991 - Becca does a double flip over her gymnastics coach-as does Gina over a handyman (Michael St. Gerard) several years her junior.

The Bicycle Thief Dec 16 1990 - Corky resolves to enter a 50k bike race despite his father's objections, and makes friends with another biker who is epileptic. He bought a brand-spanking new bike from a guy in the bike store ...more

Proms and Prams May 05 1991 - Expectations run high as Becca awaits Tyler's invitation to the prom, and Libby expects her baby. Patti Lupone sings ""More Than You Know"".

Isn't It Romantic Jan 06 1991 - Cupid is shooting arrows at almost everyone. First Hans gets a crush on a lady that delivers newspapers whose husband just died. Kent, Paige's motorcycle man returns and aings ""Wild ...more

Becca and the Band Oct 07 1990 - Rona and Tyler break up because Rona lied to him and went to a frat party. Becca becomes manager of Tyler's band and sets up a gig for them at the opening of the new mall with the prerequisite ...more

The Smell of Fear Dec 15 1991 - Christmas brings anxieties to all, but most of all to Becca, who fears the worst when Jesse is hospitalized with pneumocystis pneumonia.

Life After Death Nov 03 1991 - Becca is devastated to learn that Jesse has tested HIV-positive, and during a scuffle between him and Tyler, she blurts out in front of everyone that he has AIDS.

Dueling Divas Nov 10 1991 - Libby's vivacious cousin Gaby ( also played by Patti Lupone) breezes in from Sicily like a whirlwind, touching everyone's lives-and turning Libby green with envy.

The Room Feb 09 1992 - Becca, Libby, and Paige have entered the ""man zone"". They tear down a wall in the Thatcher house to reveal another room, which is then redone (mainly by Paige) to be baby ...more

Hello, Goodbye Sep 29 1991 - The Thatcher's rise from the ashes of the restaurant: exchange student Becca prepares to take wings for Paris; Paige and Corky go hunting for jobs.

The Fairy Tale Mar 01 1992 - Libby writes a fairy tale about Corky, and Corky enters it in a contest. Libby then gets an offer to get it printed as a children's book, but in a rewritten form. Libby turns down the offer, ...more