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Below is a complete Lock-Up episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Lock-Up episodes are listed along with the Lock-Up episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Lock-Up episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Morality and the Shield” and “Sentenced to Die.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Lock-Up episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Trouble Cop Apr 16 1960 - A policeman is charged for the murder of a bookie. The ones who are the likely suspects have an airtight cover story. Maris takes the case to help the policeman.

The Drop Dec 26 1959 - A young couple is planning to elope but the plans come to a screeching halt when drugs are found in the car they rent. Maris comes in and investigates.

Presumption of Guilt Nov 07 1959 - In prison a gang leader is stabbed and killed. Ron Davis is charged with the murder and is sentenced for execution. After reviewing the case file Maris concludes that the wrong man was convicted ...more

Mind Over Murder May 21 1960 - A supervisor at a zoo is poisoned and the zoologist is charged with murder.

Last Chance May 14 1960 - The testimony of a witness has dire consequences for a man charged with murder. However, the victim's last words do not implicate the man charged with the crime. Maris investigates.

Music to Murder By Nov 28 1959 - An ex-convict who has become emotionally unstable kidnaps Maris and his assistant because he blames Maris for his conviction.

Shadow of a Giant Oct 31 1959 - An ex-convict and his son get implicated in a theft and get arrested. Maris believes in the two men and gets to work on finding the truth about what happened.

Stake Out Sep 26 1959 - A rehabilitated ex-convict is suspected of killing a policeman and is jailed. Maris comes to his defence.

Murder is a Gamble Mar 26 1960 - A husband is charged with the murder of his wife. Maris tries to discover what happened.

Dead Man's Shoes Feb 13 1960 - Fred Prescott, a news commentator, is murdered and Maris investigates.

Framed Ex-Con Dec 12 1959 - Frank is an ex-convict who is going straight and is now the son-in-law of a policeman. Two of Frank's old friends commit a robbery and Frank is jailed. Maris tries to help but a few surprises ...more

With Malice for One Dec 05 1959 - A shop worker is charged for the murder of the supervisor. The reason: the man is an immigrant and bigotry enters the judicial system. Maris is on hand to defend.

Change of Heart Oct 10 1959 - Tom Sheppard is sent to jail for the muder of his former girlfriend on the testimony of an elderly eyewitness. Tom's fiancée asks Maris for help on the case. Maris' investigation ...more

A Reputation Jan 09 1960 - The chief lawyer for the state anti-crime committee is killed and a former gambler is accused of the murder. Maris defends the gambler.

Never Bet the Odds Jan 30 1960 - A prizefighter bets against himself in an upcoming fight. Maris becomes suspicious of his actions.

The Manly Art of Murder Jan 02 1960 - Jimmy Stockton is a prizefighter who's wife promised to leave him if he lost in the ring again. When his wife is killed the police arrest him for murder. Maris is a reluctant defense attorney ...more

So Shall Ye Reap May 28 1960 - A teenager is charged with murder and Maris' secretary urges him to take the case.

Morality and the Shield Feb 06 1960 - A neighborhood gang steal the gun of former gang member and now Policeman Crothy and commit a crime and a murder. Crothy, the owner of the gun, is arrested for the killing. Both Lt. Weston and ...more

Writ of Terror Nov 21 1959 - In an attempt to find out more facts from a murder trial Maris uses psychiatry as a defence.

Death in the Streets Dec 19 1959 - A college student is unable to repay loan sharks and gives them the keys to his father's automobile. The loan sharks then hit someone on the highway then run. The father is implicated in the ...more

Society Matron May 07 1960 - Mr. Mitchel is charged for the murder of a young woman. His wife believes in her husband and hires Maris to defend him and investigate.

His Father's Footsteps Jan 16 1960 - A father suspects his teenage son is involved in a robbery and a shooting. The father then hires Maris to defend his son of possible charges.

The Blood Red Ruby Jun 18 1960 - A man is suspected of a jewelry heist and a killing and is arrested. The man is a former client of Maris' and he investigates.

Voice of Doom

Strange Summons Feb 20 1960 - A locksmith is charged with the murder of a jewelry store owner. Maris goes undercover to try to prove the locksmith innocent but runs afoul of the law.

The Angry Men Nov 14 1959 - A wealthy businessman, unhappy with a contract he's signed, tries to void the contract through devious and unscrupulous means. His actions place an innocent man in trouble with the law for ...more

Election Night Mar 05 1960 - A blackmailer is killed after warning a city official that he'll release scandalous information about his wife if he doesn't resign his position. The police arrest the city official for the ...more

The Harry Connors Story Oct 03 1959 - Harry Connors is a thug who confeses to killing the man who testified against him. Later he changes his story and his attorney quits the case. Maris comes to the rescue.

The Trigger Mar 19 1960 - A young controller of a firm commits suicide before the audit of the books. Was it a suicide? Maris is not so sure and investigates.

Poker Club Mar 12 1960 - A theatrical producer is robbed and killed. An elderly Shakespearean is arrested for the murder. Maris is there to help the aging actor.

The Frame Apr 30 1960 - Lt. Weston is charged for the murder of an ex-policeman while on vacation. Maris is sure that the murder was a frame-up and the culprit is a local gangster with a grudge.

Murder Plays it Cool Feb 27 1960 - A jazz musician is charged with murder. Maris uses a trumpet to clear the musician.

Price of Charity Jan 23 1960 - A soldier is accused of killing another soldier in a brawl over a woman. Maris is called in to help the accused soldier and clothes play an important role in the defence.

First Prize for Murder Apr 23 1960 - A foreigner is accused of murdering her fiancé's father. Maris is urged by a young copy boy pretenting to be a reporter to take the case and investigate.

Sentenced to Die Jun 04 1960 - A man is convicted of murdering his former employer. His wife, Betty Nelson, comes to Maris and pleads that he investigate the case and have it re-opened.

Death and Taxes Apr 02 1960 - A woman is found murdered after a night of partying with a rich oil man. The oil man is arrested for the killing. Maris investigated and finds a few surprises.

The Locket Apr 09 1960 - A millionaire playboy is murdered and a girl is charged with the murder and sentenced to the electric chair. Maris belives the girl is innocent and investigates.

The Failure Oct 17 1959 - Ed Reed's house burns down and a female friend is killed. Reed is accused of arson and murder and is jailed. Maris believes in Reed and investigates.

End of the World Oct 25 1959 - A femme fatale lies in her testimony. In the process her husband is jailed for a murder he did not commit and her murderous boyfriend goes free. Maris comes in to try correct the injustice.

Abandoned Mine Jan 28 1961 - A death of a prospector worries the owners of a mine and send Maris to protect their interests and investigate the crime.

Face of Innocence May 27 1961 - A murder and a robbery takes place. Maris finds an envelope full of money tied to the case. Maris investigates.

Diamond Dupe Nov 12 1960 - A union member is accused of selling stolen property. The union hires Maris to defend the man charged with the crime.

Photo Finish Jun 10 1961 - Nan Havens, traveling behind the iron curtian, is charged with espionage when microfilm carring government secrets is found in her automobile. Maris believes she is innocent and defends her.

Beau and Arrow Case Oct 22 1960 - A psychologist, Dr. Von Heisinger, is murdered. The weapon: an arrow. Maris investigates.

Hurricane May 06 1961 - After a murder trial where the defendant was found guilty, Maris get a telegram from an important witness in the case stating that the convicted man was not guilty. Maris investigates.

End of Titan Feb 11 1961 - Lloyd Randell is killed and Debby Arnold is charged with murder. Maris defends her but has to review an incredible amount of evidence in order to make a good case.

Mr. Sobel's Birthday Party Apr 08 1961 - A cake is poisoned at an office party and the payroll is heisted. A man takes the blame for the crime. Maris is hired by the man's wealthy uncle to clear him.

Seventh Hour Nov 05 1960 - Bill Donati, a laborer, is accused of killing a local racketeer named Al Curis. Maris defends Bill.

His Brother's Keeper Jan 07 1961 - Larry Wade is a policeman who decides to help out the victim of the crime instead of chasing the perpetrator. This places him in trouble with his superiors and is charged with dereliction of ...more

Design for Murder Feb 25 1961 - An assistant dress designer is charged with murdering his employer. Maris investigates and defends.