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Below is a complete London's Burning episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual London's Burning episodes are listed along with the London's Burning episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. London's Burning episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “TV Movie” and “Series 7 Episode 2.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the London's Burning episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Ding Dong Merrily (Christmas Special) Dec 25 1988 - Christmas turns to misery for most members of blue watch when Hallam is set on fire, Charisma discovers that Donna is selling danerous toys, George is arrested for pandering and josie and ...more

TV Movie Dec 07 1986 - The majority of Blue Watch react with territorial hostility when a female firefighter joins their ranks. She earns their respect however, but has little time to enjoy it before the team get ...more

Series 10 Episode 1 Apr 04 1993 - The series starts off with a brief recap of the road traffic accident that Blue Watch were in at the end of series 9. It is now 3 months since the accident and the Watch are coming to terms with ...more

Series 10 Episode 2 Apr 11 1993 - The episode starts off with a recap of train fire. While off duty Pearce sees Sandra Hallam out shopping and they discuss Recall's marriage split up. Carol confronts husband Martin over who was ...more

Series 10 Episode 3 Apr 18 1993 - It's the day of Billy's Nan's funeral and Billy is off on compassionate leave and Clingfilm is covering for him. Due to Nick being in Holland, Carol is in charge and Pearce is promoted to Sub ...more

Series 10 Episode 4 Apr 25 1993 - Nick leaves Holland and the Watch are called to a shout at a pub where a man has fallen down into the cellar door after being hit by a cyclist. Carol is visited by the Police, but does not let ...more

Series 10 Episode 5 May 02 1993 - The show starts off with Maggie and Sicknote practising for the talent night doing a splendid rendition of send in the Clowns (rather appropriate in a fire station). The Watch are then visited ...more

Series 10 Episode 6 May 09 1993 - Sicknote's new metal detector arrives and the Watch are called to a hydraulic platform that's stuck at the top of a warehouse. Once on the roof Carol gets a surprise as Clingfilm meets her in ...more

May 16 1993 - Marianne is having trouble living with Nick's in-laws and Marianne goes to the Station to meet Nick from work. Recall is having trouble with Clingfilm and his Tuba playing and while on the ...more

Series 10 Episode 8 May 23 1993 - The lads are still mocking Sicknote over the hand grenade incident and it's the day of the Health and Safety inspection for Blackwall. George continues to argue with Kelly and Nick starts to ...more

Series 10 Episode 9 May 30 1993 - The first shout is to an industrial estate where a man has got trapped in a chimney after trying to rescue a cat. Blue Watch are called out and the man and cat are both rescued. Off duty Jacks ...more

Series 10 Episode 10 Jun 06 1993 - The Watch is called to a shout where some scaffolding has fallen onto an electricity station and left one man hanging onto a ladder dangling over the electricity station. Nick heroically rescues ...more

Series 10 Episode 11 Jun 13 1993 - The first shout is for the Pump there's a strange smell coming from an old boarded up flat, sadly George and Pearce find a body that's been there for some time. ADO Davies arrives at the Station ...more

Series 10 Episode 12 Jun 20 1993 - The episode opens with Billy calling Recall informing him of his arrest, this gets Recall into trouble for being late and before Nick has a go at him he breaks the news to him. Meanwhile the ...more

Series 10 Episode 13 Jun 27 1993 - The Watch is called to a Bungee Jump that has gone wrong and has to go up and retrieve the man who has been left dangling due to the crane motor cutting out. Meanwhile Recall gets to know Nicki ...more

Series 10 Episode 14 Jul 04 1993 - The episode starts with the charges being dropped against Billy, but sadly Jo gets charged instead. Back at the Station both Sicknote and Pearce are still arguing over the centenary event and ...more

Series 10 Episode 15 Jul 11 1993 - George is missing married life and Nicki has moved in with Jack. Carol receives her letter telling her where she will be posted and this triggers off memories of an incident that occurred in the ...more

Series 10 Episode 16 Jul 18 1993 - While out on a hydrant inspection Kelly's mum appears and starts lecturing George on married life. Luckily Jack realizes what's going on and sounds the sirens, they all jump into the appliance ...more

Series 10 Episode 17 Jul 25 1993 - It's Friday 13th and the Pump goes on standby at Upton for the day, Carol's new station if the Merger goes through. The Pump leaves and the ladder are fitted with its new siren and Pearce ...more

Series 10 Episode 18 Aug 01 1993 - The first shout is to a ship where a protestor has climbed the mast in order to hang a protest banner and Sicknote is shocked when he realizes it's his protestor friends again. DO Chapman ...more

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