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Below is a complete M.I. High episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual M.I. High episodes are listed along with the M.I. High episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. M.I. High episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Mind Machine” and “The Sinister Prime Minister.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the M.I. High episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Sinister Prime Minister Jan 08 2007 - The young spies are called upon to investigate when they hear that the normally peace-loving Prime Minister is on the verge of declaring World War III. Going undercover, Daisy finds that the PM ...more

The Big Freeze Jan 08 2007 - The Grand Master, leader of the Secret Kriminal Underground League (S.K.U.L.) threatens to freeze the world unless everyone submits to his rule.

Eyes on the Stars Jan 15 2007 - When zombies start ransacking music stores, MI9 suspects that a boy band named Crush is responsible, so Daisy again goes undercover to investigate.

The Power Thief Jan 22 2007 - Everyone is in the dark as freak power outages sweep Britain.

Nerd Alert Jan 29 2007 - When a hacker called The Worm takes control of Britain's space defence system and leaves the country vulnerable to attack, Stewart must employ his computer skills to the max.

Super Blane Feb 05 2007 - When a teen working for the CIA joins the team, Blane's jealousy causes him to take a crazy risk.

Spy Animals Feb 12 2007 - A wannabe SKUL member, after overhearing an MI9 meeting, thinks that St. Hope's teachers are the agents and sends in bugged animals to spy on them. Okay, nothing much to worry about... until a ...more

Forever Young Feb 19 2007 -

Red Button Rampage Feb 26 2007 - When a teen scientist invents a method of disarming missiles that could make the army obsolete, he is kidnapped by a war-mongering general.

The Fugitive Mar 05 2007 - The teen spies defy their superiors to help an extraterrestrial fugitive.

It's A Kind Of Magic Jan 07 2008 -

You Can Call Me Al Jan 07 2008 - A bumbling inventor's Artificial Intelligence unit tries too hard to enforce the school rules.

Evil by Design Jan 14 2008 - When a fashion designer's green logo mysteriously begins appearing on kids' skin, Daisy and Rose go undercover to investigate the House of Ferrago as fashion models.

Fit Up Jan 21 2008 - Britain's young people are laid low by a strange sleeping sickness.

Face Off Jan 28 2008 - The team investigates when their schoolmate Lenny becomes the latest one arrested in a new wave of inexplicable crimes by previously honest kids.

Big Sister Feb 04 2008 - The high school spies become concerned when a Member of Parliament proposes sending misbehaving British children to a remote island.

The Cold War Feb 11 2008 - A new Cold War is in the making, but this time it's the Grandmaster's plan to give everyone the flu.

Feb 18 2008 - It's Daisy's worst nightmare when a plague of head lice hits the school, and turns the kids into master criminals.

The Others Feb 25 2008 - The high school spies are amazed to discover that they have competition -- there is another team of young people working for MI9.

The Big Bling Mar 03 2008 - The world's most famous diamonds are being stolen, and the team suspects the captain of the all-England football team.

Spy Plane Mar 10 2008 - A new invisible spy plane is stolen by a mysterious unknown pilot.

Green Finger Mar 17 2008 - Plants rise up and attack anti-green targets, so Blane goes into action.

Asteroid Attack Mar 24 2008 - The government is powerless to stop an asteroid that is hurtling through space toward the Earth. Looks like it's up to our heroes from MI-9 to save the world.

Doppelgangers Feb 08 2010 -

Art Attacks Jan 05 2009 - A different boss, Frank London, takes over the helm of the MI-9 team. At first, Rose is mistrustful of the two new spies, Oscar Cole and Carrie Stewart. The new team's first case is the defacing ...more

The Mole Jan 12 2009 - A mysterious thief is tunneling into banks all over England. How can the spies figure out where he will strike next, when the prime suspect is in an MI-9 prison?

Agent X Jan 19 2009 - When Oscar's identity as a spy is revealed on the Internet, Rose and Carrie suspect that he is hiding something. But it may not matter, as the Grand Master has sent the infamous Agent X after

Mind Machine Jan 26 2009 - When students at St. Hope's start turning into Japanese fighting fish, the team suspect that someone is remotely using a mind transfer machine invented by Dr. Wallis, whom they happen to be

Family Tree Mar 02 2009 -

Vote Skul Jan 10 2011 -

Ghosts Jan 17 2011 -

The Lost Hero Mar 21 2011 -

Total Eclipse Jan 24 2011 -

The B Team Jan 10 2011 -

The Wasp Feb 21 2011 -

Bully Elliot Feb 28 2011 -

Tim Brown's SKUL Days Mar 07 2011 -

The First to Crack Mar 14 2011 -

Day of The Jacket Mar 21 2011 -

The Gran Master Jan 31 2011 -

The Patient Feb 07 2011 -

The Crystal of St. Helena Feb 14 2011 -

It's a Kind of Magic Jan 07 2008 - At an award ceremony for M.I. 9, the world's greatest illusionist makes the President of the United States disappear - permanently.

Dark Star Feb 02 2009 - An old enemy of Frank's breaks out of jail and with his gang comes to steal Frank's invention, the Dark Star, a device capable of instantly bringing total darkness to a large area.

Think Tank Feb 23 2009 - Rose has been selected for the National Academy of Brilliance! This is an opportunity like no other and naturally she's devastated. It means she has to leave MI High for good! Frank issues Oscar ...more

Operation Flopsy Mar 23 2009 - The spies put Flopsy up for ransom in exchange for Oscar's Mum. Surely, the Grand Master won't be able to resist and Oscar will finally be reunited with his mum?

Family Trees Mar 02 2009 - Katrina Houseman has arrived at MI High. She has been working on a top secret project: N80, a real life Neanderthal! She needs the spies' help. N80 has been broken out of his cage. Katrina ...more

Moontaker Mar 30 2009 - A SKUL space probe has landed on the moon. MI9 suspects SKUL are using it to spy on the world. The spies must find out exactly what SKUL are up to and put a stop to it. Oscar goes to talk to ...more

The Visit Mar 16 2009 - Carrie is set her most difficult mission yet. She has to exploit her friendship with fellow gymnast Lena Larsson to find out about the cruel regime in Boldovia. Lena is from Boldovia and is ...more

Fit To Wurst Feb 09 2009 - The children at St.Hopes are getting fatter and fatter. They are adicted to Wursts. the team must stop the addiction and find out who is behind it all. Jed Black from M.I.9 exercies the kids so ...more