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Below is a complete MacGyver episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual MacGyver episodes are listed along with the MacGyver episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. MacGyver episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Pilot” to “Harry's Will” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the MacGyver episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Trail to Doomsday Nov 24 1994 - In England, MacGyver investigates the mystery of his friend's murder and discovers a secret nuclear weapons facility in the process.

MasterCard Commercial

Lost Treasure of Atlantis May 14 1994 - Lost Treasure of Atlantis is a 1994 TV film directed by Michael Vejar.

MacGyver and the New Citan

To Be a Man Mar 05 1986 - In Afghanistan, wounded and hunted by the Soviets, MacGyver is given refuge by an Afghan woman and her son. But they are themselves at the mercy of an Afghan thug, who will kill MacGyver if he ...more

The Enemy Within Feb 12 1986 - After a daring escape from East Germany where he gets rescued, and in the process saves a fellow operative with a quick mechanical fix, MacGyver thinks that he deserves some peaceful vacation ...more

Hellfire Nov 27 1985 - During a trip to visit some friends, an accident starts a fire in an oil well owned by MacGyver's friends. MacGyver and his buddy then go to fetch dynamite in an abandonned mine at great peril ...more

Last Stand Nov 17 1985 - When MacGyver is on his way to a vacation, he takes the wrong way and ends up at a small airstrip where everybody seems to be behaving strangely. Too late, he discovers that the airstrip has ...more

Trumbo's World Nov 10 1985 - Opening Gambit: In the Pyrenees Mountains, MacGyver rescues a prisoner, then makes a daring escape with her by raft. Main Episode: MacGyver comes along on a expedition to Brazil with his friend, ...more

Thief of Budapest Oct 13 1985 - MacGyver travels to Budapest to meet with a Russian double agent who is in possession of a watch containing information about other Russian spies. However, before MacGyver can take the watch, ...more

Deathlock Jan 22 1986 - Opening Gambit: Posing as a corpse, MacGyver escapes Berlin by coffin-turned-jet-ski. Main Episode: MacGyver is trapped in a mansion with Pete, a code expert, and a government agent who may or ...more

The Assassin May 07 1986 - Posing as a watchmaker who manufactures bomb timers, MacGyver manages to catch a master killer—Piedra—before he attempts an assassination on a high-profile target. However, Piedra isn't about to ...more

The Golden Triangle Oct 06 1985 - Opening Gambit: MacGyver uses a magnet to retrieve stolen documents, escapes a car about to be flattened, and then traps the thieves in midair. Main Episode: When MacGyver tries to retrieve a ...more

Slow Death Apr 02 1986 - At the beginning of the episode, MacGyver literally has to jump onto a moving train that he missed earlier to return top-secret files and documents to the U.S. Government. Soon after, a local ...more

A Prisoner of Conscience Apr 30 1986 - Pete Thornton investigates the supposed death of an old friend, a prominent Russian dissident, and finds he must get his friend's daughter Maria out of the country before the secret police ...more

Dec 22 1985 - Opening Gambit: MacGyver rescues a lady general at a beach house, then nabs her kidnappers using common kitchen equipment. Main Episode: After blowing away a nuclear facility under the control ...more

Every Time She Smiles Feb 19 1986 - MacGyver is on his way out of Bulgaria with a secret microfilm, when he meets Penny Parker, a beautiful, talkative American, who is on the run from her lover, a man named Stephan Frolov. She ...more

The Escape Apr 16 1986 - When a mother superior at a religious mission in North Africa asks MacGyver to help a young woman with something, he is glad to help. However, when he finds out the young woman wants him to ...more

The Heist Nov 03 1985 - When $60 million worth of stolen diamonds destined for a relief charity end up in the hands of casino owner Jack Catlin, MacGyver must head to the Virgin Islands to try and get them back. With ...more

Nightmares Jan 15 1986 - When MacGyver comes home with some important documents, he's drugged by enemy agents and told that he will die in six hours if he doesn't retrieve the documents for them. But MacGyver, using an ...more

Countdown Feb 05 1986 - A mysterious person, who calls himself "Viking", has just bombed a cruise ship. He demands six million dollars or another bomb will go off within hours. So MacGyver, with an old friend ...more

Ugly Duckling Mar 12 1986 - A 15-year-old genius accidentally hacks into a defective missile guidance system and attracts the attention of both the FBI and some black marketers, who think that she may fix it for them. It's ...more

The Gauntlet Oct 21 1985 - Opening Gambit: MacGyver retrieves a top-secret map, then uses it to escape his pursuers in the desert. MacGyver escapes the desert by using a hot-air balloon conveniently stored at a rendezvous ...more

Sep 29 1985 - Opening Gambit: MacGyver rescues an American pilot who has crashed on top of a high cliff. Main Episode: When a science lab studying the ozone layer mysteriously explodes, MacGyver is called in ...more

Flame's End Jan 29 1986 - An old girlfriend of MacGyver's contacts him for help after she discovers evidence of uranium thefts from a nuclear processing plant where she works.

The Prodigal Dec 08 1985 - A man wants to testify against his mobster brother in Federal Court, and MacGyver has the job of keeping him safe, but the man's mother is dying and he wants to visit her.

For Love or Money May 04 1987 - MacGyver is forced to work with a ruthless freelance agent to rescue a human rights activist who is being held in a psychiatric hospital in Czechoslovakia. The rescue is an apparent success, ...more

Sep 22 1986 - MacGyver and Pete are testing a new security system at the Strategic Research Development Administration. MacGyver successfully bypasses the security and meets Dr. Jill Ludlam, the system's ...more

The Road Not Taken Nov 10 1986 - MacGyver and Pete head to Asia to rescue a nun, who is an old friend of Pete's, and the orphaned children she takes care of from aggressive regime troops. While there, MacGyver runs into someone ...more

The Wish Child Oct 20 1986 - While MacGyver goes to pick up a Chinese friend's brother from a birthday party, he witnesses something strange: Paul is being called "The Wish Child." It seems that a greedy ...more

Three For the Road Dec 15 1986 - A retired actor and his wife stop at a motel on the way to Los Angeles. MacGyver rescues them from a drunkard who nearly makes a mark on their car. MacGyver is supposed to meet a ...more

Phoenix Under Siege Jan 05 1987 - While retrieving tickets for a hockey game at the Phoenix Foundation, MacGyver and his grandpa Harry get caught in the middle of a woman's plot to blow up the building using a bomb that she ...more

Partners Mar 02 1987 - MacGyver and Pete meet at a wrecking yard, both thinking that the other one arranged the meeting. Soon an unknown assailant captures them inside a big truck. Their only clue is an obituary for ...more

Nov 03 1986 - MacGyver, returning home one night, walks into his apartment, only to everything he owns missing from his apartment. Initially suspecting a robbery, MacGyver eventually comes to the conclusion ...more

Twice Stung Oct 06 1986 - MacGyver and Pete have a surprise party planned for a colleague, but when the colleague doesn't show up, MacGyver goes looking for him, and finds him on the verge of committing suicide. When ...more

Out in the Cold Feb 16 1987 - When MacGyver and Pete go skiing, a man switches poles with MacGyver, only moments before being gunned down and killed by his former friends. But the gunshot starts an avalanche, which covers ...more

Silent World Nov 24 1986 - While helping the Phoenix Foundation test a new missile-guidance system for the government, MacGyver's efforts are hampered by men who are trying to steal it. When the men escape with it, ...more

Dalton, Jack of Spies Feb 23 1987 - Dalton, who is believed to be dead, recruits MacGyver to help uncover a CIA mole.

Pirates Feb 09 1987 - While on an expedition to find a Spanish treasure fleet, Dr. Barbara Ortega's boat is hi-jacked by modern-day pirates. They steal the small amount of treasure that she has already found - ...more

Final Approach Oct 27 1986 - MacGyver goes to the mountains to lead four ex-gangster teens on a Phoenix Foundation funded rehabilitation trip. When he gets there, he finds that this task may be a little more complicated ...more

Birth Day Feb 02 1987 - MacGyver's fishing trip is cut short when he meets a very pregnant woman whose husband is out to kill her. Accidentally, she found out that his half-way home for ex-cons is really a recruiting ...more

Bushmaster Mar 23 1987 - When MacGyver is sent to rescue an American pilot held in Central America for supposed espionage, his wargame-trained daughter tags along, but she didn't quite come prepared for the real thing. ...more

Soft Touch Jan 19 1987 - MacGyver puts up Penny Parker for a few days while she's looking for a job as a singing telegram. But on her first day, she happens to witness two thugs torturing a man. Unfortunately, she can't ...more

Eagles Nov 17 1986 - While hang gliding in the west, MacGyver crosses paths with an escaped felon who shot and wounded a rare eagle. Now, with the help of his new friend Susan Cooper and her son Darin, MacGyver must ...more

Friends Apr 06 1987 - MacGyver's friends throw a birthday party for him, but he's somberly reflecting on his past and future. While reflecting, MacGyver decides to leave the Phoenix Foundation to get married and have ...more

The Eraser Sep 29 1986 - Mac inadvertently leads a hit man to his target, believing that he's helping a father find his lost son.

Family Matter Jan 12 1987 - Pete's ex-wife and son are kidnapped down in Louisiana while on an archaeological trip. The kidnappers demand that Pete comes to Louisiana in exchange for letting his family go. But when he gets ...more

D.O.A.: MacGyver Apr 27 1987 - MacGyver is called to a meeting with a former British spy, who has learned of a group of terrorists that will use a new plastic explosive in a vengeful attack on the U.S. army. This explosive ...more

Lost Love (2) Sep 28 1987 - The KBG have Lisa in their grasp, and MacGyver must get The Ming Dragon for them to free Lisa. MacGyver enlists the help of his old buddy, Jack Dalton, to help him steal it.

The Widowmaker Nov 16 1987 - MacGyver is forced out of his grief over the tragic death of a friend by a madman with a score to settle from their past association.