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Full List of Magilla Gorilla Episodes

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Below is a complete Magilla Gorilla episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Magilla Gorilla episodes are listed along with the Magilla Gorilla episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Magilla Gorilla episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Airlift / Annie Hoaxley / Army-Nervy Game” to “Bird Brained / Will o' the Whip / Pep Hep.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Magilla Gorilla episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Theme Song Unplugged

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    The Story of Mr. Peebles

  • 3

    The Story of Ogee

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    The Story of Magilla

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    Here Comes a Star

    Sep 27 1965
    Archival TV Special goes inside Hanna-Barbera Studios to introduce this new simian character.
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    Chugga Chugga

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    Super Blooper Heroes / Jail Break-In / Misfortune Cookie

    Dec 25 1965
    Because he is inspired by a TV show, Magilla Gorilla tries to become a crime fighting super...
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    Circus Ruckus / Cactus Ruckus / Shot At And Missed

    Sep 18 1965
    Thinking that Mr. Peebles doesn’t love him anymore, Magilla decides to runaway to the circus,...
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    Montana Magilla / El Loco, Loco, Loco, Loco Diablo / Host Of A Ghost

    Nov 20 1965
    When Magilla finds out that Mr. Peebles needs a lot of money to pay his bills, he decides to...
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    That Was the Geek That Was / Rapid Romance / The Mouse from S.O.M.P.

    Nov 13 1965
    A strange pet bird, a "South American Geek", comes to the pet shop. Unfortunately, Magilla is...
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    Bird Brained / Will o' the Whip / Pep Hep

    Bird Brained / Will o' the Whip / Pep Hep

    Sep 11 1965
    Thinking that Mr. Peebles doesn’t love him anymore, Magilla decides to runaway to the circus,...
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    Beau Jest

    Dec 18 1965
    After Mr. Peebles gets mad at Magilla he runs away from home and joins the French Foreign...
  • 13

    Love At First Sight

    Oct 09 1965
    When a zoo gorilla named "Matilda Gorilla" is lonely the zoo keepers bring Magilla to the zoo...
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    Mad Avenue Madness / Space Sheriff / Heir Conditioning

    Mad Avenue Madness / Space Sheriff / Heir Conditioning

    Dec 11 1965
    In trying to promote a new flying car, some advertisers from "Madison Avenue" create the...
  • 15

    Wheelin' and Dealin' / Big Town Show Down / Feudal Feud

    Dec 04 1965
    Magilla comes to the assistance of an automobile enthusiast when a sports car breaks down...
  • 16

    Magilla Mix Up

    Nov 27 1965
    When Magilla is making some deliveries for Mr. Peebles, he accidentally finds his way into a...
  • 17

    Makin' With the Magilla

    Oct 23 1965
    Magilla goes to a beach party and takes up surfing.
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    High Fly Guy

    Oct 30 1965
    Mr. Peebles sends Magilla to the store to buy bananas, where he decides to ride the children's...
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    Deep Sea Doodle

    Nov 06 1965
    After Phoebe the pet goldfish gets sick Mr. Peebles sends Magilla to take Phoebe to...
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    Camp Scamps

    Sep 25 1965
    Magilla runs away from the pet store and goes to "Camp Kitchy Gooney" with a group of junior...
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    Pet Bet

    Oct 16 1965
    Ogee borrows Magilla and brings him to school for a "Pet Contest" where he competes in with a...
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    The Purple Mask

    The Purple Mask

    Oct 02 1965
    After Ogee tells a friend that the Purple Mask will be coming to her house to meet her, he...
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    Bank Pranks / West Pest / Muscle Tussle
    Magilla is bought by a couple of people who turn out to be bank robbers and use Magilla to...
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    Fairy Godmother / Bad Guys are Good Guys / Catch as a Cat Can Day

    Mar 24 1964
    Magilla reads a book about a Fairy Godmother, and then his own Fairy Godmother appears and...
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    Is That Zoo? / Mostly Ghostly / Super Drooper

    Apr 21 1964
    After making a mess in the store on his unicycle, Mr. Peebles decides to donate Magilla to the...