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Below is a complete Mail Call episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mail Call episodes are listed along with the Mail Call episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mail Call episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “Abrams M1-A1; Kasserine Pass and El Guttar” and “Marine Sniper Rifle; BlowGun; Mulberry Harbor; French Resistance; Frontline Medi.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mail Call episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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SNAFU (Xtra-Salty Version)

Grenades; Dog Tags; Dinner in a Pouch Oct 07 2002 -

Civil War Cannoneers; Night Vision; Clearing a Minefield Aug 25 2002 - Aiming Civil War artillery pieces; how night-vision technology works; how to clear a minefield.

The Pilum; WWII Radios; First Rockets Sep 29 2002 - The ancient Roman pilum is designed to penetrate armor; World War II army radios; how rockets were first used on the battlefield.

Ninja Weapons; Flamethrower; Military Dogs Oct 05 2002 - The weapons of the Japanese Ninja; how flamethrowers work; what military dogs do.

Re-Fueling a Fighter Jet; Naval Signal Flags; GI Chow Sep 15 2002 - How to refuel a fighter jet in mid-air; how ships send messages using signal flags; what soldiers eat.

Landing Craft, Air Cushion Hovercraft (LCAC); U.S. Cavalry Saddles; Gas Masks Sep 01 2002 - Operating the LCAC; cavalry saddles used in the Old West; how gas masks work.

Mortar; WWII GIs' Personal Items; Native-American Arrows Sep 08 2002 - Maneuverable artillery; musket; Navy airships; precision flying team; pirates; depth charges

Revolutionary WarMusket; Jousting; Foxholes Sep 22 2002 - How fast a Revolutionary War soldier could fire a musket; jousting; how to dig a foxhole.

Flak Vest; Medieval Crossbow; WWI Pilots Aug 18 2002 - Body armor; accuracy of a medieval crossbow; how World War I pilots shot through their propellers.

The Jeep; HIMARS; Hurricanes Oct 21 2002 -

Knight's Armor; WWI Backpack; Landmine Aug 11 2002 - Parts of 15th-century armor; World War I infantry backpack; ingredients of a land mine.

Future Gear; Marine Camouflage; Army's New Armored Vehicle Oct 28 2002 - Possible gear for troops on tomorrow's battlefields; Marines design their new camouflage pattern; the Stryker.

Tank; Gatling Gun; Samurai Sword Aug 04 2002 - Steering a World War II tank; Gatling gun's speed; power of the samurai sword.

Civil War Rifles; 1st Missile Sub; Navy Divers' Gear; Field Strip; Bowie Knife; Dec 22 2002 - American Civil War rifles from both sides; the first missile fired from the deck of a sub; deep-sea and crush-proof suits; breaking down a weapon; the Bowie knife; the evolution of a

Amphibious Assault Vehicle; Jeep; Medieval Battering Ram; Urban Warfare; Ball Tu Mar 23 2003 - Marines' 26-ton AAV stays afloat; jeeps; battering rams; urban warfare; World War II bombers; pictures on World War II airplanes.

Unmanned Aircraft; Bogey; 1st Combat Helicopter; Forward Observers; Apr 06 2003 - Experimental planes; unidentified aircraft; first combat helicopter; directing artillery fire; commando knife.

LAV; Landing Craft; Doughboy; OPFOR; Chain Mail; Military Salute Feb 02 2003 - Light Armored Vehicle; landing craft; World War I Doughboys; training troops; medieval chain mail; the military salute.

Deuce and a Half; Vietnam Gun Truck; World War II Household Fat; Missile Silos; Feb 09 2003 - Vietnam gun truck; World War II household fat; missile silos; C-17 Loadmaster; Scottish kilts.

Self-Propelled Artillery; Matchlock Musket; Airships; Blue Angels;Pirate Weapons Mar 02 2003 - full title: Self-Propelled Artillery; Matchlock Musket; Airships; Blue Angels; Pirate Weapons; Depth Charges --------- Maneuverable artillery; musket; Navy airships; precision flying team; ...more

Trebuchet; Troop Headcounts; BAR; Smart Bombs; Modern Parachutes; Boomerangs Jan 26 2003 - Medieval catapults; platoons, companies and divisions; the Browning automatic rifle; smart bombs; parachutes; the weapon version of the boomerang.

Anti-Tank Rocket; Bazooka; HQ Tour; Tactical Operations Center; Downed Pilots Mar 09 2003 - The bazooka's replacement; mobile command post; Air Force Pararescuemen; 21-gun salute.

Medieval Weapons; Lewis Gun; Carrier Pigeons; Gliders in Combat; Anti-Tank Mar 15 2003 - Medieval weapons; World War I Lewis gun; carrier pigeons; gliders; anti-tank missile; ejection seats.

Newest Coast Guard Ship; Carrier Battle Group; Tanks; Sherman Tank; XM-29 Rifle Apr 12 2003 - Motor lifeboat; carrier battle group; Sherman tanks; futuristic rifle; voice mail.

AVLB; Fulton Recovery System; Pilot Survival Kit; Trireme; Battleship Guns; Grapeshot Dec 29 2002 - The Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge; the Fulton Recovery System; a pilot's survival kit; the ancient Greek warship Trireme; battleship guns; grapeshot.

Marine Weapons Training; Greek Phalanx; MiG-29; Hellcat Tank Destroyer; Jan 19 2003 - Simulated marksmanship training; fastest front-line combat jet and World War II tank; Greeks of ancient times use the phalanx; Civil War cavalry gear; dazzle paint.

Grenade Launchers; Grape Shot; Shrapnel; D-Day Paratrooper Gear; Jet Packs Dec 15 2002 - Grenade launchers; machine guns; Flyer 21; shrapnel; D-Day paratroopers; jetpacks.

Cobra Attack Helicopter; Sidewinder Missile; C-54 Skymaster; MPs; Flintlock Pistol Nov 02 2003 - Attack helicopter; AIM Sidewinders; transport plane; military police; flintlock pistols.

Military Pilot Training; Flak; Doolittle Raid; One-Man Submarine; Military Radios Oct 12 2003 - Training of military pilots; flak; the Doolittle Raid; Sleeping Beauty submarine; radios; foxhole radio.

WWII Half Track; Arctic Vehicles; Weird Weapons; Navy Hydrofoils; Combat Controllers; Gunnery Sergeant Oct 05 2003 - World War II M2A2 half-track; Snow Train; strange weapons used by the Allies in World War II; Navy hydrofoils; Air Force combat controllers; Marine Corps gunnery sergeants.

Claymore Mine; 1st U.S. Nuclear Sub; Resupply at Sea; Patriot Air Defense Missile; Jody Songs Sep 14 2003 - Anti-personnel mine; 16th-century Scottish sword; early nuclear-powered submarine; how naval vessels resupply at sea; the Patriot missile; cadence songs.

Armored Scout Car; Water-Cooled Machine Gun; Fart Sack; Shuteye; Nazi U-Boats; Stealth Ship Sep 07 2003 - Armored scout cars; water-cooled machine guns; sleeping bag; sleeping on the battlefield; German U-boats; Navy ship invisible to radar.

Marine Sniper School; Hand Signals; Ho Chi Minh Trail; Motorcycles; Loading Palettes; C-119 Aug 31 2003 - Snipers; hand signals; Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh Trail; motorcycles; tanks; the C-119 Flying Boxcar.

F-15 Eagle; Flying Platform; Atomic Annie; Army Missiles; Tommy Gun v. Burp Gun; Measuring Bullets Oct 19 2003 - F-15 Eagle; single-man vertical flight machine; howitzer firing both conventional and nuclear warheads; Army-controlled missile programs; submachine guns; measuring bullets.

Avenger; Stinger & Red-Eye Missiles; Military Firefighter & Smokejumper; Kiowa Helicopter; Kilroy Oct 26 2003 - Avenger Air Defense System; Stinger and Red Eye missiles; military firefighters; the Triple Nickels; Kiowa scout helicopter; "Kilroy Was Here.

M-1 Garand Rifle; First Assault Rifle; JATO; Golden Knights Parachute Team; Barr Jul 20 2003 - Rifles; jet-assisted take-off; freefall parachute team; barrage balloons; military jargon.

Super Stallion Helicopter; Flying Banana; Navy Hazing; Seabees; GI Jargon; Tank Ammo Jul 13 2003 - Helicopters; hazing ritual; building runways in the Pacific; the G-2; battle tank

Live from the Gulf Jul 06 2003 - This episode was live in Kuwait. Gunnery Sgt. Ermey talked to the troops and answered questions.

M-16; Viet Cong Booby Traps; Super-Secret Ravens; Wild Weasels; Vietnam River Patrol Boats; Green Berets Aug 10 2003 - Military rifles in Vietnam; booby traps; the Ravens; the Wild Weasels; river-patrol boats; the Green Berets.

Rocket-Assisted Projectile; WWII German Gustav; Tent Tech; Pup Tent; Tomahawk; Jul 27 2003 - Rocket-propelled artillery; artillery gun that fires the largest caliber shell; tents; tomahawks; slings.

Marine Sniper Rifle; BlowGun; Mulberry Harbor; French Resistance; Frontline Medi Aug 17 2003 - Rifle; blowgun; floating concrete caissons bridge the English Channel; weapons of the French resistance; improvements in front-line medical care; origins of the word "berserk.

Blimp; Miitary Shotguns; Navy Graveyard; Poop Deck Jan 18 2004 - Blimp; aerial reconnaissance during the U.S. Civil War; military shot guns; grapeshot revolver; Navy Graveyard; G.I. jargon: "poop.

Golden Knights; U.S. Air Force; Flying Tigers; Blood Chit; AC-130U Spooky Gunsh Jan 11 2004 - Lee jumps with the Golden Knights; history of the U.S. Air Force; Flying Tigers; blood chit; AC-130U Spooky gunship; P-61 Black Widow.

Medieval Madness; National Technical Systems; Fabulous Flops; P-51 Mustang; A-2 Flight Jacket Feb 15 2004 -

Mark V Special Ops Craft; U.S. Gunboat; German Paratroopers; German Junkers; M113 APC; K-Rations May 02 2004 -

Nuclear-Attack Submarine: Diving, Steering and Sonar; Torpedoes and Tomahawk Missiles; Reactor; Chow Apr 25 2004 -

Heavy Support Vehicles Feb 22 2004 -

Jump Gear; Weapons; Communications and Medical Gear Apr 11 2004 -

Army Air Ambulance; 1st Special Service Force; Johnson Rifle; MiG-15 vs. F-86 Mar 07 2004 -