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Below is a complete Maison Ikkoku episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Maison Ikkoku episodes are listed along with the Maison Ikkoku episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Maison Ikkoku episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Kyoko Loses it! Drunk and Crazy!” and “Caught in the Act! Kyoko and Mitaka, Hot and Heavy!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Maison Ikkoku episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Shipwrecked on Ikkoku Island (OVA) Jan 31 1991 - Released in 1990 this 30 minute special is the only 'true' OAV in the series. This is a completely original piece of animation. The story is based on the extra chapter of Maison Ikkoku where the ...more

Prelude, When the Cherry Blossoms in the Springtime Return Jun 25 1992 - A special which pastes together all of Kyoko's flashbacks of Soichiro, with some dialogue along the scenes. Like a cherry flower in the spring talks about Soichiro, Kyoko's first love and ...more

Highlights: Through the Passing Seasons Sep 25 1988 - This OVA is a recapitulation of the entire series, done with scenes taken from the series, mainly focused on Godai and Kyoko relatioship.

Live Action Special (2) Oct 03 2011 - Based on a hit manga by Takahashi Rumiko, this is a romantic comedy about the relationship of Otonashi Kyoko, the beautiful widow and manager of a boarding house and Godai Yusaku, a poor student ...more

The Final Movie Feb 06 1988 - Chronologically takes place during the events of TV episode 96.

Live Action Special (1) Oct 03 2011 - Based on a hit manga by Takahashi Rumiko, this is a romantic comedy about the relationship of Otonashi Kyoko, the beautiful widow and manager of a boarding house and Godai Yusaku, a poor student ...more

Sorry To Keep You Waiting! I'm Kyoko Otonashi! Mar 26 1986 - Yusaku Godai is fed-up with life as a ronin and his horrible housemates, namely loud and brash Mrs. Ichinose, her bratty son Kentaro, sexy Akemi Roppongi, and the mysterious Yotsuya. As he ...more

Love is in the Air? Which one Does Kyoko Love Best? Apr 02 1986 - Godai decides that since its Kyoko's first Christmas at Maison Ikkoku, this would be a great opportunity to buy her a present and tell her how he feels. As will become the norm, he chickens out ...more

Hearts on Fire in the Dark! All Alone with Kyoko Apr 09 1986 - With his entrance exams bearing down on him, Godai just can't seem to focus. Kyoko decides its up to her to stop the other tenants from interrupting his studies, but what she doesn't know is ...more

Kyoko's Heart Goes Pitty-Pat! Godai is put to the Test Apr 16 1986 - Test time has finally arrived for Godai. As he does all the last minute cramming he can get away with Yotsuya, Ichinose, and Akemi take bets on which school's will reject him. Kyoko does her ...more

Kyoko's Climbing the Walls! Godai's Headed For the Hills Apr 23 1986 - Godai's grandmother arrives to inform Godai that if he doesn't get into a college, his family will no longer let him stay in Tokyo. Godai does his best to hide from her, but with Kyoko's help ...more

Shocking Springtime! Kyoko's Secret Apr 30 1986 - The secret sadness that Kyoko has kept hidden for so long is finally revealed as Godai realizes that Kyoko is a widow. Visiting Soichiro's grave, Godai asks for whom he is offering incense ad ...more

Godai's Agony! The One Kyoko Loves May 07 1986 - Mr. Otonashi offers Godai a job tutoring Ikuko, who insists that if she is to have a tutor that it must be Godai. Seeing this as a way to endear himself to Kyoko and to earn a steady paycheck, ...more

Godai's Unspeakable Declaration! If You're Going to Do It,Do It! May 14 1986 - Celebrating their arrival into college life, Godai and Sakamoto go out drinking. Feeling depressed about his situation with Kyoko, Godai confides in Sakamoto, who recommends a bit of liquid ...more

The Mysterious Tennis Coach is the Rival of Love May 21 1986 - Mrs. Ichinose decides that Kyoko's been much to glum lately with worrying about Godai's confession and her always looming regret over Soichiro's death, so she signs them both up for tennis ...more

Love Panic on the Beach! May 28 1986 - A depressed Kentaro confides to Godai that his family is too poor to ever take him on a vacation. This reminds Godai of his on youth, when he had to stay and work at his family's restaurant ...more

Kentaro's First Love! What Age Got to Do,with It? Jun 04 1986 - Kentaro's time with Ikuko at the beach has developed into a crush on his part. Now everytime Ikuko comes over to study with Godai, he finds a reason to study alongside them. When Kyoko realizes ...more

One Entangled Evening! I Thought You Said You Loved Me!? Jun 11 1986 - Godai decides its finally time to ask Kyoko out for a movie date, but when he arrives at Maison Ikkoku, he finds Kyoko heading out for a night at the opera with Mitaka. Feeling extremely put ...more

Godai the Gigolo...? Are You Going to Get That, or Shall I? Jun 18 1986 - As Godai attends his classes, he notices a mysterious dark-haired woman following him around campus. Letting his imagination run wild, he assumes she must be infatuated with him. Once she ...more

Way to Go, Godai! The First Date with Kyoko Jun 25 1986 - Godai finally gets the courage to ask Kyoko on a date, but with this being the anniversary of her moving to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko considers it as only a friendly gesture. But things quickly fall ...more

The Play's the Thing, Not the Playing Around! The Show Must Go On! Jul 02 1986 - A campus festival brings Kyoko to Godai's college, in tow are the rest of the tenants hoping to have a bit of fun at Godai's expense. When a sudden departure from Godai's Puppet Club brings ...more

Sympathy Scramble. If I Should Stumble. Jul 09 1986 - Kyoko twists her ankle while playing tennis and both Mitaka and Godai blame themselves. The other tenants can't help but feel sorry for their injured Manager, and everyone seems to think the ...more

The Story of Kyoko's First Love On Rainy Days Like These Jul 16 1986 - Godai gets depressed over the rain, remembering that some of the worst events of his life have occured on rainy days. Kozue visits Maison Ikkoku and her skirt gets stained so she and Kyoko have ...more

Kyoko's Gift ! "What , You Mean it's For Me?" Jul 23 1986 - With Christmas just around the corner, Godai has to decide what he's going to get for Kyoko this year. He spends all his money on a set of earrings for her, but Kozue spots the present over ...more

Godai and Kyoko ! An Evening for Two Means Double the Trouble Jul 30 1986 - When New Year's comes around almost everyone at Maison Ikkoku has vacation plans. Yotsuya is going to visit his family, and the Ichinose's are visting relatives. The only people staying behnd ...more

Kyoko's Ticking Time bomb ! Godai's Extended Absence Aug 06 1986 - Godai takes a late vacation over Winter break to visit his family in Niigata. While he's there he plays rugby with his old high school team and gets a black eye. Since he's so embarrassed about ...more

Godai's Panic! The Cat Who Came to Ikkoku. Aug 13 1986 - Godai and Sakamoto go out drinking with friends and Sakamoto gets Godai completely drunk. While he's in his druken stupor Sakamoto asks Godai to take care of his new pet cat while he goes out of ...more

Godai Gets a shock! Kyoko Calls It Quits Aug 20 1986 - Godai walks home from the laundromat, wondering how he's going to dry his clothes on the dangerous clothesline at home when he notices a strange man walking behind him. As he gets closer to ...more

Kyoko's Brush with Danger! Mother's Nefarious Plot Aug 27 1986 - The tenants are shocked as Kyoko's mother tells them that Kyoko will no longer be the Manager of Maison Ikkoku. As soon as she walks out the door the movers rush in to pack up her room. Mrs. ...more

Godai in Confusion! Kozue's First Kiss Sep 03 1986 - Godai and Kozue sit in a cafe and stare out the window. Suddenly, she asks him if he owns a tie. Later Godai is putting on his best outfit and getting ready to meet with Kozue. As he attempts to ...more

In this Corner: Godai vs. Mitaka! The Clash of the Proposals Sep 09 1986 - As Godai watches Kyoko play tennis, Mrs. Ichinose tells him that things won't always stay the same. She mentions that Kyoko quit being their Manager this year and almost quit being an Otonashi ...more

Godai's Out of It! Kyoko's on the Rampage Sep 17 1986 - Kyoko visits an old high school friend and her new baby for lunch. The topic of conversation centers on how much Kyoko wishes she had had a baby with Soichiro before he died. Her friend tells ...more

Soichiro Gone!? Yakitori Memories Sep 24 1986 - Kentaro offers to walk Soichiro for Kyoko, but ends up losing him. Kyoko tries her best to reassure Kentaro that Soichiro will find his way home, but in reality she is terrified of never seeing ...more

Even Kyoko's Surprised! "I'm Kentaro's Father." Oct 01 1986 - The tenants are shocked when they begin seeing a mystery man leaving Maison Ikkoku. Soon enough they realize that he is none other than Kentaro's father, Mr. Ichinose! After losing his job, Mr. ...more

Fall Festival Foul - Up ! All Swell That Ends In A Well Oct 08 1986 - All the Maison Ikkoku tenants visit a local Fall Festival and Godai and Kyoko even decide to take part in it. A misunderstanding leads to Kyoko falling down a very deep well. Before long Godai ...more

What!? Kyoko Married!? Godai's Tearful Goodbye Oct 15 1986 - Rumors of a wedding between Mitaka and Kyoko are flying, leaving the tenants depressed that they've been kept in the dark. Godai finally decides to confront Kyoko, but a passing train leaves out ...more

Scandal at Ikkoku! Godai's...SHACKING UP!? Oct 22 1986 - Kyoko learns that Godai is living with a woman, and thinks that this is the real reason he left. Godai comes back to the apartment and learns that the Yakuza has pawned all his belongings so ...more

The Incredible , Unforgettable Egg! Yotsuya's Dangerous Gift Oct 29 1986 - Yotsuya entrusts a mysterious egg to Godai in the middle of the night, before mysteriously leaving Maison Ikkoku. The next morning everyone rushes in to Room 5 as they hear Godai's screams of ...more

The Case of the Shocking Diary My Husband Had a Sweetheart! Nov 05 1986 - After finishing a tutoring session with Ikuko, Grandfather Otonashi asks Godai to return Soichiro's diary to Kyoko. On the trip home, Godai worries about it bringing back memories for Kyoko, and ...more

Overpowered by Love! The Grandma Yukari Gold Tooth Gauntlet! Nov 12 1986 - Godai wakes up to rustling noise in his room, when he demands Yotsuya stop it, he opens his eyes to see his Grandmother. To his surprise, he was supposed to pick her up, but totally forgot. She ...more

The Great Date Race! Kyoko and Godai Have Left the Building Nov 19 1986 - Godai learns that his Grandma has set he and Kyoko up on a date. When he goes downstairs to apologize to Kyoko, she tells him that she's actually looking forward to it, which really gets Godai ...more

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss... But a Woman's Love is Priceless Nov 26 1986 - Akemi sits in her boyfriend Hiroshi's car as they watch the ships coming into the docks. Suddenly he tells her he's breaking up with her, and Akemi finds another womans earring on the seat. She ...more

Crazy Costume Contest! Kyoko's Amazing Transformation Dec 03 1986 - When a new mirror arrives at Ikkoku all hell breaks loose. Kyoko orders a floor length mirror for her room and decides to try on her old high school uniform. Before she can take it off, the ...more

Godai's Dumped!? Kozue Falls For Coach Mitaka!? Dec 10 1986 - Kozue begins to notice that Godai isn't as affectionate with her as other couples in their dating situation seem to be. She begins worrying about why this is happening and turns to Mitaka for ...more

Love Takes Guts! Godai's Part Time Job Ploy! Dec 17 1986 - As Kyoko cleans out her room, she notices something stuck in the back of her closet. When she pulls it out to inspect it, she realizes its a rock that her late husband gave her. Its quite large ...more

A Bittersweet Favor! Budding Christmas Love!? Dec 24 1986 - Godai rides the train to its destination, and meets Sakamoto at the appointed cafe. Sakamoto shows up late an sits down, very sullen. He tells Godai that he was able to figure out what the rock ...more

Kyoko's Hot Spring Heart Stopper: Peeping Wars at the Outdoor Baths! Jan 07 1987 - The Ikkoku residents decide to visit a hotsprings and Mitaka comes along. The trip starts off badly for Godai as he's forced to carry everyones bags. When they finally get to the hotsprings ...more

Godai Breaks His Leg! Chance for Love at the Hospital! Jan 14 1987 - Godai's been feeling depressed about leading Kozue on lately. Kyoko isn't helping, by constantly telling Godai how much Kozue likes him. When he finally decides to end things between them, Kozue ...more

Love Speaks! Godai and Mitaka Duke it Out at the Hospital! Jan 21 1987 - Mitaka and Godai begin to get on each others nerves at the hospital. Mitaka and Mrs. Ichinose notice that Kyoko and Godai seem to have a playfulness about them. Mitaka gets desperate and tries ...more

Kentaro Freaks Out! Yotsuya's Frightening True Identity Jan 28 1987 - After Kentaro tries to hide a bad grade from his mother, she gets angry with him and yells. He runs into the attic to get away for awhile and finds an old album. He's shocked to find that the ...more