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Below is a complete Major episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Major episodes are listed along with the Major episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Major episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “Absent Ace” to “To the Birthplace of Baseball.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Major episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Winning Shot of Friendship Dec 13 2008 - Goro briefly returns to Japan after a triumphant season in the US. He is heading towards Fukuoka where he played baseball when he was a fifth grader. Having just moved into a new town, this is ...more

Message Dec 17 2010 -

World Series: Volume 2 Jan 18 2012 -

World Series: Volume 1 Dec 16 2011 -

Goro's Dream and Daddy's Dream Nov 13 2004 - Goro is a young 5 year old boy who admires his Father.

Their Friendship Nov 20 2004 - Goro disregards his father's advice and decides to continue training to become a future Pro pitcher. Meanwhile his Father is visited by his old friend and teammate Shigeno.

I Hate You, Daddy! Nov 27 2004 - Goro finally makes a friend and the two are playing catch when they see a Little League team in play. The two decide they want to become Little Leaguers, but Goro's father forbids it due to the ...more

A Birthday One Day Late Dec 04 2004 - Honda begins to fall in love with Goro's nursey school teacher and decides to propose to her once Goro has graduated. Meanwhile he asks her to take Goro out on his birthday so he can plan ...more

The Man From the Majors Dec 11 2004 - Joe Gibson, a Major League pitcher, has come over to Japan due to a wealthy amount of money he is to receive. Honda decides he will hit a home run off of Gibson at all costs.

Farewell... Dec 18 2004 - Honda is successful in his first bat against Gibson, so Gibson retaliates with a beanball to the head. Honda falls unconscious, but he later gets up and goes to first base as though everything ...more

Goro Honda, Age Nine! Dec 25 2004 - It has been 3 years since his dad passed away, but at age 9 Goro is finally old enough to enter Little League Baseball. He returns to the field of the Mifune Dolphins, but when he arrives he ...more

Team Complete! Jan 08 2005 - Goro now completes the team for the Mifune Dolphin little leaguers. Including the last two; Komori (the person that was former bullied by Sawamura) and the former bully, now turned Goro's

Alone on the Mound Jan 15 2005 - Mifune begins playing the adult sandlot team in an effort to get privileges back to play on the field, but Goro's new teammates aren't sure if they should trust this arrogant rookie who has ...more

Showdown in the Rain Jan 22 2005 - The adult sandlot team has been taking it easy on the kids. When rain begins to fall the city wants them to call the game and give the adults the win, but the sandlotters are determined to let ...more

The Team Dad Played On Jan 29 2005 - Despite gaining the ability to practice once against, the Mifune coach insists Goro go to Yokohama Little Leagues field at least once. Goro learns his old childhood friend, Toshi, is now the ...more

An Invitation From Gibson Feb 05 2005 - In this ep, Goro gets invited to see America for the very first time. Though, he won't be going alone as Shimizu (his classmate) will experience the summer vacation trip along with him. But, ...more

Summer! Baseball! Training Camp! Feb 12 2005 - Despite his injury Goro convinces the coach to take them to a baseball summer camp where all the top teams from the area are participating.

Reckless Practice Match! Feb 19 2005 - Goro quickly lets his pride get in the way and challenges the #2 team despite his injury determined to strike them all out. As things begin to develop though Goro hits a batter and starts to get ...more

The Coach's Feelings Mar 05 2005 - As the summer camp comes to a close, the Coach decides if his players truly want to defeat Yokohama Little League he must put off his fear of being too nice while coaching and make them pass a ...more

I Quit! Mar 12 2005 - As the team begins their run up the neighboring hill Goro and Komori are easily able to pace themselves, but the rest of the team has doubts and contemplates quitting. The problem is if even one ...more

Aim for victory! Mar 26 2005 -

Mother's happiness Apr 02 2005 - After being uncertain how to approach Goro, Momoko turns to Hideki for some fatherly advice, but when Goro sees the two together he begins to have nightmares about Momoko abandoning him while ...more

Goro's mistake!? Apr 09 2005 - During the second game in the Little League Tournament Komori falls and sprains his wrist while batting. With no one else able to catch his fastballs Goro is forced to take over the catcher's ...more

The night before the match Apr 23 2005 - Komori's sprain will keep him from catching for a month, so the rest of the team is forced to try and catch Goro's pitches. None of them are able to do so, but Shimizu has enough determination ...more

Everyone together May 14 2005 - Exhaustion has come upon Goro, and Hideki realizes that Goro has stopped pitching normally as a result. If Goro continues to pitch the way he is, he will throw out his shoulder and ruin any ...more

Do not lose! Apr 30 2005 - Trouble begins immediately for the Dolphins when their coach throws out his back. Luckily Momoko has come to the match to watch. The team calls her in, and she becomes the temporary coach. ...more

Don't say goodbye May 21 2005 - The injury to Goro keeps him out for two months and ruins the Dolphins chances at winning the Little League Playoffs. The team however hopes to build on the momentum they have had, but little do ...more

This is basebell! Apr 16 2005 - Sawamura comes up with the idea of a vertical bunt to ruin the perfect game Kyuta has going. Goro decides to have the next few batters feign vertical bunts and loads teh bases. When the opposing ...more

Chase it! Ovecome it! May 07 2005 - Yokohama manages to get an early lead off of Goro, and Toshi seems to be leading them to a shutout. Goro is determined though to rally his teammates spirits by starting at the batter box and to ...more

Tournament begins! Mar 19 2005 - Mifune believes they have the talent on the pitch and in the top of the batting order with Goro and Komori, but when they learn they are going to play one of the previous years eight finalists ...more

He Returns... Dec 10 2005 -

There is one dream! Dec 17 2005 -

The Baseball Club Starts! Dec 24 2005 -

Rivals Reunite Jan 07 2006 -

Toshiya's Past Jan 14 2006 -

Powerful Rival! Tomonoura Jan 28 2006 -

The End of the Battle Feb 11 2006 -

A Fresh Resolve Feb 18 2006 -

The Narrow Gate to Kaido Feb 25 2006 -

See Ya... Mar 11 2006 -

The Island of Dreams Mar 18 2006 -

The Requirements of a Pitcher Mar 25 2006 -

A Genuine Baseball Kid Apr 01 2006 -

Together with You May 06 2006 -

Kaido's Secret May 13 2006 -

Egashira's Expectations May 20 2006 -

Varsity Challenge May 27 2006 -

With My Own Two Feet Jun 03 2006 -

Goodbye! Jun 10 2006 -

...For What Reason? Feb 04 2006 -