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Below is a complete Making the Band 2 episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Making the Band 2 episodes are listed along with the Making the Band 2 episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Making the Band 2 episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Season 2, Episode 8” and “Season 2, Episode 7” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Making the Band 2 episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Oct 19 2002 - Mtv studios-an announcement. A new show, an installment from ""Making The Band,"" With P. Diddy, making a hip-hop act. Finally-audtitions. As P. Diddy chills on vacation, ...more

Episode 2 Oct 26 2002 - P. Diddy does not like the talent. They get a new audition.

Episode 3 Nov 02 2002 - The 15 are selected.

Episode 4 Nov 09 2002 - Boot camp, or so its called, starts. Myserious is taken tote hospital.

Episode 5 Nov 16 2002 - Selections start, and the find out who moves into the house.

Episode 6 Nov 23 2002 - a fight between Pocahontas and Jamie escalates. Pochahontas is cut from the show.

Episode 7 Nov 30 2002 - Chopper gets into a fight with Allah. Later he gets into it with Jamie and Chopper decides to leave but he stays after Kimberly leaves because of death in her family. Submitted by Dnah20

Episode 8 Dec 07 2002 - P. Diddy finds out about Jamirah being pregnant, she is cut with Dylan, Jamie, and Yazmine. Babs comes back, and fights break out.

Episode 9 Dec 14 2002 - There is a scaenger hunt and a rap-off

Dec 21 2002 - Sara, Babs, Lloyd, Frederick, Chopper, and Dylan make the group!

Jun 18 2003 - As the group comes back together from their break, they experience some problems. P.diddy puts them in a 2-bed hotel room. Being that there's 6 people, that's something u would not want. ...more

Season 2, Episode 2 Jun 25 2003 - Hell week continued as the cast members washed cars, read the biograpy of Russell Simmons aloud and memorized legendary hip-hop lyrics while standing outside the Bad Boy Studios. Dylon remained ...more

Season 2, Episode 3 Jul 02 2003 - Diddy tells the band they are going to make their cd in 6 weeks instead of the usual year it takes. Babs gets an ""important"" phone call when she is asleep and Ness answers ...more

Season 2, Episode 4 Jul 09 2003 - The Fight Part 1. Fred and Ness have always been ""boys"" but when it comes down to who is the leader, they have a problem with eachother. Everyone thinks Ness should be the ...more

Season 2, Episode 5 Jul 16 2003 - Everyone goes out to a club even though they should all be at home writing together. The only one who stays is Sara so she does. She then gets mad when the band comes home at 4 in the morning ...more

Season 2, Episode 6 Jul 23 2003 - Wyclef Jean comes to help ""Da Band"". He gets a singing coach for Sara and when puffy tells Dylan that if he doesn't get his act together he won't be on the album and then ...more

Season 2, Episode 7 Jul 30 2003 - ""Da Band"" is suppose to be working on the deadline for a single just received by Diddy but the men go out to a club one night and the Dylan disapears for a whole day to see ...more

Season 2, Episode 8 Aug 06 2003 - Since P Diddy has now shut down the studio the band finally comes together and starts working with eachother as much as they can without the studio. They interview 5 managers, one even being the ...more

Season 2, Episode 9 Aug 13 2003 - The fight continues....

Season 2, Episode 10 Aug 20 2003 - Another Sara episode..... Sara gets mad at Chopper because everytime Tony(her husband) calls he hangs up on him telling him he doesn't know where he is or she's asleep. Sara starts having ...more

Season 2, Episode 11 Aug 27 2003 - Dylan goes to another probation thing and doesn't come back which makes matters worse at the house. A tiny fight between Chopper and Dylan breaks out in which Dylan throws a bottle of water at ...more

Sep 03 2003 -

Season 2, Episode 13 Sep 10 2003 -

Season 2, Episode 14 Sep 17 2003 -

Season 3, Episode 1 Mar 04 2004 - At the end of the last season, Da Band were schmoozing the music press, impressing them with their personalities and music. Now, they are releasing their album to the public and hitting the ...more

Season 3, Episode 2 Mar 11 2004 - Half of Da Band head to the V-103 FM Atlanta Radio Show. Dylan, Chopper and Fred are MIA and the remaining band members are freakin'. With only seconds to spare, Chopper and Fred roll up. Dylan ...more

Season 3, Episode 3 Mar 18 2004 - Da Band continues to tour with all of its' band members. Their patience with each other is starting to wear very thin--especially between Sara and her smoking band mates. They feel that she's ...more

Season 3, Episode 4 Mar 25 2004 - Even though Da Band have enjoyed a lot of quick fame and success, they still owe their fans a good show. Diddy complains their performances are lackluster, and immediately takes action. He ...more

Season 3, Episode 5 Apr 01 2004 - Da Band are living with Diddy, and it ain't pretty. Their Park Ave crib is a total mess ‘cause no one is cleaning it. Diddy stops in for a surprise inspection at 4:15 a.m. while everyone ...more

Season 3, Episode 6 Apr 08 2004 - To keep the momentum going, Da Band start to record their second album while still promoting their first. Ness wants to make the new CD more ""street"" but Sara isn't feeling ...more

Season 3, Episode 7 Apr 15 2004 - Da Band couldn't ask for a better or more experienced advisor than P Diddy. As he repeatedly reminds them, he's sold 100 million records worldwide. Obviously, Diddy knows what it takes to make a ...more

Season 3, Episode 8 Apr 22 2004 - Da Band's album, Too Hot for TV has reached gold status (500,000 sold) but Diddy isn't settling; he wants platinum. He starts pushing his staff and Da Band to promote the CD and themselves. ...more

Season 3, Episode 9 Apr 29 2004 - Now that Diddy has made Da Band, he's ready to lead them to their next challenge. The next step: to become legit performers and entertain a crowd of 30,000 people in Chicago. Diddy calls in the ...more

Season 3, Episode 10 (Season Finale) May 13 2004 - After all of the previous conflicts, Da Band have starting collaborating and have almost completed their sophomore album. They feel like they're vibing and progressing but Diddy thinks that only ...more

Seson 3, Episode 10 (Season Finale) May 13 2004 - After all of the previous conflicts, Da Band have starting collaborating and have almost completed their sophomore album. They feel like they're vibing and progressing but Diddy thinks that only ...more