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Below is a complete Malcolm & Eddie episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Malcolm & Eddie episodes are listed along with the Malcolm & Eddie episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Malcolm & Eddie episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this poll include “Partnership of Fools” and “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Malcolm & Eddie episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Dead Guy Nov 04 1996 - A man trying to bring a fake lawsuit against the bar, inadvertently dies, just as the guys get a visit from the city's toughest health inspector.

The Commercial Feb 24 1997 - When the guys decide to film a TV commerical for the bar, to attract new customers, they are inadvertently a big a gay bar. Finally, the guys decide to dress the part.

Jingle Fever May 19 1997 - A rival towing company owner, runs Eddie out of business, and gets him to work for him. But Eddie decides to turn-the-tables on his unscrupulous boss, and get his business back.

Hai Karate Feb 03 1997 - Eddie takes karate lessons from a kung fu master to prepare for a duel.

Club Story Jan 13 1997 - While Malcolm is away with Lydia, Malcolm leaves Eddie in charge of running the bar for a day. Eddie gets the idea that he should transform the bar into an exotic dance club, but doesn't count ...more

It's the Bomb Nov 18 1996 - Malcolm's plan for rededicating his bar from its old name Kelly's, to its new name McGee's, goes amiss when the signs are misspelled, McGoo's. Meanwhile a crazed, bomb-toting football fan takes ...more

Lockdown Jan 20 1996 - The guys land in jail when they try to scalp Jodeci concert tickets.

Swappin May 05 1997 - Tim is forlorn over his breakup with Danielle. He writes her a love letter to express his deepest feelings for her, but hands it to Malcolm to pass to her. But when Tim's love letter falls into ...more

Jugglin' Feb 10 1997 - Holly passes Malcolm off as her boyfriend when her parents come for a visit. But all goes awry when Malcolm is caught in a compromising situation. Eddie seems oddly attracted to a psycho chick. ...more

Everynight Fever Feb 17 1997 - The club puts on a 70's promotion and everybody dresses up in 70's attire, and grooves to the funk. Eddie gets into the spirit of the 70's, so much so that he remains there even after the ...more

Do the K.C. Hustle Nov 11 1996 - Eddie's uncle (Richard Pryor) teaches Malcolm to win at pool.

Sh-Boing-Boing Nov 25 1996 - Malcolm tries to settle his grandparents' quarrel after Malcolm's grandfather gets kicked out of the house and moves in with Malcolm & Eddie. Nicolette gets a new roommate named Regina, who ...more

Retreat and Surrender May 12 1997 - An unlikely romance blossoms between the guys and their girls, during an employee camping retreat in the woods. After being stranded in the woods overnight, Nicolette finally gets Eddie to ...more

Whole Lotta Love Seat Apr 28 1997 - Eddie and Malcolm try to return an expensive leather sofa Eddie bought with rent money, even after he accidentally painted graffitti on it.

Eddie by Moonlight Sep 02 1996 - When Eddie's beloved tow truck Broncula breaks down, he must raise money to repair ""her,"" so he secures a wild array of odd jobs which quickly wear away at Malcolm's

On the Radio Sep 09 1996 - Aspiring sportscaster Malcom finally gets a chance to be on the air at the radio station but instead of calling the plays, he's given a dee-jay's graveyard shift. Surprisingly, Eddie ends up as ...more

Someday My TAFKAP Will Come Sep 23 1996 - Malcolm prepares for the grand reopening of Kelly's sports bar and Eddie arranges to bring in the live entertainment for the event. He also uses his connections to book TAFKAP (The Artist ...more

Little Sister Sep 30 1996 - When a beautiful woman arrives at the bar Malcolm is quick to ask her for a date but unbeknownst to him, she's Eddie's younger sister. When the truth is told, the roommates make an agreement ...more

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Oct 28 1996 - As Malcolm prepares for Halloween, fearful Eddie tells a story of a devastating family curse.

Pilot Aug 26 1996 - Malcolm practices for his sports commentator audition at the local radio station, earnestly recording play-by-play onto a demonstration tape while watching the basketball game... until Eddie ...more

Big Brother is Watching Oct 14 1996 - Eddie becomes a member of the Little Buddies Association just to get a date with one of its attractive female volunteers. When Malcolm accidentally reveals his roommates ulterior motives to his ...more

Partnership of Fools Sep 16 1996 - Eddie annoys Malcolm when he deviates from their established system of picking their joint weekly lottery ticket numbers and instead chooses what Malcolm considers a dumb mix - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 ...more

The Slender Arm of the Law Mar 02 1998 - Everybody thinks Eddie's pal Rusty is crazy. During his career as a NASCAR driver, Rusty had one too many racing accidents that have left him short of a few lug nuts. His presence at Eddie's ...more

A Few So-So Men Apr 28 1998 - Malcolm's dream to renovate McGee's into 1930s jazz club is in full swing when he discovers that the contractor he hired to build his bar turns out to be an old Navy buddy of Eddie's. Since he ...more

Tough Love Jan 12 1998 - Malcolm uses tough love on his sister who gets fired and dumped in the same week.

Roofless People Sep 01 1997 - Malcolm's banker convinces him to hire his arsonist daughter as a waitress in order to have his loan for a new roof approved. Meanwhile Eddie sweet-talks Nicolette into continuing their secret ...more

Car Trouble May 12 1998 - Malcolm's car bites the dust, so Eddie talks Malcolm into buying a car from a police auction. Much to their surprise, the car contains a secret load of cash hidden inside. Things begin to heat ...more

Bachelor Daze Feb 16 1998 - It comes as a shock to Malcolm and Eddie when they learn that their old pal, Nelson Carter, is getting married. After all, there was a better chance for the Pope to get married before Nelson ...more

Casino Evil Sep 08 1997 - When their customers opt to go to a competing bar down the block, Malcolm decides to turn McGee's into a gambling establishment and save himself from bankruptcy.

Mixed Nuts Feb 23 1998 - Malcolm, his sister Maura, Eddie and his mother Sheila are preparing a surprise party for Malcolm's father Marcus. Maura and Sheila start arguing over what they believe to be Marcus' favorite ...more

Been There, Done That Aug 25 1997 - Eddie's luck seems to take a turn for the worse, each time Malcolm's luck takes a turn for the better, leaving Eddie battered & beaten. Malcolm meets a girl who he believes is the ...more

Jan 19 1998 - Nicolette enlists Malcolm and Eddie to help her shy beau find the words to propose. So the guys devise a plan to help Stanley gain some confidence by encouraging him to become a lady's man. As ...more

Kansas City Split May 19 1998 - Malcolm's life changes after meeting a spiritual counselor, falls in love with her, and decides to sell his bar. His wedding plans dissolve after she decides she's really in love with someone ...more

A Delicate Procedure May 05 1998 - Needing Tim's help in getting a tattoo removed, Malcolm agrees to date Tim's feisty sister & really turns on the charm to soften her stoney heart. But Tim may not be too happy about the ...more

Dream Racer Nov 03 1997 - Malcolm inadvertently places a large bet on Eddie when he competes in a NASCAR race. Nicollette fears a dream she had about Eddie might come true.

Whose Room is It Anyway? Dec 09 1997 - Malcolm dreams about a distant future where he and Eddie are still roommates.

Like Water for Chocolate Cookies Oct 27 1997 - Simone tries to win Malcolm's heart through his stomach with some special chocolate cookies, but once Malcolm tastes them, he only wants to use them to go into the cookie business with. ...more

Hoop Schemes Nov 10 1997 - Eddie subs as coach of a peewee basketball team in order to show up a rival, and Malcolm worries that his trash-talk tactics will leave the team in the dumper.

It Almost Happend One Night Nov 24 1997 - Malcolm acts as chef Simone's husband to fool her high-school nemesis.

Trading Spaces Oct 13 1997 - After Malcolm and Eddie each make suggestions to the other about ways to improve each other's business, they decide to make a bet, which leads the guys to switch places and run each other's ...more

A Police Officer and a Gentleman Sep 22 1997 - Nicolette wants to make her relationship with Eddie a public one, while Eddie continues to want them to meet in secret. Nicolette is asked to the policemen's ball by another man, and feeling ...more

The Courtship of Eddie's Mother Sep 29 1997 - The guys may become family when Eddie's mother starts dating Malcolm's father.

Sibling Rivalry Sep 15 1997 - Malcolm, his gay sister, and Eddie compete for the attentions of a new waitress.

Two Men and the Baby Nov 17 1997 - The guys discover that baby-sitting Eddie's infant cousin draws women, but then they panic when they realize that the baby is missing.

The Way We Weren't Nov 18 1997 - Friends guide feuding Malcolm and Eddie down memory lane.

B.S. I Love You May 25 1999 - A gorgeous bandleader (Cindy Herron) breaks up Malcolm and Ashley.

Silenced Partner Oct 19 1998 - Business partners Malcolm and Eddie open a jazz club with Malcolm's money. And after Malcolm throws it up in Eddie's face and wants to make all the decisions, Eddie looks for ways to raise his ...more

My New Friend's Wedding Oct 05 1998 - In a flash-back, after being jilted by Mira, Malcolm & Eddie meet each other for the first time at Eddie's wedding. Malcolm consoles a jilted Eddie after his bride-to-be left him standing at ...more

Back in Business Oct 12 1998 - After discovering that Eddie spent all his money on electronic gadgets and has no money left to reinvest in their new business venture, Malcolm and Eddie join forces to find a way to re-open ...more

Menace II Theology Nov 02 1998 - Non-church-goers Malcolm and Eddie accidentally volunteer to teach Sunday school while visiting at Nicolette's church and find that they have a knack for public speaking.