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Below is a complete Mannix episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mannix episodes are listed along with the Mannix episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mannix episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Lifeline” and “Beyond the Shadow of a Dream” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mannix episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher Oct 07 1967 - A scientist goes missing with a new formula.

Eight to Five, Its a Miracle Feb 17 1968 - A faith healer gets blackmailed.

The Name Is Mannix Sep 16 1967 - Mannix has side action on a kidnap case.

Skid Marks on a Dry Run Sep 23 1967 - Mannix is hired to find out any dirt on Govenor-elect Adam Pierson, and that's when the trouble starts: with his syndicate connections, people are dying fast.

To Kill a Writer Mar 09 1968 - An unsolved murder and an author with enemies.

Nothing Ever Works Twice Sep 30 1967 - Mannix is set up for the murder of an old girlfriend's husband.

The Girl in the Frame Mar 16 1968 - A fake Renoir is suspected, and the model is in danger.

Delayed Reaction Mar 02 1968 - Old labor woes come to light after an attempted murder.

The Falling Star Jan 06 1968 - Mannix checks out an actress with an enemy.

Deadfall (1) Jan 20 1968 - The strong friendship between Lew Wickersham and Mannix melts into a violent and deathly feud. The bitter battle begins when Mannix launches an investigation into the theft of a highly secret ...more

Huntdown Nov 18 1967 - Investigating an insurance claim, Mannix finds himself intensely scrutinized.

Deadfall (2) Jan 27 1968 - The two paths of the case meet at the water's edge.

Beyond the Shadow of a Dream Nov 04 1967 - Mannix is hired to vet a prospective bridegroom.

Turn Every Stone Dec 09 1967 - A libel suit against a newspaper at the state capital involves politics and the mob.

Coffin for a Clown Nov 25 1967 - A missing boy and a cover-up.

Catalogue of Sins Dec 02 1967 - Blackmail in the film industry.

Run, Sheep, Run Dec 16 1967 - An undercover cop's murder exposes a vice operation.

You Can Get Killed Out There Feb 03 1968 - Mannix quits rather than chase a necklace and a mobster, and stumbles into a case of murder and fraud.

The Cost of a Vacation Oct 21 1967 - A threatened suicide.

Another Final Exit (or, The Box) Feb 10 1968 - A missing million leads Mannix out of Intertect as bait for a drug ring.

Make Like It Never Happened Oct 14 1967 - Mannix takes the case of a death row inmate.

License to Kill---Limit Three People Jan 13 1968 - A psychopath's next victim might be his wife.

Then the Drink Takes the Man Dec 30 1967 - Undercover at a health farm for boozehounds.

Warning: Live Blueberries Oct 28 1967 - An incommunicado coed and a murdered basketball player.

The Silent Cry Sep 28 1968 - A lip reader ""overhears"" a murder plot.

Pressure Point Oct 12 1968 - An injured client disappears.

Comes Up Roses Oct 05 1968 - A missing wife is wanted by the mob.

A Copy of Murder Nov 02 1968 - Part of a manuscript gone missing holds the answer to a homicide.

End of the Rainbow Oct 26 1968 - A dead ex-con has Mannix's name on him.

To the Swiftest, Death Oct 19 1968 - Mannix enters a race in which a driver is killed.

Who Will Dig the Graves? Nov 16 1968 - A missing wife, reported dead, is a difficult quarry.

Edge of the Knife Nov 09 1968 - A doctor's son is kidnapped to force a failed surgery.

Last Rites for Miss Emma Mar 08 1969 - Peggy's boyfriend is suspected in a drug case.

In Need of a Friend Nov 23 1968 - Mannix finds new evidence in the case of an embezzler he sent up the river.

Only Giants Can Play Jan 18 1969 - A political campaign and the death of a small-time crook.

End Game Feb 15 1969 - A court-martialed soldier has plans for revenge.

Fear I to Fall Dec 21 1968 - Mannix is called to testify against an ex-con he sent up, but his time suspects a frame.

A View of Nowhere Dec 14 1968 - On a helicopter trip, Mannix thinks he sees a murder being committed.

The Girl Who Came in with the Tide Feb 01 1969 - An old foe's girlfriend dies suspiciously.

Merry Go Round for Murder Apr 05 1969 - A boarding school marked for demolition sets off a mystery involving a corpse and a quarter-million.

All Around the Money Tree Feb 22 1969 - Scotland Yard is after millions from a robbery, and they're not the only ones.

Night Out of Time (or, Blackout) Dec 07 1968 - A young heir wakes up bloodied and minus a grlfriend.

Shadow of a Man (or, Killjoy) Jan 25 1969 - A attempt on his life forces Mannix into a complex search.

The Odds Against Donald Jordan Mar 01 1969 - A missing contractor leads to mixed motives and a doubtful case.

The Solid Gold Web Mar 22 1969 - A newspaper publisher's daughter is implicated in the death of a mobster.

A Pittance of Faith Jan 11 1969 - A model's suicide proves doubtful.

Death in a Minor Key Feb 08 1969 - Peggy's boyfriend goes on the lam.

Death Run Jan 04 1969 - An old pal asks Mannix for help; when he arrives at the man's rural town, there's murder afoot.

To Catch a Rabbit Apr 12 1969 - Mannix cooperates in a police investigation.

The Nowhere Victim Nov 29 1969 - A hit-and-run case lands Mannix in the middle of a gang war.