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Below is a complete Mataku episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mataku episodes are listed along with the Mataku episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mataku episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “The Final Plume: Te Raukura” and “The Sands Of Time: Te One Tahua.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mataku episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Blue Line: Kahurangi Oct 03 2002 - When a property development company starts to clear land to make way for a new casino, a young female executive is overtaken by the spirit of an old Maori woman. She is compelled to keep the ...more

The Enchanted Flute: Te Ngoro Oct 10 2002 - A shy and socially inept young man is seduced by the magical properties of a Maori bone flute he finds on the beach, which seems to be the answer to his problems, but which could lead him to his

Going To War: Te Mura O Te Ahi Oct 17 2002 - A young Maori soldier who is sceptical about his family's traditional beliefs changes his mind when he encounters his uncle who died in World War II.

The Sisters: Nga Tuahine Oct 24 2002 - Devoted sisters, Nola and Naera, are separated as children when Naera goes missing in the forest. Nola carries the pain of her sister's disappearance into adulthood, and when her own life begins ...more

The Rocks: Nga Kohatu Oct 31 2002 - A rocky outcrop, once the site of a bloody killing, carries a curse, bringing heartbreak and tragedy to the family that farm the land.

The Fishing Trip: Mahi Hi Ika Nov 07 2002 - A friends' fishing trip proves fatal when the men land on a sacred island.

The Lost Tribe: Nga Iwi Ngaro Nov 14 2002 - ‘The Lost Tribe/Iwi Ngaro' tells the story of a group of modern-day soldiers who are sent on a mission deep in the heart of the forest. Along the way, they come across grisly evidence ...more

Divine Intervention: Ahu Mai Hohonu Nov 21 2002 - Tama is a small town taxi driver that decides to go to extreme measures to drive his competition out of town by summoning up a Taniwha that ends up having an agenda of its own.Tama soon realises ...more

The Final Plume: Te Raukura Nov 28 2002 - The Final Plume' tells the story of Sean Ngari , a young man who is a role model teenager. However, one day, without warning, Sean's nature changes. His mother consults a Tohunga who reveals ...more

The Pathway Of The Spirit: Te Ara-Wairua Dec 05 2002 - The marriage of Kingi and Marama is a perfect match - until tragedy strikes. Now Kingi must travel into the world of the spirits in the hope of being reunited with his love.

The Sands Of Time: Te One Tahua Dec 12 2002 - ‘The Sands Of Time/Te One Tahua' tells the story of the Williams family who move into a new house that they have built and begin to notice strange things occurring. 12 year-old Nicky ...more

The Heirloom: Te Kura Paraoa Dec 19 2002 - A man who buys Maori artefacts and makes copies of them gets a big surprise when he tries to copy a beautiful whalebone patu and the patu shows its power

The Godchild: Tipua Dec 19 2002 - A beautiful young woman who is a seer, using her powers for criminal gain, discovers she is a child of the gods and must face the consequences for her reckless actions

The Wild Ones: Uru Takariri Feb 02 2005 - When three young thugs hide in the forest for safety after a bank heist, they find themselves in more danger than they planned.

The Tree: Te Rakau Feb 09 2005 - When Renee and Daniel move into their dream home, they are desperate to furnish that dream with a baby. Despite being on a pregnancy plan, all attempts to conceive are fruitless leaving Renee ...more

Tears: Taneiwai Feb 16 2005 - When Joanna inherits a suspicious boulder of greenstone from an unknown relative, weird things begin to occur in her life.

The Chosen Ones: Urutapu Feb 23 2005 - Four friends meet again after 20 years to recount a traumatic experience from their childhood past. It is a meeting which leads them to make a huge sacrifice for the future of mankind.