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Full List of Matlock Episodes

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Below is a complete Matlock episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Matlock episodes are listed along with the Matlock episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Matlock episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Fugitive” to “The Reunion” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Matlock episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    The Hucksters - Alternate Ending (2)

    Feb 16 1988
    Don Ridgely...
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    The Hucksters - Alternate Ending (1)

    Feb 16 1988
    Jane Barnes...
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    The Hucksters - Alternate Ending (3)

    Feb 16 1988
    Stephen Spector...
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    The Convict

    Feb 10 1987
    Seven years ago Ben defended Les Matthews, who was accused of killing his friend and business...
  • 5

    The Professor

    Dec 02 1986
    Professor Erskine Tate wakes from a drunken stupor behind the wheel of his car. He doesn't...
  • 6

    The Angel

    Nov 25 1986
    Matlock reluctantly agrees to hire free-spirited rock star Angel after Charlene reveals she's...
  • 7

    The Doctors

    May 12 1987
    Dr. David Westlake was a nasty piece of work who had a reputation for making trouble for his...
  • 8

    The Stripper

    Sep 30 1986
    Years ago, Ben represented Jason Hardiman in his divorce proceedings, and upon his...
  • 9

    Santa Claus

    Dec 09 1986
    When a down-on-his luck Santa Claus (Tom McCabe) is accused of killing the landlord who was...
  • 10

    The Don (1)

    Oct 28 1986
    When Nicholas Baron, a well known mobster, is accused of murdering one of his rivals, he asks...
  • 11

    The Author

    Jan 13 1987
    Mary Ann Newton has written a book (Secret Confessions) that purports to be fiction, but upon...
  • 12

    The People vs. Matlock

    Mar 24 1987
    While defending union boss Gerald O'Hara, who has been accused of murdering his chief rival...
  • 13

    The Court Martial (2)

    Feb 24 1987
    As the case progresses, Ben discovers that the lieutenant and four other officers may have...
  • 14

    The Don (2)

    Nov 04 1986
    Even though they've lost a key witness, Matlock keeps defending Nicholas Baron. Daniel tries...
  • 15

    The Chef

    Jan 06 1987
    Michael and Victoria Edwards may be divorced, but unfortunately, she couldn't keep him from...
  • 16

    The Photographer

    Mar 31 1987
    Amy Adler had a juvenile record before becoming a photographer's assistant. When the...
  • 17

    The Cop

    Nov 18 1986
    Detective Joe Peters has been accused of taking bribes and murdering a fence, and also...
  • 18

    The Therapist

    Mar 03 1987
    Matlock is hired to defend a popular actor when he's accused of killing the man who ran the...
  • 19

    Diary of a Perfect Murder (1)

    Mar 03 1986
    Atlanta lawyer Ben Matlock takes on the high profile case of a television reporter accused of...
  • 20

    The Court Martial (1)

    Feb 17 1987
    Ben is hired by a friend to defend his son, who is in the army, who's been charged with...
  • 21

    The Judge

    Sep 23 1986
    Ben Matlock accepts the pro bono case of Kevin Meredith, a young man accused of murdering his...
  • 22

    The Seduction

    Oct 14 1986
    Matlock is hired to defend Brad Bingham, an aging football star with a reputation as a...
  • 23

    The Nurse

    Feb 03 1987
    Kathy Warren was a private nurse working for the St. Johns. One night while she was out, Peter...
  • 24

    The Affair

    Oct 07 1986
    Matlock represents the a maid accused of killing her employer, at the request of the man's...
  • 25

    The Rat Pack

    Jan 20 1987
    When Beverly Hills cookie entrepreneur Adam Gardner's girlfriend is found dead in his hot tub,...