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Below is a complete Matroesjka's episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Matroesjka's episodes are listed along with the Matroesjka's episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Matroesjka's episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Episode 7” and “Episode 6.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Matroesjka's episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Part 1 Jan 05 2005 - Women Trafficker Ray Van Mechelen and his right hand Mark Camps are holding Auditions in Vilnius, Lithuania. They claim they are looking for dancers to tour top dancings in Belgium, Netherland ...more

Part 2 Jan 12 2005 - On Cyprus the girls receive "dancing classes" and all of a sudden all illusions are gone. They are forced to strip in a local nightclubs. 2 girls, Olga and Deborah where able to ...more

Part 3 Jan 19 2005 - De cops soon close the case of the murder on Mike Simons. Laura suspects that Clem De Donder is passing along information to the gang of Ray Van Mechelen. The group of East-European women arrive ...more

Part 4 Feb 02 2005 - The gang removes the Russian Inga from a bar in Limburg and brings her back to Studio 69. Inga was part of the last East-European girls shipment. Kalinka is not happy of her return. Daria ...more

Part 5 Feb 09 2005 - The gang wants to sell 6 girls to a club owner from Netherlands. Mark Camps has to negotiate the price. He lets himself be brided. The cops raid Studio 69, but the gang was tipped of. Kalinka ...more

Part 6 Feb 16 2005 - Irena goes into hiding at Peter Jones, the handyman from the club. His wife is all but happy about this, she contacts the cops. Clem De Donder is being suspended by internal affaires. The cops ...more

Part 7 Feb 23 2005 - The girls have been in Belgium for 3 months now. The cops are keeping a close eye on Studio 69. The customers are being systematically checked after leaving the club and stay away. The Gang is ...more

Part 8 Mar 02 2005 - Ray and Vincent more frequently disagree about the management of the club. Vincent wants ray out. He makes a lucrative offer to Jan and Eddy. Daria's savings money has disappeared. The other ...more

Part 9 Mar 09 2005 - 3 months later... Eva has a job in a snack bar. Nice Maes has convinced her to talk to the cops, but Eva refuses to press charges against the gang. After the incident with Vincent The relation ...more

Part 10 Mar 16 2005 - After the funeral of John Dockx, Vincent and Ray have a difficult conversation. Ray does a proposition. Eddy gets in more trouble, he is being accused of messing with the accounting. Jan ...more

Episode 1 Apr 11 2008 - After 3 years in jail Ray Van Mechelen and Eddy Schoefs are released and discover that their previous business partner Jan Verplancke invested all their savings in a business in Thailand. When ...more

Episode 2 Apr 18 2008 - Bob Sels gets a visit from Ukranian women traffickers. He turns their offer for cooperation down. The following night the Pussycat gets smashed up and 2 new girls, Nastya and Sveta, get ...more

Episode 3 Apr 25 2008 - In Pattaya the T&A-stripclub gets closed by the police after a fire in the attached hotel. The Gallaghers suspect Jan of exporting girls to Belgium for his own profit. Ray travels to Kiev to ...more

Episode 4 May 02 2008 - Sveta returns to Tansdniestr after a 3 day journey. She has made no money at all in Belgium but on top of that she is very unhappy. Thip en Pat are not happy either, they get abused daily by the ...more

Episode 5 May 09 2008 - Sveta returns to Tansdniestr after a 3 day journey. She has made no money at all in Belgium but on top of that she is very unhappy. Thip en Pat are not happy either, they get abused daily by the ...more

Episode 6 May 16 2008 - Danny recovers in hospital after being visited by the gang of Morozov. Bob Sels realises that Morozov is serious about taking over the Antwerp prostitution network and he decides to take drastic ...more

Episode 7 May 23 2008 - Jan and Tony return from Bulgaria without money or girls. The patience of Bob has run out. He gives Jan one week to either find him 10 new girls or pay him back the €15.000 in expenses. ...more

Episode 8 May 30 2008 - Jan has returned from Romania with a group of young rebellious gipsy girls for Bob. Esther gets arrested by vice and discovers that Inesa is working as an informer for the police. She tries to ...more

Episode 9 Jun 06 2008 - coming soon

Episode 10 Jun 13 2008 - coming soon