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Below is a complete Matt Houston episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Matt Houston episodes are listed along with the Matt Houston episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Matt Houston episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Waltz of Death” and “The Good Doctor.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Matt Houston episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Rock and The Hard Place Jan 02 1983 - An upcoming fight appears rigged when murder uncovers the champion's (Dorian Harewood) physical problems and his wife's alcoholism.

The Showgirl Murders Mar 20 1983 - other characters: Decoy #1 (woman), Doris (hotel photographer), Mattie (dancer) When a nightclub-singer friend (Robert Goulet) believes he has killed during alcohol-induced blackouts, Matt works ...more

Who Would Kill Ramona? Oct 31 1982 - other characters: Todd Gallager, Rick Matt enters the film world to investigate after a drink from a faded star's (Janet Leigh) glass instantly kills her new leading man.

Recipe For Murder Nov 07 1982 - other characters: Roger Marsden (murdered) A restaurant critic's (James Coco) dinner is disrupted when a gelatin mold brought to his table contains his partner's severed head.

Shark Bait Nov 21 1982 - other characters: Alice, Wyndell Murdock, Glenda Collins, Sam Gleason Matt steps in when the mother of a Malibu lifeguard fears her daughter will be the next victim of a series of fatal shark

Stop The Presses Oct 03 1982 - other characters: Ron Randolph, Lelani, Camalani A disreputable tabloid's publisher is nearly killed after telling his four worst enemies he plans to run a front-page story on them.

Here's Another Fine Mess Mar 06 1983 - After costumed killers try to kill C.J. by forcing her off the road, she learns all her college sorority sisters are also in danger.

The Hunted Apr 24 1983 - other characters: Senator Delaney, Sony C.J. is held hostage by a famous criminal (Martin Landau) in order to free his terrorist son held by authorities on Matt's eyewitness testimony.

The Beverly Hills Social Club Mar 13 1983 - other characters: Carter A noted gossip columnist, Vonda Mirand, is murdered after threatening to expose the patrons of an exclusive bordello called the Afrodisia Fellowship.

Joey's Here Dec 05 1982 - other characters: Riley (Security Guard), Ms. Stevenson (Secretary) A robot designed by an electronics genius (David Cassidy) murders the brother (Troy Donahue) of it's creator.

A Deadly Parlay Apr 10 1983 - After Matt is found leaning over the dead body of a jockey (Lynn-Holly Johnson), he is charged with murder.

Whose Party Is It Anyway? Jan 23 1983 - Fake telegrams summon five famous people to Matt's penthouse for a Sunday meeting with murder on the agenda.

The Good Doctor Dec 12 1982 - other characters: Landlord After a research scientist is murdered during a party at Matt's place, a mutual friend of the victim asks Matt to investigate.

The Kidnapping Nov 28 1982 - other characters: Tony An old friend (Hugh O'Brian) calls in Matt when kidnappers snatch a seriously ill Arab prince during a jet flight to Los Angeles.

The Visitors Feb 27 1983 - Matt must verify or disprove an alleged UFO encounter during which a scientist suffered a fatal heart attack.

X-22 (2) Sep 26 1982 - Synopsis coming soon.

Fear For Tomorrow Apr 03 1983 - other characters: Kitchen Worker (possibly Randy or Tyler) A codebook and a cryptic message provide Matt his only clues to preventing the predicted deaths of thousands.

Killing Isn't Everything Oct 24 1982 - A pro quarterback (John Beck), Matt's college teammate, is blackmailed by a man who says he has proof the player killed his coach.

The Purrfect Crime Jan 09 1983 - other characters: John The four ex-wives of a wealthy cat-food manufacturer mauled to death by a pet tiger hire Matt to solve the crime so they can collect the money from the will.

Deadly Fashion Oct 17 1982 - Houston's old flame (Cristina Ferrare), a model, hires him when she is accused of killing her employer, a famous fashion designer.

A Novel Way To Die Apr 17 1983 - When a novelist (Terry Moore) at a mystery-writers' convention is murdered, Matt finds himself involved in a real murder mystery.

X-22 (1) Sep 26 1982 - Synopsis coming soon.

Get Houston Feb 20 1983 - other characters: Cletus Simms From his padded cell, an institutionalized madman (Chuck Connors) hires escaped convicts to kill Houston.

The Yacht Club Murders Jan 16 1983 - other characters: Dorian After a reunion with a secret childhood love, she asks Matt for help, fearing someone may die at a yacht-club party.

Waltz of Death Jan 13 1984 - other characters: Marla Pierce A concert pianist (George Chakiris) is pursued by a former detective who he believes strangled 18 blond girls.

The Crying Clown Nov 25 1983 - Matt must find one of a dead forger's original paintings, which is attracting an undue amount of interest from art dealers.

Criss-Cross Jan 27 1984 - other characters: Arnie (boy) Returning from Hawaii, retiree Novelli is charged with robbing a police vault of $2 million in cocaine.

The Woman in White Sep 16 1983 - other characters: Jenson, Flo Nightingale, Mo Jo (pimp), Tyrone Hadley (murdered) C.J. convinces Matt to help clear a former police officer imprisoned for a murder he claims he did not commit.

The Ghost of Carter Gault Oct 28 1983 - other characters: Lori An ex-newsman investigating a crooked union leader calls Matt for help just before becoming the victim of a bomb planted in his car.

Target: Miss World Dec 23 1983 - An international assassin (Judson Scott) kills a Navajo girl in order to use her apartment to have a clear shot at a victim.

On The Run (1) Mar 30 1984 - other characters: Veronica Sims (murdered) Matt awakens in his penthouse after a month-long absence, remembering nothing and finding himself accused of murder.

Marilyn Oct 21 1983 - other characters: Luther, Pasquel Martinez, Patrick (Marilyn's Son) After one of Matt's employees is chased and shot by mobsters, his dying words to Matt is to protect a girl called Marilyn.

The Secret Admirer Mar 09 1984 - other characters: Bella Ellis When C.J. rejects a disturbed admirer's (Marjoe Gortner) advances, he kills her boyfriend and tries to murder her. NOTE: The registration for Matt's helicopter is ...more

The Monster Jan 06 1984 - Attorney F. Lee Bailey decides to defend a man who has confessed to killing four teen-agers, then leaves C.J. to handle the details.

Heritage (2) Sep 09 1983 - other characters: Tanny, Mr. Lane, Sandy Matt encounters a land scam and learns the truth about his past when he goes home to Texas.

Death Match Feb 24 1984 - A man who murdered eight women, including Matt's fiancée, sends a clipping of his latest victim to Houston.

The Outsider Dec 02 1983 - other characters: Charles (Chauffer) Skeptical Matt becomes the target of a self-proclaimed psychic (Robert Walker) working with a kidnapping ring.

The Centerfold Murders Sep 30 1983 - other characters: Henry Omant Matt searches for a killer who has already slain three of twelve top centerfold models.

Butterfly Nov 18 1983 - A teenage prostitute dies when she tries to stop a child prostitution ring from snaring her younger sister.

Love You To Death Sep 23 1983 - other characters: Doctor, Dr. Austin, Heidi (waitress) After Matt's one-night affair with an obsessed woman, she ransacks his home and murders.

Heritage (1) Sep 09 1983 - other characters: Tanny, Mr. Lane, Sandy Matt encounters a land scam and learns the truth about his past when he goes home to Texas.

China Doll Nov 04 1983 - While investigating the murder of C.J.'s college roommate, Matt discovers she might have been involved with Chinese drug smugglers.

Blood Ties Mar 02 1984 - A psychotic hospital orderly (Lou Ferrigno) who killed five men decides to make Matt's ailing father his next victim.

Needle In A Haystack Oct 07 1983 - other characters: ""Crazy"" Willie Conklin A mother begs Matt to find her diabetic son, deported to Mexico because he witnessed a dirty I.N.S. agent rape a woman.

Cash and Carry Mar 23 1984 - A petty thief (Stuart Pankin) asks Matt's help to return $3 million he unwittingly stole from the mob.

The Bikini Murders Feb 03 1984 - other characters: John Davis, Paula Channing (or Jenning), Carol A psychiatrist's secretary discovers her boss' blackmail, then dies while leaving a message on Matt's answering machine.

Houston Is Dead Jan 20 1984 - After Matt learns the heads of a convalescent hospital murdered a nurse, he is shot.

The Honeymoon Murders Jan 25 1985 - Matt investigates the murders of his college roommate's fiancée and another imminent bride.

Escape from Nam (2) Nov 09 1984 - Andy (Max Baer Jr.) appears to have betrayed Matt and the rest to the Cambodian warlord holding Matt's cousin captive.

Eyewitness Oct 12 1984 - other characters: Guard Matt believes C.J.'s new love (Simon MacCorkindale), a rising TV newsman, is involved in a kidnapping captured on film.