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Below is a complete Maury episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Maury episodes are listed along with the Maury episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Maury episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “THE MAN I LOVED DESTROYED MY LIFE!” and “STOP MY TEEN FROM BECOMING A STRIPPER!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Maury episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

TURN THAT GORGEOUS GAL BACK INTO MY HANDSOME SON! Oct 21 2002 - They are gorgeous girls, but they were born boys! Now, their moms want to see their sons as men again! With the help of MAURY's makeover team, these sexy drag queens are going to take off their ...more

I HAVE TO KNOW…IS MY FIANCÉ MY STEPBROTHER? Oct 22 2002 - MAURY's guests are here to reveal shocking secrets to their loved ones. Valerie is engaged to a man named Ken. When Valerie began dating Ken, she couldn't help notice how much he resembled her ...more

HE SAYS HE LOVES ME…WHY DOES HE TORTURE ME? Oct 23 2002 - Imagine feeling like a prisoner in your own home. The women here today say they might as well be in jail because they have no freedom. The men they love control every aspect of their lives, from ...more

I'M TERRIFIED OF CHALK, HAIR AND CIRCUS CLOWNS! Oct 24 2002 - Can you imagine anyone being deathly afraid of human hair? What about chalk or even clowns? MAURY's guests want to confront their terrifying phobias and get the help they need to overcome their ...more

THEY WERE SHOCKING…CHEATING & CONTROLLING MEN! Oct 25 2002 - MAURY has met many women who were distraught because they believed their men were cheating. They were desperate to find out for sure and wanted the men to take lie detector tests. The men denied ...more

I'M 15---I CAN'T FORGIVE MY DAD FOR HAVING AN AFFAIR Oct 28 2002 - MAURY talks with guests who say their families have been ruined because of a family member's love affair. MAURY's guests have cheated with their spouse's best friend, brother, ...more

COMPLETELY OPPOSITE, COMPLETELY IN LOVE Oct 29 2002 - Mig says his girlfriend Dee makes heads turn! He says there was instant chemistry between them—although that might be hard to believe when you see them together. Mig is just 30 years old ...more

I HAVE TO TELL YOU I'M LIVING A SECRET LIFE Oct 30 2002 - MAURY's guests tell him they are finally ready to come clean and reveal devastating secrets to their friends and family members, even if doing so might ruin their relationships. Each guest knows ...more

MY MOM IS 100 PERCENT SURE I AM NOT THE FATHER OF YOUR BABY (PART 1) Oct 31 2002 - The parents on today's MAURY are here to defend their sons. They say they are 100% sure the young women who are accusing their sons of fathering their babies are wrong and they want paternity ...more

MY MOM IS 100 PERCENT SURE I AM NOT THE FATHER OF YOUR BABY (PART 2) Nov 01 2002 - Today MAURY has more explosive paternity stories and more shocking DNA test results.

I'M POSITIVE ONE OF THESE SIX MEN IS MY BABY'S FATHER! Nov 04 2002 - Many women have come to MAURY to test the men they were 100% certain fathered their babies only to learn that these men were not the fathers! These young mothers have returned today to test ...more

SEX, CHEATERS & PEEPING TOMS…CAUGHT ON TAPE! Nov 05 2002 - Married men caught with prostitutes, cheaters exposed and peeping tom's plots uncovered—MAURY has shocking and unusual behavior caught on tape. If Brian Bates had his own show, it would ...more

OUTRAGEOUS & UNBELIEVABLE GUEST UPDATES! Nov 06 2002 - Today MAURY has incredible updates on some of his most talked about guests! From shocking paternity test stories to devastating secrets and newlyweds caught cheating, MAURY has brought back his ...more

WE CAN PROVE ONE MAN FATHERED BOTH OF OUR BABIES! Nov 07 2002 - MAURY meets men and women who have been arguing about the paternity of their children since the day the women found out they were pregnant. The men are certain they are not the fathers and think ...more

I'LL PROVE MY DAUGHTER'S FIANCÉ IS A CHEATER! Nov 08 2002 - The women on today's MAURY are heartbroken because they believe their husbands and boyfriends are cheating. They say that the men they love give them many reasons to be suspicious including the ...more

PATERNITY SECRETS AND UPDATES! Nov 11 2002 - The women on today's MAURY have finally collected the courage to tell their husbands and boyfriends that another man may have fathered their children. Carla has been keeping her secret for ...more

MY FIVE YEAR OLD WEIGHS 230 POUNDS! Nov 12 2002 - Today MAURY meets the mothers of dangerously overweight babies. Their infants and toddlers weigh as much as a kindergartner and they are at risk for developing serious medical problems. They ...more

YOU ARE THE FATHER OF MY 3 BABIES! PART 1 Nov 13 2002 - Angry, young mothers are here to confront the men they know fathered their babies. They are sick of the lies and excuses—and they want to scientifically prove to these men that they have ...more

YOU ARE THE FATHER OF MY 3 BABIES! PART 2 Nov 14 2002 - MAURY listens to more explosive paternity stories and reads the shocking DNA test results. Both sides think there is no way they could be wrong—but one of them has to be and when MAURY ...more

MY DAUGHTER IS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK LIKE A BOY! Nov 15 2002 - The mothers on today's show admit they could have worse problems—but they are still troubled by the way their daughters dress and act. They tell MAURY that their once sweet and sensitive ...more

I'M BACK FOR THE 4TH TIME…YOU ARE MY BABY'S FATHER! Nov 18 2002 - Young mother's who were devastated when they did not get the answer they were looking for the first time they visited MAURY are back to have additional men take paternity tests. The first time ...more

WHY CAN'T I STOP HITTING AND HURTING MY CHILDREN? Nov 19 2002 - Today MAURY meets mothers who can't control their anger toward their children—and it's ruining their families. Lela confesses she often violently lashes out at her four children. She ...more

CHEATING SECRETS AND OUTRAGEOUS UPDATES! Nov 20 2002 - They've made us laugh, they've made us cry. They've shocked and surprised us—some of them have even made us downright mad! Today MAURY catches up with all of your favorite guests and ...more

I'M PREGNANT…I NEED TO KNOW IF MY FIANCÉ'S CHEATING! Nov 21 2002 - Each woman MAURY meets today has a very strong suspicion that her man is cheating. They say they can no longer trust their men and they have come to the show because they need to know once and ...more

SEX, LIES AND HIDDEN VIDEO…CAUGHT ON TAPE! Nov 22 2002 - MAURY has clips of truly astonishing, embarrassing and shocking moments caught on tape. We all feel safe in our own homes right? When a woman found out that her boyfriend taped her during their ...more

CAUGHT ON TAPE…MY 8 YEAR OLD STEALS, SMOKES & DRINKS! Nov 25 2002 - While most pre-teen girls are probably still playing with dolls and young boys are riding their bikes and playing video games, the kids MAURY meets today sneak out of the house, lie, curse, ...more

ANGRY TEEN MOMS DEMAND PROOF…YOU ARE THE FATHER! Nov 26 2002 - Takeesha and Bruce had talked about getting married and having children together, and when she told him that she was pregnant, he was happy. But five months after the baby was born, Bruce ...more

Nov 27 2002 - Today MAURY meets very scared and desperate women who say the men they love treat them like prisoners and control their every move. They say they are tired of being battered and bruised by these ...more

MAURY'S MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS Nov 28 2002 - Today MAURY takes a look at the most touching and inspirational stories he has covered. From heartfelt reunions to courageous and amazing kids, MAURY has the updates on some very special people ...more

I'VE GOT A SEXY SECRET…I'M IN LUST WITH YOU! Nov 29 2002 - MAURY plays matchmaker today as he helps his smitten guests reveal their secret crushes. Kimberly has been yearning for a former co-worker for four years. She says she was excited to go to ...more

I HAVE TO KNOW…ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH MY MOTHER? Dec 03 2002 - Today MAURY looks back at some of the most outrageous cheating stories of the past year—and he has updates! One of our most talked about stories involved a woman named Lisa who came to ...more

THE 3 OF US CAN PROVE ONE MAN FATHERED ALL 3 OF OUR BABIES! Dec 04 2002 - Today's MAURY is packed with emotional paternity stories and the shocking results! Young mothers certain they will prove who fathered their children get the shock of a lifetime when the DNA ...more

LIFE OR DEATH MOMENTS CAUGHT ON TAPE! Oct 08 2002 - Today MAURY has wild, amateur video of people cheating death, stupid criminals and shocking collisions. Vicki Johnson brought clips of unbelievable sporting disasters caught on tape. Plus ...more

YOU'RE 14…STOP HAVING SEX AND DRESSING LIKE A STRIPPER! Dec 06 2002 - MAURY is talking to distraught mothers who are begging their young daughters to change their out of control and promiscuous behavior. Fourteen year old Hailey says she loves to dress sexy, ...more

YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME…STOP DESTROYING MY LIFE Dec 09 2002 - On today's MAURY you'll meet women who must obey a list of rules that are provided by their abusive men! Summer's husband physically abuses her when she disobeys him. She can't speak to anyone ...more

I'M SORRY…BUT OUR BABY MAY NOT BE YOURS Dec 10 2002 - Women on today's MAURY have been keeping some potentially devastating secrets.First, Debbie's husband of 12 years, Don, has no idea that their five-year-old daughter Angela may not be his. ...more

MAURY…IT'S A MIRACLE I'M ALIVE! Dec 11 2002 - Do you believe in miracles? Today MAURY meets people who have overcome overwhelming odds and survived despite a grim prognosis. A man who was blind for almost ten years tells MAURY how he ...more

Dec 12 2002 - Wondering what happened to some of the guests you've seen on MAURY? Today he follows up with guests who have been on his show to find out what has happened since the cameras stopped rolling. ...more

Dec 13 2002 - It's wild and wacky—and absolutely out of control! MAURY meets men and women with crazy hairdos—and their friends and family say the hair has got to go! Darryl says his God ...more

TAKE A PATERNITY TEST…MY BABY NEEDS A DADDY! PART 1 Dec 16 2002 - Young teen mothers have come to MAURY to confront the men they are positive fathered their children. Diana knows that Tyrone is the father of her eight-month-old child. Diana did not know that ...more

TAKE A PATERNITY TEST…MY BABY NEEDS A DADDY! PART 2 Dec 17 2002 - Yesterday MAURY listened to angry mothers as each told her side of the story as to why she was certain the man she brought to the show was the father of her child. All of the men were just as ...more

I WAS BLINDED AND ALMOST KILLED BY THE MAN I LOVED! Dec 18 2002 - MAURY listens to gruesome stories from women who were brutally attacked and left for dead by the men they loved.

MY MOM IS CONVINCED YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME! Dec 19 2002 - MAURY meets men who are caught in the middle of their feuding mothers and girlfriends. Their moms are accusing their girlfriends of lying and cheating and they are demanding the girls be put to ...more

HOLIDAY MAILBAG UPDATES! Dec 20 2002 - MAURY has been reading the mail again—and he has updates on the guests you've all been writing about. Find out who is being naughty—and who's being nice! Plus, lots of you have ...more

I NEED TO TEST 9 MEN TO FIND MY BABY'S FATHER! Dec 23 2002 - MAURY looks back at some of the most explosive paternity stories of the past year. One teen mother had six different men take paternity tests in an effort to determine which of them was the ...more

JACK HANNA'S HOLIDAY ZOO Dec 24 2002 - On the day before Christmas Jack Hanna brought to me—a partridge in a pear tree…and two talking macaws plus tons of other barnyard and wild animals. A camel, a cheetah, a ...more

MEMORABLE MAURY HOLIDAY MOMENTS! Dec 25 2002 - Today MAURY is reminiscing about some of the most heartfelt moments and memorable guests from past shows.

THE TAPE PROVES IT…I KNOW YOU'RE CHEATING! Dec 26 2002 - Lie detector tests determined they were lying, hidden cameras caught them cheating—but these two-timing men still insist they are innocent! Their girlfriends suspected they were ...more

ARE THEY JINGLE BOYS…OR JINGLE BELLES? Dec 27 2002 - Twas two days after Christmas and strutting our stage were ten lovely women in clothes all the rage! But a surprise you will see, like ladies they dress. But not all are women—who's a ...more

MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE FOR THE NEW YEAR! Jan 01 2003 - Ten year old Christina suffers from a severe case of eczema. Christina is covered from head to toe with dry, scaly skin that itches continuously. Christina rarely leaves the house and has a very ...more