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Below is a complete McMillan and Wife episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual McMillan and Wife episodes are listed along with the McMillan and Wife episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. McMillan and Wife episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “The Face of Murder” and “Murder by the Barrel.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the McMillan and Wife episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Once Upon a Dead Man (Pilot) Sep 17 1971 - A theft at a charity auction and the disappearance of an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Death Is a Seven Point Favorite Dec 08 1971 - A mysterious note in a football begins a case.

Murder by the Barrel Sep 29 1971 - On moving day, Sally discovers a dead body in a moving barrel. When she leaves to tell Mac, the barrel disappears. What happened to it?

'Til Death Do Us Part Feb 16 1972 - Sally and Mac are sealed in their home by a killer.

An Elementary Case of Murder Mar 01 1972 - An old flame enters the picture.

The Easy Sunday Murder Case Oct 20 1971 - After the crosswords... a woman's husband is kidnapped, and her dog.

Husbands, Wives, and Killers Nov 10 1971 - A valuable necklace under the eyes of Mac and Sally at a masked ball.

The Face of Murder Jan 05 1972 - A phiz for the fuzz. Sally becomes the prey of a jewel thief out to dispose of witnesses.

The Fine Art of Staying Alive Mar 11 1973 - Sally is kidnapped at an art museum. The ransom: a priceless painting owned by Spain that they are unwilling to relinquish. Mac's only clue takes him back to the day he proposed to Sally.

Two Dollars on Trouble to Win Apr 01 1973 - Strange accidents surrounding a thoroughbred horse suggest its owner, an old family friend of Sally's, is a target for murder.

Blues for Sally M Oct 22 1972 - A composer is up against it, and Sally's somehow connected to him.

No Hearts, No Flowers Jan 14 1973 - Sally's next on a maniac's agenda; a psychiatrist assists.

The Night of the Wizard Sep 24 1972 - A man is done in by his wife, but he's not done yet. Evidently his ghost is unquiet.

Cop of the Year Nov 19 1972 - After receiving the Cop of The Year award, Sgt. Enright is accused of the murder of his ex-wife--and the case against him seems air-tight.

Terror Times Two Dec 13 1972 - The mob abducts Mac and replaces him with a surgically-altered lookalike, to liquidate a squealer in a tightly-guarded hospital.

Jan 06 1974 - A colleague from military intelligence calls on Mac, and is murdered.

Reunion in Terror Jan 27 1974 - Mac's old football squad is being eliminated one by one.

Feb 17 1974 - Mac switches places with Claudio Manton, a hood with a striking resemblance, to intercept stolen gold trans-shipped from France via Portugal and Mexico.

The Devil, You Say Oct 21 1973 - Mildred thinks she's witnessed a murder, and Sally receives a strange gift in the mail: film of a satanic ritual. More gifts reveal someone has it in for Mildred and a yen for Sally.

Death of a Monster...Birth of a Legend Sep 30 1973 - It's off to Scotland to see the laird and the loch, where the game's afoot.

Free Fall to Terror Nov 11 1973 - A suicide investigation reveals the executive had a merger in the works.

The Game of Survival Oct 20 1974 - A temperamental tennis champion is suspected of murdering a newspaper magnate who had him suspended.

Buried Alive Nov 10 1974 - A WWII intelligence colleague, long since thought to be dead, turns up and is murdered.

Night Train to L.A. Jan 19 1975 - Mac heads south to a police convention on a train filled with officers, Mildred, and the author of Cops and Other Crooks, who is murdered en route.

Love, Honor and Swindle Feb 16 1975 - It seems that Mac's sister is engaged to a con man out to diddle a mining company.

Downshift to Danger Sep 29 1974 - The grand prize of the 20th Annual Golden State Rally in Monterey is an antique car collection willed by a late millionaire. Mischief develops into mishaps and worse, until an entrant is

Guilt by Association Dec 08 1974 - Mildred is accosted while serving on a sequestered jury, then another juror is murdered in his locked room.

Requiem for a Bride Oct 26 1975 - Commissioner McMillan celebrates an old friend's wedding, but the honeymoon ends when the bride is murdered, and the intended victim may be closer to home.

Deadly Inheritance Sep 28 1975 - At Andy Kenesaw's 90th birthday party, an attempt is made on his life, just before a stockholders' meeting of the company he founded with Mac's grandfather years before (Kenemac Alfalfa ...more

Aftershock Nov 09 1975 - Unusual interest is shown in the McMillans' house when Sally thinks of selling it. Then an earthquake reveals a body behind the brickwork.

Greed Feb 15 1976 - Mildred and Agatha are named in a will. Heirs start dying, and next to inherit is Agatha, whose investigation runs parallel to McMillan's.

Point of Law Mar 07 1976 - A naval lieutenant facing a court-martial on a murder charge is appointed counsel in the person of Commander McMillan, USNR.

Secrets for Sale Dec 07 1975 - During an election, the city is beset by a fiscal crisis. Politicians are being blackmailed, and Sgt. Enright leaves the force to marry an heiress and work for a private detective agency.

The Deadly Cure Jan 18 1976 - Mac is wounded in a failed drug raid and sent to the hospital, where he sees a patient smothered, and slowly unravels the case.

Have You Heard About Vanessa? Apr 24 1977 - After a model commits suicide, Mac investigates her lonely life.

Jan 23 1977 - Up against a hit man who announces himself.

Affair of the Heart Mar 20 1977 - The case is clear, according to the Deputy D.A., but Mac has his doubts.

All Bets Off Dec 05 1976 - The wagers of sin. Mac is out to retrieve a set of diamonds swiped from his girl in Vegas.

Dark Sunrise Jan 02 1977 - Mac is away on a fishing trip when his house is blown up by a would-be assassin. Presumed dead, he investigates.

Coffee, Tea, or Cyanide? Jan 30 1977 - You pays your money, you takes your choice. While on an airline flight, Mac witnesses passengers dying mysteriously.