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Below is a complete Medabots episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Medabots episodes are listed along with the Medabots episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Medabots episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Kung Fu For Thought” and “How Spyke Got His Style Back.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Medabots episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Lights, Camera . . . Robattle! Oct 04 2003 -

I, Kilobot Jan 11 2004 -

Rok's Reborn Jan 10 2004 -

Thanks for the Memories Jan 17 2004 -

Kilobot Rising Sep 13 2003 -

Scoop of the Century Sep 27 2003 -

Robbed Zombies Sep 28 2003 -

Stung by a Metabee Sep 01 2001 - In the year 2122 a young boy named Ikki doesnt have a Medabot and everbody else does so he's been saving his money for years going back to the same store looking at the medabots. One day the ...more

Return of the Screws Sep 01 2001 - Ikki and Metabee don't get along so well and Henry explains why. Ikki starts to understand why and decides to Ro-Battle the screws. At first, they don't get along and Metabee starts to lose ...more

Running Scared Sep 08 2001 - Ikki's middle school gym teacher makes him and the screws do A LOT (and when I say a lot, I mean a lot) of running but when Ikki and Erika find out the gym teachers big secret, they decide to ...more

The Legendary Medafighter Sep 15 2001 - Erika finds out about a ""legendary medafighter"" that supposidly goes to a snoby rich kids private school, so she and Ikki sneek in and go on a search to find him.

The Old Man and the Sea Monster Sep 22 2001 - The 'Old Man' helps Ikki and Metabee fight on water to to beat the bad bully-meanies.

The Gimme Ghost Sep 29 2001 - Ikki and Erika find out that there are ghosts stealing medals in a forest so they decide to check it out. There they find Karen and Koji who are also looking for the 'Gimmie Ghost' as he is ...more

Cyandog Bites Back Oct 06 2001 - Spyke and Cyandog never seem to win a Ro-Battle so Samantha kicks him them out of the Screws gang. Spyke and Cyandog ask Metabee and Ikki for training help and they find out that Cyandog is ...more

For Better for Worse (1) Oct 13 2001 - It is time for the 10th Annual Medabot Citywide Ro-Battle. Ikki and Metabee want to enter but of course they can't get along and Metabee refuses to listen to Ikki in the Ro-Battles. They both ...more

For Better for Worse (2) Oct 20 2001 - Metabee and Ikki are still infuriated at each other so Metabee disides NOT to listen to Ikki. Even though Ikki tries to help Metabee, MB tunes him out and loses the Ro-Battle. Koji says that he ...more

Mystery Medabot Oct 27 2001 - A mysterious medabot has come to town. This metabot goes by the name Rokusho. Ikki and his pals see him saving a puppy and they realise that he is faster than any Metabot they ever seen. Metabee ...more

Phantom Renegade: Unmasked Nov 10 2001 - Ikki is acused to be the Phantom Renagade by a reporter so the reporter follows him everywhere and evenstarts mimmic the Phantom hopping Ikki would reveal his secret. But then the real Phantom ...more

Ban All Medabots Nov 17 2001 - Angry moms that don't like Medabots steal kids' Medabots and pac them away. Ikki and Metabee talk some sence to the mean mommys and they get a grip and everyone lives happily ever after. For ...more

Meet Your Meda-Maker Nov 24 2001 - The Rubber Robo Gang comes up with a plan to use Ikki and Metabee to steal a super rare medal from Dr. Aki him self, who is the creator of all Medabots and also Karin's uncle.

The Spy Who Robattled Me Dec 01 2001 - The Rubber Robo gang tries to steal a rare medal from the Medabot Corporation, who is the worlds supplier to 90% of Metabots. Inside, the RRG steals Belzega, a medabot that has one-hit-beats-him ...more

I Dream of Hushi Dec 08 2001 - Rokusho meets Ainsley, a woman that lost her husband in a war, and they start to become friends. When Rokusho sleeps on Ainsely's tree, he remebers thing about his past with Dr. Hushi. The tree ...more

Metabee Vs Rokusho Feb 09 2002 - Rokusho finds out that Dr. Aki was the one that set fire to Dr. Hushi's house and Rokusho gets VERY angry. Metabee tries to protect Dr. Aki and has to Ro-Battle Rokusho. When Metabee is about to ...more

Use the Medaforce [a.k.a. Discovery of Medaforce] Feb 16 2002 - Dr. Meta-Evil's super strong bot, the Robo-Emperor, strats reaking havok and Rokusho gets kidnaped by the Rubber Robo Gang and is taken to a ship where they hope to get a rare medal. Ikki find ...more

Fifteen Minutes of Shame Feb 23 2002 - The preliminary rankings for top Medafighters off Japan is out. Ikki is #3, Koji is #2, and Space Medafighter X is #1. Ikki starts showing off for the cameras and Samantha (Leader of the Screws) ...more

Enter Rintaro Mar 02 2002 - Spyke and Krosserdog are practecing when they see a big medabot. Hmm. Ikki is telling Dr. Aki about how he annd Metabee were attackeb by these mystery medabots. Dr. Aki says that other companies ...more

The Ace from Outer Space Mar 09 2002 - As the story returns to where it left off last episode, we see the mysterious medabot reveal itself. It is a KBT type, Arcbeetle and it belongs to the number 1 Medafighter in Japan, Space ...more

Me and My Shadow Sword Mar 30 2002 - After seeing Ikki and Metabee use the Medaforce, Koji decides to train harder than ever to be prepared in case he ever has to face it. Space Medafighter X shows up to help him learn a special ...more

Dude, Where's My Ma? Apr 06 2002 - Ikki and metabee have to decide what to do. Do they want to mae the rankings for the Medabots Ro-Battle Championchips or does he want to save his mom. They both decide to save Ikki's mom who was ...more

X-treme Measures Apr 13 2002 - It's the day of the final standings for the World Robattle Tournaments and Ikki Tenryo is STILL in fourth place. In fact, with only 20 minutes until the close of rankings, Metabee is exhausted ...more

The Road to Ruins [a.k.a. Raiders of the Lost Medabot] Apr 20 2002 - The Ruber Robo Gang swoops down and bot-naps Metabee. He is weak so he can't fight back. They take Metabee to their secret hideout in a helicopter. Since the rest of the gang left Seaslug, ...more

Beetle Mania (1) Apr 27 2002 - Dr. Meta-Evil uses Metabee's medal to control every Medabot in the world! Brass starts to attack Erika and Karin and Kantaroth starts attacking Rintaro and his group. Then, amasingly, we find ...more

The Mother of All Robattles (2) Apr 27 2002 - Dr. Meta-Evil looks to be finished. But is he? a srtange cat puts a reare medal in to a HUGE Medabot and it takes Metabee, Rokusho, and ArchBeetle to fight him. Even when all 3 of them use the ...more

Spaceship Superstars Jul 01 2002 - When no one belives that an UFO landed on her front yard, Erika tries to bring out the truth, while the Rubber Robos make money selling Alien merchedice.

For Love or Robattle Jul 02 2002 - Sammantha has a hard choice to make. Give up Ro-Battling, so she could stay with her ""true love"" (who dosen't liek Medabots) or forget about him and continue as a ...more

Dance with the Mantis Jul 03 2002 - Karin is having a costume party and invited everyone, from Ikki, Erika, and Metabee (who are real glad to be invited) to Samantha and the rest of the Screws (who were surprised to get an ...more

Once Frostbitten, Twice Shy Jul 04 2002 - A snow storm causes the school to be closed. Ikki and Erika are having a snowball fight with the Screws, and don't hear the no-school annoucement. Still thinking htey have school, Ikki, Erika, ...more

Bridge Over Troubled Squidguts [a.k.a. Robattle Bridge] Jul 05 2002 - Space Medabotter X goes to share information with Koji on how he can compete against Ikki and Metabee's Rare Medal. Although Koji can't invoke the Medaforce, there are ways to combat it. Still ...more

No Body Home Jul 12 2002 - Ikki and Erika decide to do a report on Medabots and Medafighters for school. Metabee finds a Mermaidl Medal while strolling. The peeps put the medal in to Brass and the find out that this ...more

Welcome to Ninja World Jul 19 2002 - When Ikki wins two free tickets to popular Ninja Park, Erika persuades him to take her as his free guest. Ikki's first choice was Karin, but Erika wants to do a story on the park. Ikki ...more

Eat, Drink, Man, Medabot Jul 26 2002 - While traveling across the nation, training to become the best in the country, a Medafighter stops at Ikki's home. He is looking for a blue and white Medabot that interrupted his training in the ...more

There's Something About Miss Mimosa Aug 02 2002 - Spring is in the air, and like flowers, the hearts of men are blooming for Miss Mimosa, a popular teacher at Ikki's school. Coach Mountain, Squidguts, and the local florist, Mr. Richards all ...more

The Birds and the Metabees Aug 09 2002 - Penguins are cute with their black and white bodies and small wings, and the unique way they waddle when they walk. When they stare at you with those beady eyes, it just takes your breath away! ...more

Skyward, Yo! Aug 16 2002 - Ikki and Metabee are being trained by Dr. Aki to become top-level, highly skilled fighters for Robattle. The doctor visits a friend of his, Kailey, the famous stunt pilot. Kailey and her ...more

Love at First Bite Aug 23 2002 - In Ikki's neighborhood, a cart from Osaka that sells fried octopus balls sets up shop. Despite their good taste, Ikki voices his discontent, since he is a connoisseur of fried octopus balls. ...more

Heavy Medal Aug 30 2002 - Spyke and Cyandog argue with each other and the two end up going their separate ways, with Cyandog deciding to join The Rockers. Determined not to show how much he misses his old Medabot, Spyke ...more

Let the Meda-Games Begin (1) Sep 14 2002 - As competitors from around the world gather for the start of the World Robattle Championships, Mr Referee is shocked to be informed of a new rule for the contest. As Ikki and Koji meet up, they ...more

Pixies and Pirates (2) Sep 15 2002 - After their near defeat in the exhibition match, Ikki and Koji are worried about how they will fare in the championship, especially as Space Medafighter X still hasn't turned up. While the two ...more

The French Deception Sep 21 2002 - Ikki and Koji become suspicious when they learn that Tem France has won all of their matches by default because their opponents have failed to turn up. When Metabee's medal goes missing, the ...more

Space Medaballerina X Sep 22 2002 - Samantha is training for both the comming robattle AND a ballet recital. To make matters worse they're sceduled on the same day. Samantha really wants to impress her mom, but she doesn't want to ...more