Full List of MegaMan NT Warrior Episodes

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Below is a complete MegaMan NT Warrior episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual MegaMan NT Warrior episodes are listed along with the MegaMan NT Warrior episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. MegaMan NT Warrior episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “Plug in! Rockman!” to “Secret of the Ayano-Kouji House!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the MegaMan NT Warrior episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Spontanious Happenings in the Subway! Mar 11 2002
A robotic cat seems to have its wired crossed as it clamps its jaw onto Dex's calf. Lan and Maylu visit him in the hospital, but are greeted by a less than welcome reception. Meanwhile, Mr. Wily ...more
Signal Panic! Mar 18 2002
A mysterious young girl named Yai transfers into Lan's 5th Grade class. Impressed by her incredible wealth, Lan and Dex unwittingly find themselves trapped on the prococious little girl's ...more
Count to 3 Mar 25 2002
An eccentric guest lecturer, Mr. Higsby, has come to Lan's school. But the lesson he wants to teach isn't on the cirriculum! The nutty professor is on a quest to ""acquire"" ...more
Challange of the Fish Stampede! Apr 01 2002
At the command of My. Wily, the evil leader of World Three, Maddy, Mr. Match and Count Zap unleash an aquarium full of robotic fish using a unique, jellyfish-type of computer virus. The ...more
Subzero Tempatures Apr 08 2002
All the water in DenTech City has dried up! World Three has captured Tory and his father Dr. Froid and forced them to use their NetNavi IceMan to freeze the programs that control DenTech City's ...more
Duel at Midnight! Apr 15 2002
World Three's Count Zap is on a robbing rampage, only no one knows that his real target is the videogame that AyanoTech is about to release; if he can steal that, he'll make kids all over the ...more
Revenge of Fireman Apr 22 2002
Feeling like he's lost his inner fire, Mr. Match decides the only way to ignite it again is by defeating MegaMan once and for all. To lure him into his high-temperature trap, Mr. Match sends ...more
Yoga Soldier of Terror! Apr 29 2002
The wildly popular TV personality and Yoga master, Yahoot, is in cahoots with World Three! The menacing mystic uses his powerful NetNavi MagicMan to take over the airwaves and hypnotize the ...more
The N1 Grand Prix May 06 2002
Lan and his friends are excitedly training for the upcoming N1 Grand Prix. Unfortunately, the members of World Three have secretly signed up for the competition and Mr. Wily plans to unleash ...more
Invinsible Enemy! May 13 2002
The N1 Grand Prix is well under way and Lan's first match is full of surprises! His opponent turns out to be Miyu, the mysterious fortune teller. She uses her powers to predict Lan and MegaMan's ...more
Crash! The Pink Spark! May 20 2002
Just before their Net Battle competition at the N1 Grand Prix, Maddy insults Maylu and Yai in the trendy Souvenir Shop. Maylu vows right then and there to beat Maddy and her NetNavi, WackoMan, ...more
Burning Hot Net Battle! May 27 2002
The N1 Grand Prix rages on, and TorchMan and MegaMan are locked in a heated battle (continued from previous episode)... It seems like MegaMan has the upper hand when Mr. Match downloads a nasty ...more
Street Fight! Jun 03 2002
It's time to party! Lan and the gang did so well in their first week in the N1 Grand Prix that Yai invites everyone to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. But when our heroes get to the restaurant, ...more
Special Training, Program Advance! Jun 17 2002
After his brutal battle with Chaud, Lan knows that the only way MegaMan will ever have a chance against ProtoMan is to master the legendary Program Advance technique. Lan recruits Dex to help ...more
Miracle Net Navis! Jun 24 2002
Schoolmates Maylu and Tory, with their NetNavis, Roll and IceMan, battle it out in Week Two of the N1 Grand Prix! After Roll defeats IceMan, the games shift to a more challenging event: the Tag ...more
Commander Beef's True Identity Jul 01 2002
2 on 2 battles continue: MegaMan and SharkMan (Commander Beef) vs. StoneMan and BlasterMan. StoneMan and BlasterMan open a hole in the arena, and the four NetNavis are quickly sucked out of the ...more
Secret Operation! World 3! Jul 08 2002
The N1 Grand Prix moves into a special, second round of Tag Team competition when it is announced that two teams, which had previously been eliminated, can now re-enter the games. The two lucky ...more
Horror! Devil Chip! Jul 15 2002
Disguised as Higsby, Yahoot gives Maylu an evil BattleChip, which she uses in her team match with Lan--against Mr. Match and Maddy. This ""twisted chip"" has now taken over ...more
Yaito-chan! Close call! Jul 22 2002
It's the semi-finals at the N1 Grand Prix and MegaMan and Lan are teamed up with ProtoMan and Chaud against the Solo NetNavis, StoneMan and BlasterMan. Before the match, Chaud gets stuck in an ...more
Ultimate Tag BR Whirlwind! Jul 29 2002
This episode only aired in Canada. In the US, this two-part episode was compressed into one episode.
The Final Battle's End Aug 05 2002
At long last the waiting is over! The Championship Battle of the N1 Grand Prix has finally arrived, and the contestants are Lan and Chaud with their NetNavis MegaMan and ProtoMan! But as the ...more
King of Devastation, Pharoahman Aug 12 2002
PharaohMan has returned, and he's back with a vengeance! Mr. Wily sends an army of StoneMan and BlasterMan clones to capture the NetNavi, but PharaohMan has plans of his own. Meanwhile, Lan gets ...more
Rockman Revival Strategy! Aug 19 2002
Lan's dad, Dr. Hikari, has devised a way to rebuild MegaMan! Now that the gang has assembled MegaMan's data, it simply has to be input into MegaMan's cyber structure, or ...more
Revive! Rockman! Aug 26 2002
The BlasterMan/StoneMan clones attack PharaohMan, but he escapes unscathed. Roll and the others are not so lucky and are turned to stone by PharaohMan. As this part of the Cyber Net begins to ...more
Plug in! Rockman! Mar 04 2002
It's the not-too-distant future, a time when internet technology has swept the world into the Network Age! Everyone carries around a portable communications deviced called a ...more