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Below is a complete Melrose Place episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Melrose Place episodes are listed along with the Melrose Place episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Melrose Place episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Grand” to “Nightingale.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Melrose Place episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Lost & Found

Pilot Sep 08 2009 - In the updated version of the popular 1990s series, landlady Sydney Andrews has made herself into the a central figure in the lives of all her tenants, especially David Breck, the son of her ex, ...more

Nightingale Sep 15 2009 - In the wake of the murder, the Melrose Place tenants try to go back to a normal routine. Ella learns from her boss that her job may be in danger due to a recent merger. In need of tuition money, ...more

Grand Sep 22 2009 - Jonah becomes enraged when he finds out Riley hasn't told her family that they are engaged. After they fight, Riley turns to Auggie for comfort. Caleb exchanges words with Ella after her ...more

Vine Sep 29 2009 - Jane Mancini, Sydney's sister, arrives in Melrose Place to announce that she's inherited the building from Sydney. She later threatens Ella with incriminating e-mails she sent to Sydney unless ...more

Canon Oct 06 2009 - As a result of Jane’s tip, the police bring Ella in for questioning about Sydney’s murder. Lauren is torn between going on a shopping date with Riley for her wedding and impressing her new boss ...more

Shoreline Oct 13 2009 - A famous fashion designer gives Riley an offer; Lauren panics after running into David after taking a job on a yacht; and Violet tries to set up a meeting with Michael.

Windsor Oct 20 2009 - Ella and Riley meet the photographer Jo Reynolds at the Anton V photo shoot. To help Riley get in touch with her emotions Jo pressures her into doing a topless shoot. Jonah and Kendra meet up ...more

Gower Nov 03 2009 - Riley helps Jonah film a wedding, but the two get into a big fight in the middle of the ceremony. Putting her relationship with Jonah first, Riley breaks off her friendship with Auggie, who ...more

Ocean Nov 10 2009 - The police issue an arrest warrant for Auggie after learning his blood was on Sydney’s murder weapon.

Cahuenga Nov 17 2009 - The Bitch is back! Heather Locklear returns as Amanda Woodward. Ella and Caleb are stunned when agency owner Amanda Woodward walks into WPK and immediately fires half the staff, including

June Dec 01 2009 - Amanda moves into Sydney's penthouse while her Bel Air mansion is being built and takes an interest in David. Meanwhile, David and Lauren’s relationship continues to grow, and Ella uses her ...more

San Vicente Dec 08 2009 - Jonah and Riley decide to head to Las Vegas to elope but the day doesn’t quite go as planned. Ella arranges a pitch meeting for Jonah with an important producer who is interested in buying his ...more

Stoner Canyon Mar 16 2010 - Sexy Drew Pragin moves into Auggie’s old apartment and immediately clashes with Lauren. She becomes even more upset when he shows up at the hospital as the newest resident. Riley asks Ben for a ...more

Mulholland Mar 23 2010 - Ella is a little overwhelmed by Jonah's constant attention and decides couplehood might not be for her. Lauren succumbs to Dr. Mancini's threats and David decides to buy Coal, but the price ...more

Santa Fe Mar 30 2010 - Ella discovers someone is embezzling from WPK and framing her for it, she investigates and starts with Jo, who concludes Amanda is up to her old tricks again. Jonah decides to throw a party in ...more

Sepulveda Apr 06 2010 - David’s new role as a restaurant owner is put to the test after he loses some of his wait staff on the day an important food critic has come to review Coal. In an effort to get David to forgive ...more

Wilshire Apr 13 2010 - Amanda fires Ella from WPK. However, not one to go out without a fight, Ella searches for anything to blackmail Amanda. Unfortunately for one of the ladies, the end result is worse than she ...more

Oriole Mar 09 2010 - Violet asks Auggie to leave town with her. Amanda puts Ella in charge of a lavish party at her house to celebrate the arrival of her billionaire boyfriend Ben. However, after Amanda spies Ella ...more

Love Thy Neighbor: The Baddest and the Best of Melrose Place Jan 09 1995 - Daphne Zuniga hosts a look at twenty of the greatest moments in the show's history. Executive producers Aaron Spelling and Darren Star make a special appearance to introduce the number one clip. ...more

A Day in the Lives of 'Melrose Place' Oct 05 1994 - Behind-the-scenes look at the stars and producers of Fox's nighttime soap opera, "Melrose Place.

Pilot Jul 08 1992 - Alison's roommate leaves in the middle of the night and sticks her with the rent. The goofy Billy Campbell approaches her and asks about the vacancy, but she turns him down. Faced with eviction, ...more

Friends and Lovers Jul 15 1992 - Billy gets a job as a cab driver. He makes a connection with a passenger, and they quickly begin dating. Alison is put off by the speed of the couple's courtship, and grows tired of Marcy's ...more

Lost and Found Jul 22 1992 - Jake fears that Kelly will be hurt if they continue their relationship. He sets up a fake date with a friend and rubs it in Kelly's face to trick her into breaking up with him. Jane is depressed ...more

For Love or Money Jul 29 1992 - Alison is befriended by a guy from the mail room, who quickly asks her out. He reveals that his father is the vice president of a sunscreen company with which D&D is doing business. She ...more

Leap of Faith Aug 05 1992 - Jane learns that she is pregnant, but doesn't tell Michael because he hadn't seemed thrilled by the prospect of having kids. She tries to get an abortion secretly, but changes her mind. Michael ...more

Second Chances Aug 12 1992 - Jake asks Alison to help him study for his G.E.D., but requests that she keep the matter a secret. The building is filled with gossip after Alison is seen sneaking out of Jake's apartment after ...more

My Way Aug 19 1992 - Billy is depressed when the Melrose Times folds. He asks Alison to accompany him on a visit to his parents' house, then pleads with her to pose as his girlfriend. Billy tries to convince his ...more

Lonely Hearts Sep 02 1992 - While Sandy is hat-shopping with Rhonda, a cute guy named Paul sees her through the store window. He quickly asks her out, and she accepts. However, she soon realizes that there is no spark ...more

Responsibly Yours Sep 09 1992 - Billy helps a woman whose car has broken down along the side of her road. He gives her a ride to a gas station. When she doesn't have the money to pay him, she gives him some passes to a club ...more

Burned Sep 16 1992 - During his surprise birthday party, Jake receives an unexpected visit from his mother. Her constant drinking and carousing creates friction in their already-strained relationship. Although Sandy ...more

A Promise Broken Sep 30 1992 - During a routine appointment, Jane learns that her baby has died. Michael is reluctant to express his emotions about the loss, and quarrels with colleague Kimberly Shaw when she tries to ...more

Polluted Affairs Oct 21 1992 - After a chance meeting in the street, Alison becomes romantically involved with environmentalist Keith Gray. She is stunned to learn that he is married, but finds it difficult to break off the ...more

Dreams Come True Oct 28 1992 - Alison continues to see Keith, despite the misgivings of her friends and the fact that her erratic behavior has put her job in jeopardy. Billy confronts Keith about his treatment of Alison. Matt ...more

Drawing the Line Nov 04 1992 - Keith stays with Alison while his estranged wife, Lily, is in town for the weekend. Alison is wracked with guilt after Lily confronts her in a dream, and recalls the despair her mother suffered ...more

House of God Nov 11 1992 - A mysterious aspiring photographer named Jo Reynolds moves into the building. She responds coldly to the other residents' attempts to make nice, although she develops an instant attraction to ...more

The Whole Truth Nov 18 1992 - Billy tries to hit on Jo, but gets nowhere. Jake tries the exact same line, and Jo agrees to go for a motorcycle ride with him. Jo asks Jake to drop her off--claiming to have a job ...more

Jake vs. Jake Nov 25 1992 - Jake is visited by an old girlfriend, Colleen, who stuns him with the news that he is the father of her four-and-a-half-year-old son. She asks Jake to waive his parental rights so that her ...more

A Melrose Place Christmas Dec 16 1992 - Alison undergoes successful surgery, and Billy agrees to care for her when she returns home from the hospital. They both become frightened by how much they have come to care about each other. ...more

Single White Sister Jan 06 1993 - Jane receives a surprise visit from her sister Sydney, who has dropped out of college. Jane keeps the news from their parents, but is annoyed when Syd hangs around her workplace. Kay eventually ...more

Peanut Butter and Jealousy Jan 13 1993 - Sydney continues to get on Jane's nerves. Jane tells Michael that she is going to kick Sydney out of the apartment, but Michael has already asked Syd to take Jane out and get her to a surprise ...more

Picture Imperfect Jan 27 1993 - Alison is promoted to junior account executive and works with art director Amanda Woodward on an underwear account. Alison flirts with the handsome tennis star who is modeling for the account. ...more

Three's a Crowd Feb 03 1993 - Amanda, Billy and Alison spend the weekend at a lakeside cabin. Alison is concerned by Billy and Amanda's obvious attraction. She asks Billy not to date Amanda, as a break-up could hurt Alison's ...more

My New Partner Feb 10 1993 - Alison remains irritated about Billy's relationship with Amanda. Amanda suggests that Alison might have feelings for Billy, and recommends that the two discuss their relationship. Alison begins ...more

Bye Bye Billy Feb 17 1993 - Billy backs out of plans with Alison to have dinner with Amanda and her father. Amanda's father declares that Billy is a worthless bum. Keith loans Alison his sports car, but she has it stolen ...more

Irreconcilable Similarites Mar 03 1993 - Billy and Amanda bicker constantly after he moves in with her. Alison quits her job and decides to move to Seattle with Keith. Billy confronts Amanda after she insults Alison at her farewell ...more

End Game Mar 24 1993 - Billy's father dies of a heart attack. Amanda tries to exploit Billy's vulnerable state to seduce him, and then shows up at the funeral in an attempt to score points with her ex. Alison flies ...more

The Test Mar 31 1993 - Jake and Jo are forced to submit to AIDS tests after his ex-girlfriend Peri reveals that she is HIV positive. Unable to cope with their anxiety, Jake and Jo take off on his bike and spend the ...more

Pushing Boundaries Apr 07 1993 - One of Billy's co-workers discovers that he lied on his résumé, and reports him to Nancy. Nancy assures Billy that she hired him for his talent, and gives him a writing assignment. ...more

Pas de Trois Apr 21 1993 - Michael and Kimberly have sex in an elevator at the hospital. Alison later sees them making out in the hospital parking lot after her doctor's appointment. Alison confronts him, but he warns her ...more