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Full List of Meteor Garden Episodes

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Below is a complete Meteor Garden episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Meteor Garden episodes are listed along with the Meteor Garden episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Meteor Garden episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “MG II Episode 3” to “MG II Episode 11.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name of the Meteor Garden episode it's from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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    Episode 23

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    Episode 21

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    Episode 27

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    Episode 24

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    Episode 25

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    MG II Episode 10

    Dao Ming Si was able to meet his former college teacher, who was having a tire problem with his car in the street. He helped him change the tires and had a little chat with him soon after. After...
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    MG II Episode 13

    Shan Cai went to look for Mr. Gao in his firm. As she stepped in to the waiting room, she saw Dao Ming Feng sitting on the sofa. She sat down on the seat next to Dao Ming Feng's with only a little...
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    MG II Episode 17

    At the Dao Ming's family mansion, Dao Ming Feng made an agreement with Ye Sha to let Shan Cai to see Ah Si in a condition that Ye Sha would agree to an arranged engagement with her son. Dao Ming...
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    MG II Episode 29

    After leaving from the country side, Dao Ming Si went back home to see Ye Sha. He learned that the bone marrow did not match with Ye Sha's. He inside her room, comforted her, and asked her to travel...
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    MG II Episode 21

    Ye Sha went to Dao Ming Si's office. When she approached to Ah Si's desk, she saw a picture of Shan Cai with the F4, which was taken during the time when they all went out together for a drink. As...
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    MG II Episode 5

    Ye Sha took a photo of Dao Ming Si and submitted it for the ""Missing Person"" ad in the newspaper. She told Ah Xing that it would help him discover his real identity in case someone identifies him...
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    MG II Episode 19

    Shan Cai started to work for the Dao Ming Corporation. She and Ah Si had a good start working together. At the end of the day, Ah Si encountered a minor accident when he fell from the ladder after...
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    MG II Episode 27

    At the Dao Ming mansion, Dao Ming Si told Sha Ge that he remembers everything about his past. He also admitted to him that he loves Shan Cai more than Ye Sha. Sha Ge then informed him about the real...
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    MG II Episode 12

    Ye Sha and Shan Cai discovered that the man they helped in the park was Mr. Gao, the president of one of the biggest corporation in Taiwan. Ye Sha and Shan Cai decided to help reunite Mr. Gao and Ms....
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    MG II Episode 9

    Dao Ming Si was able to get a job in a restaurant. On Valentine's day, he decided to cook something special for Ye Sha. Qing He asked Shan Cai to spend the special day with him, she she told him that...
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    MG II Episode 25

    Like last time, at the same place where Ye Sha decided to leave, she and Shan Cai stood next to each other on a bridge somewhere while staring out to the scenery of the night. The next day, Shan Cai...
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    MG II Episode 26

    At the Dao Ming mansion, Ye Sha sketched an image of Dao Ming Si. After Ye Sha was interrupted by a phone call, she started to talk about Ah Si's mom. The next day, Dao Ming Si was able to talk to Da...
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    MG II Episode 15

    Ah Si learned about Ye Sha's plan to leave Taiwan for Spain. While at the airport, Ye Sha fainted and missed her flight. She woke up in a hospital and learned that she was very sick. The doctor...
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    MG II Episode 22

    Xiao Qiao continued to play around with Mei Zuo. Shan Cai was happy to learn that Ah Si was starting to remember more things about her. When Dao Ming Feng learned about this, she immediately made a...
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    MG II Episode 4

    Dao Ming Feng hired a detective to find his son. After getting information about Dao Ming Si's whereabouts, she went to Spain to get him. He reluctantly followed his mom to a nearby hotel and he...
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    MG II Episode 8

    Ye Sha was able to find out from Mei Zuo where they use to hang out and later brings Ah Si in the said place. When Ah Si was seen by F3, he immediately ran away from them. He told them that he hates...
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    MG II Episode 11

    Ah Si was still clueless about his past. He told Ye Sha that he remembers some good memories, but he can't remember the girl who wrote the message on the wall. He also told her that he may no longer...
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    MG II Episode 6

    Ye Sha and Dao Ming Si managed to find a small apartment. Since they didn't have enough money, Ye Sha joined a drinking competition and won an amount of $1000 which they used to pay the rent and to...
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    MG II Episode 2

    Unaware about Dao Ming Si's accident, Shan Cai waited for him at the church. Meanwhile, Dao Ming Si was brought to the hospital by Ye Sha, the girl who was driving the other car involved in the...
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    MG II Episode 31

    San Cai arrived in Spain. In the cab, she suddenly reminisced her past when she saw the church where she waited for Dao Ming Si before he met an accident. The next day, she strolled on the streets of...