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Full List of Meteor Garden Episodes

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Below is a complete Meteor Garden episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Meteor Garden episodes are listed along with the Meteor Garden episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Meteor Garden episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “MG II Episode 3” to “MG II Episode 11.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name of the Meteor Garden episode it's from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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    Xi Men's Chapter

  • 2

    Mei Zuo's Chapter

  • 3

    Dao Ming Si's Chapter

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    Episode 2

    Shan Cai's anger to Dao Ming Si has reached its peak, as she saw the non-virgin stuff written about her on the board. She informs everyone that she's still a virgin. At home, Dao Ming Si took a...
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    Episode 14

    Shan Cai confronted Dao Ming Si's mom after learning about the move she made in order to hurt her friends. Shan Cai plead to her to leave her friends alone, and she promised to stay away from her...
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    Episode 17

    Yar Men, the guy who introduced himself as Dao Ming Si's cousin, told Shan Cai about his real identity. He apologized to her and hoped that they remain as friends. Later, he told her about his real...
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    Episode 5

    Shan Cai woke up in a hotel room after getting drunk with her friends, wondering how she got there. The club DJ met up with her to return her ID which he accidentally took that night, and explained...
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    Episode 12

    Dao Ming Si's mom visited Shan Cai, who now lives alone in her apartment, and tried to buy her off for the second time. Shan Cai declined the offer. Later, she realized that Dao Ming Si's mom has...
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    Episode 6

    Shan Cai learned that the person responsible behind the photos posted in the university's notice board was her best friend, Li Chen. Li Chen told her that she has always envied her, and Shan Cai was...
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    Episode 18

    Xiao Ji and Xi Men met up in a hotel. She told him that her has family decided to immigrate in Canada and that they would soon be leaving the country. The next day, Shan Cai heard Dao Ming Si's...
  • 11

    Episode 13

    Dao Ming Si's mom arrived back from New York and found out that Shan Cai was staying in their house. She humiliated Shan Cai and asked her to leave immediately. Meanwhile, Shan Cai was worried about...
  • 12

    Episode 16

    Shan Cai received a letter from Lei telling her about his sudden departure to Japan to handle his father's business. Xiao Ji visited Shan Cai in her home and they both made a pact to leave their past...
  • 13

    Episode 19

    Dao Ming Si's sister arrived from New York after learning about her mom's plot against his brother's relationship with Shan Cai. Dao Ming Si decided not to eat as his sign of protest to his mom. Shan...
  • 14

    Episode 8

    Shan Cai arrived in her home and was surprised to see Dao Ming Si waiting for her there. F4 was once again reunited. Shan Cai found out that her father had borrowed a huge amount of money from the...
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    Episode 1

    Apr 21 2001
    Shan Cai was unhappy on her first day at the Ying De University. She didn't like her coward instructors and her rich and arrogant classmates, especially the guys who call themselves F4. The next day,...
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    Episode 9

    Though overwhelmed by Dao Ming Si's declaration of his love for her, Shan Cai turned him down. Shan Cai was kidnapped, and was surprised to learn that the man behind it turns out to be Xiao Suen, the...
  • 17

    Episode 4

    Hua Zhe Lei was dissapointed to hear Jing's announced in her party that she was leaving for Paris to pursue her dream. The next day, Shan Cai begged her to stay in the country for Hua Zhe Lei, but...
  • 18

    Episode 15

    Ching Her was able to watch Shan Cai on the television, and he was able to get a clue on her whereabouts. He immediately informed this to F3. Lei tried to inform Dao Ming Si about the good news, but...
  • 19

    Episode 11

    Dao Ming Si's mom arranged her son's engagement with Xiao Ji. F3 and Shan Cai couldn't believe that Dao Ming Si was willing to try out the marriage with Xiao Ji. When Lei invited Shan Cai for a cup...
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    Episode 3

    Shan Cai was surprised when Dao Ming Si visited her in her home. Her parents were surprised when they found out about his social status, and immediately invited him to stay for dinner with them. When...
  • 21

    Episode 7

    Dao Ming Si waited for Shan Cai outside her house to ask her to confess her feelings for him. He was willing to cancel the competition and forgive her since he really loves her, but Shan Cai refused...
  • 22

    Episode 10

    Shan Cai surprised everyone at the party by being able to play the piano gracefully. Dao Ming Si's mom asked her to leave the place immediately, in which Shan Cai did. Dao Ming Si soon followed her...
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    Episode 20

  • 24

    Episode 22

  • 25

    Episode 26