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Full List of Miami Ink Episodes

Below is a complete Miami Ink episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Miami Ink episodes are listed along with the Miami Ink episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Miami Ink episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Through Thick and Thin” and “Garver Gets Commissioned.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Miami Ink episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Jan 08 2006
    On a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, Ami James and Chris Garver meet Keoni Nunez who teaches them traditional Polynesian tattooing. Next, they sit in at a shop in Honolulu and tattoo six locals. While they're
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    Kats in the Groove

    Sep 20 2005
    After last week's episode where Kat was brought in to help out, she's now settled in and having fun doing some great artwork. Kat tattoos the Virgin Mary on Darren's wife, and some family members
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    Saver vs. Spender

    Jul 18 2006
    Darren has to be careful doing a tattoo for a man with type 1 diabetes, Nunez gets a little out of control with spending, Kat tattoos a man's daughter's portrait, and Ami creates a winged penny
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    Yoji's Initiation

    Jul 25 2006
    Former apprentice Yoji Harada, now a full-fledged member of the design crew, joins Ami in doing simultaneous tattoos for a pair of best friends. One customer gets a cartoon version of herself, and
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    The Ultimate Job Interview

    Aug 08 2006
    The crew tests the latest applicant for shop manager by having a friend poses as a bookie who has come to confiscate Nunez's stuff.
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    We're All Family

    Aug 15 2006
    Nunez is having trouble dealing with his mother's surgery. Darren faces change after an important phone call. Ami tries to help with Yoji's communication problem. Meanwhile, Garver struggles with
  • 32

    Kat the Party Machine

    Aug 22 2006
    Garver does a tattoo of a Spanish skull for one woman. Another gets an image of an Asian woman. But newcomer Kat is feeling left out.
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    Garver's Ultimatum

    Aug 29 2006
    Garver's back problems flare and may jeopardize his career. Meanwhile, the crew tests another applicant in their quest to find a new manager for the shop.
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    Kat: A Fish out of Water

    Sep 05 2006
    The "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Lady" gets a tattoo of her namesake sandwich image from Kat. Ami gives two people matching star tattoos. Yoji's daughter goes to the beach with Ami.
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    Ami's Bad Side

    Sep 12 2006
    Ami gets in an argument with Darren's wife. Darren designs a koi fish tattoo for a man to celebrate his losing 100 pounds. Applicant Lee is chosen as the new shop manager.
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    Kat's Niche

    Sep 19 2006
    One woman gets a tattoo with her grandfather's favorite Latin saying, another gets a blue-ringed octopus tattoo from Ami, and a third gets an image of her favorite band, Guns N Roses.
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    Lloyd Banks and The Rotten Apple

    Oct 10 2006
    Rap artist Lloyd Banks gets a tattoo from Chris Garver to celebrate the release of his new album.
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    Kat & Ami Tattoo the Troops

    Oct 17 2006
    Ami creates a large tattoo on a man's back to represent significant turning points in his life, including his father's suicide and his coming out as gay. Kat creates an image of fifties pinup Bettie
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    Garver uses a local pinup model to get inspiration for Roger's tattoo. Philip memorializes his dad's battle against cancer. Kat celebrates a full 10 years as a tattoo artist with a design by Corey  ...more
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    Sink or Swim

    Oct 31 2006
    Carver works on a novel design to celebrate a woman's brother, who died in Iraq. Ami has a morale dilemma with a client and may refuse the tattoo. Nunez and Ami do some charity work for "Amigos for
  • 41

    The Jeep

    Nov 07 2006
    Garver draws a "Day of the Dead" skull to memorialize a legal battle. Ami creates a hot rod design to help a client reconcile with his father.
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    History of the Circus Sideshow

    Nov 28 2006
    Circus sideshow workers get tattoos of a rubber-chicken prop and the Coney Island Wonder Wheel ride.
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    A Disgruntled Yoji

    Dec 05 2006
    A man in medical school honors those who helped him; a woman pays tribute to her mother with a special pinup tattoo.
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    Von D Family Bonding

    Dec 12 2006
    A rapper gets the words "forgive us" inked; Darren designs a tattoo for a line of custom choppers.
  • 45

    The Car Star

    Dec 19 2006
    Overhaulin' host Chris Jacobs gets a tattoo.
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    Garver's Injury

    Dec 26 2006
    A Madre de Agua (mother of water) tattoo is done by Kat for a woman who lost her father; a man gets a clock and crying-woman image to symbolize time he lost with his loved ones while incarcerated.
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    Battle of the Apprentices

    Jan 23 2007
    When Ami's buddy Yaniv comes to Miami with his Japanese apprentice Kosuke, to drop off Ami's bike, Ami and Yaniv decide to swap apprentices for the day, leaving Yoji to experience a new world of
  • 48

    Shop Party

    Jan 30 2007
    Miami Ink celebrates its first year; Ami helps Crystal heal the pain of her mother's murder with a guardian-angel tattoo; a hip-hop artist is back for round two on his back piece.
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    Feb 06 2007
    Yoji moves his family into a larger place. Kat does a tattoo of slain pop singer Selena for her brother. Darren has Garver give him a tattoo in the image of his tiny dog, Pachuco.  ...more
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    Family Values Tour

    Feb 13 2007
    Visiting Korn's Family Values tour, Darren gives the bass player tattoos of his band-mate's autographs. Nunez works on a friend's back tattoo. A kid on a Make-a-Wish trip comes by the shop.