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Below is a complete Mind Your Language episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mind Your Language episodes are listed along with the Mind Your Language episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mind Your Language episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Untitled” to “The Cheating Game.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mind Your Language episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

How's Your Father Mar 17 1978 - Could it be that Sid the Janitor is Jeremy's father.??

The Cheating Game Feb 10 1978 - Miss Courtney tells Jeremy to prepare the class for their upcoming exam. Jeremy is not encouraged by their answers to his questions. He advises them to study the questions for a mock exam he is ...more

Kill or Cure Feb 24 1978 - Poor Jeremy is sick with the flu,so his class decide to pay him a visit hoping to cheer him up.

The Best Things in Life Jan 27 1978 - Ali thinks he has won the football pools. He says he has eight score draws. Jeremy looks at his ticket & sees his eight score draws are not on the same line, so he hasn't won anything.! ...more

A Point of Honour Mar 10 1978 - To prepare the class for an upcoming exam,Jeremy gives the class an oral exam. Danielle comes late,she says the woodwork teacher Mr Jarvis wouldn't let her go 'til she agreed to have dinner with ...more

All Through the Night Jan 20 1978 - Max & Giovanni meet Sid the Janitor in the cafeteria. Sid teaches them some cockney rhyming slang. Jeremy comes in with a bag full of groceries for that evenings lesson & they walk to ...more

The First Lesson Dec 30 1977 - Jeremy Brown arrives at his new job teaching English at a night school to a mixed race of Adult students. He meets the school principal Miss Courtney who tells him she wanted a Lady teacher ...more

Better to Have Loved and Lost Feb 17 1978 - Jeremy asks the class how they spent their weekend. Danielle says her new boyfriend was doing something naughty with her on the motorway and the police made him stop.! (he was speeding.!) Jeremy ...more

Hello Sailor Mar 03 1978 - Juan brings his new friend Boris, a Russian sailor to class with him. He asks Boris to wait in the canteen until after the lesson. Jeremy asks the class for words begining with the letters A, B, ...more

The Examination Mar 24 1978 - Ali,Giovanni & Max are in the pub. Ali is playing the poker machine & is sure he'll win soon.! He runs out of 10p coins & asks Jeremy who has just walked in if he has any coins. ...more

Come Back All is Forgiven Feb 03 1978 - It's Jeremy's Birthday & the class greets him singing Happy Birthday to you. Then they give him their gifts one at a time. Danielle gives the gift only she could give, Max & the other ...more

A Fate Worse Than Death Jan 13 1978 - Danielle needs help with her homework, she asks Max to help her when Giovanni walks into the room with the answers to the homework which he will sell to them for only 10p each.! Ali arrives late ...more

An Inspector Calls Jan 06 1978 - Miss Courtney tells Jeremy to expect a new student from Africa. An Inspector from the board of education calls to see Miss Courtney & drops in on Jeremy's class without warning to observe ...more

Don't Forget the Driver Nov 04 1978 - A road trip is planned for the class, but nothing goes according to plan.

Many Happy Returns Oct 28 1978 - Sid can't believe his luck. Just when He was hard up for cash,He finds lots of it. Only problem is Ranjeet is the one who lost it.

Brief Re-Encounter Oct 21 1978 - Miss Courtney's former Fiance returns and asks Her again if She would marry Him.

A Hard Day's Night Nov 11 1978 - Jeremy's flat is being redecorated. Giovanni and Max invite him to spend the night at their place.

Queen for a Day Oct 14 1978 - Jeremy is annoyed that everyone is coming late for class. Ali arrives later still & when questioned about his lateness shows Jeremy his new watch that he bought for two pounds fifty from the ...more

After Three Nov 25 1978 - The time has come for the Annual College Concert, What kind of a performance will the English class give.?

All Present if not Correct Oct 07 1978 - Jeremy starts the new term wondering how many different students he'll have this time. He enters the classroom & meets Zoltan from Hungary who speaks very little English. Then he meets ...more

Take your Partners Nov 18 1978 - Jeremy is talked into buying two tickets to the Ladies Circle Dance.

What a Tangled Web Dec 15 1979 - Miss Courtney gives the class an oral exam, but after a few minutes gives up in exasperation. Ali has a problem at home & tells Jeremy about it. He says his wife is never home lately. Jeremy ...more

Guilty or not Guilty? Nov 24 1979 - Jeremy sets the class a task to go out in pairs on a field trip and report back to him with the results of their outing. Jeremy is called to defend the class in court when they've each been ...more

Just the Job Nov 17 1979 - Jeremy is teaching the Students the art of conversation, when Sid enters & tells Jeremy a Mr English wants to see him. Mr English offers Jeremy a job for more money & Jeremy decides to ...more

Repent at Leisure Dec 01 1979 - Miss Courtney gives Jeremy a cassette recorder to help his students with their elocution. In turn they all speak into the recorder & then Jeremy plays it back for them to listen to. Anna ...more

The School Fete Dec 08 1979 - Miss Courtney wants a celebrity to open the school fete. Max says he knows Arthur Mullard personally & Miss Courtney asks Max if Mr Mullard would open the fete for them. Max doesn't really ...more

Who Loves ya Baby? Nov 03 1979 - Giovanni & the boys are doing their homework together in the canteen before class. Danielle comes into the room pushing a baby in a pram.! She is minding the baby for her employers & ...more

I Belong to Glasgow Oct 27 1979 - Miss Courtney informs Jeremy that,Zoltan has gone back to Hungary. While in her office A Sheik arrives & wants to enrol his Scottish chauffer in an english class. Miss Courtney tells the ...more

No Flowers by Request Nov 10 1979 - Juan is having stomach pains before class & his classmates tell him he should see a Doctor. While answering a question he doubles over in pain & Jeremy sends for Mrs Foster the school ...more

Never say Die Jan 04 1986 -

Ghoulies and Ghosties Feb 08 1986 -

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A Rash Decision Feb 22 1986 -

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Wedding Fever Mar 01 1986 -

Mama Mia Feb 15 1986 -

Everybody's Out Mar 08 1986 -

Fifty Years On Jan 25 1986 -

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