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Below is a complete Mission: Impossible episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Mission: Impossible episodes are listed along with the Mission: Impossible episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Mission: Impossible episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “War Games” to “Movie” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Mission: Impossible episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Nov 06 1988 - The IMF must lure a canny drug lord on to U.S. territory so he can be arrested for his crimes.

Dec 11 1988 - A East German doctor makes money by tricking political refugees into paying to use his escape route, and kidnaps a diplomat's daughter to prevent the reunification which would make his services ...more

Dec 18 1988 - The IMF teams up with Australian aborigines to bring down a superstitious cattle king and arms dealer.

Jan 15 1989 - When a Russian scientist and chess player decides to defect, Nicholas must take his place under the watchful eyes of the KGB while the rest of the team gets the scientist and his daughter out of ...more

Jan 28 1989 - When a rich young sociopath kills a Middle Eastern princess and her father threatens war, the IMF must bring him to justice.

Feb 04 1989 - A king's son returns to his Asian country to take the test that will confirm him as the king, but his uncle, a rabid anti-American, has rigged it so that he can fail, so the IMF must rig it

Feb 11 1989 - Jim and Grant must get close to a Greek billionnaire who runs a black market drug ring, and turn his partners against him.

Feb 18 1989 - A team member is killed on solo assignment against the wife of a mentally-weak exiled dictator, and the others resolve to bring them both to justice.

Feb 25 1989 - A Washington journalist uses his connections to gain information to blackmail politicians, posing a threat to the U.S.

Mar 18 1989 - An ex-MI6 agent sells lethal chemical weapons and the IMF must team up with a Russian spy whose people also want to eliminate the threat.

Mar 25 1989 - A rash of insanity among diplomats requires Jim to go undercover as...the Devil, to get the goods on a British lord in charge of a Satanic cult.

Apr 08 1989 - An industrial spy prepares to sell a vial of bacteria, unaware of how virulent it is if accidentally released.

Apr 15 1989 - A deranged ex-IMFer targets retired IMF agents, killing them and framing Jim Phelps for the crimes. The IMF gives Jim only a little time to prove his innocence before they must turn him over to ...more

May 06 1989 - The IMF must use voodoo rituals to break up a white slavery ring run by a sadistic Louisiana bar owner and millionnaire.

Oct 30 1988 - The team must force a mobster to turn evidence against his partner and mentor.

Nov 20 1988 - The team must free a falsely-condemned prisoner - former IMF techno-genius Barney Collier.

Apr 29 1989 - A retired admiral prepares to sell a computer virus that can sink any naval vessel, but the plan goes awry when he destroys the computer ""cure"" before the IMF can get it. ...more

Nov 26 1988 - When the sons of four Nazis come together to recover a fortune in gold and create the Fourth Reich, the team must infiltrate the group and locate the gold.

Oct 23 1988 - When an IMF team leader is assassinated, Jim Phelps comes out of retirement and assembles a new team to bring the killer to justice.

Sep 21 1989 - The IMF must take down Selimun, who works for the Golden Serpent triad running drugs. Complicating matters, Grant's father Barney has already infiltrated Selimun's operation, but is captured and ...more

Sep 28 1989 - The team turn Selimun against his Golden Serpent masters, but when they kill him they must deal with the head of the organization to recover the hidden gold and destroy the Serpent once and for

Oct 05 1989 - A militant group hires an assassin, Coyote, to take out the princess of a country who she is turning toward Western ways. The IMF must go undercover to infiltrate the group, find out the ...more

Oct 12 1989 - The IMF team must rescue an imprisoned holy man and recover a holy relic which holds evidence of the Defense Minister's atrocities.

Oct 26 1989 - To prevent the detonation of a nuclear bomb by a fanatic unaware that she is being mislead by a general seeking to take over his country, Grant must get close to the woman and find the location ...more

Nov 02 1989 - The IMF must stop the general of a European country from using a series of war games as a cover to invade a neighboring country.

Nov 09 1989 - When an IMF operative at a commercial orbital launch site goes missing, Shannon takes her place, only to find herself trapped on a space shuttle in orbit when terrorists take it over to launch a ...more

Nov 16 1989 - The head of a neo-Nazi organization plans to ally similar groups with an elaborate computer scheme, and has a ""master plan"" which guarantees him success.

Nov 30 1989 - An Irish arms dealer plays both sides of the country's conflict against each other, and the IMF must trick them into uniting to defeat him.

Dec 14 1989 - A valuable painting and a foreign country's national treasure is stolen by a master thief during its exhibition in the U.S., and the team must recover it before the situatioin turns hostile.

Jan 06 1990 - Terrorist Jouseff K., a native of the country of Orambach, plans to release a deadly virus over the wheat fields of the U.S. The team must stop the production of the virus in Orambach and ...more

Jan 13 1990 - The IMF take on a criminal organization that is using the image of a vulcano-god and his prophet to scare a primitive tribe into mining gold for them.

Jan 20 1990 - The team must discover the cause of a series of bizarre assassinations caused by seemingly innocent people, but Nicholas is targeted as the next killer.

Feb 03 1990 - An arms dealer who runs a mock-Western town in Nevada is the team's next target.

Feb 10 1990 - The IMF team is sent to Bogota in order to destroy a vicious druglord's operation. All attempts to even meet the druglord is met with failure - Nicholas as an arms dealer, Max as a drill ...more

Feb 24 1990 - When several progressive Egyptian leaders are killed, the IMF team is sent to stop the head of the department for ancient studies at the Cairo museum. It turns out that he has revived the cult ...more


Feb 18 1967 - A former prison guard, Sefra, has got hold of a supply of cesium 138, which explodes at temperatures above 70 degrees. Sefra plans to sell the sample and the formula from the closed-down prison ...more

Apr 01 1967 - Vincent Deane is a jazz musician and undercover U.S. intelligence operative who has memorized the plans to a microcircuit code but was then captured and imprisoned. The IMF must get him out. ...more

Jan 21 1967 - Gangster Jack Wellman is moving syndicated crime into politics, killing off certain politicians and replacing them with men more sympathetic to the Syndicate. The team goes in as caterers. ...more

Jan 14 1967 - Dr. Cherlotov, a scientist of an enemy power, failed to defect to the West when his wife did. Now that he has developed a cheap, effective anti-ballistic system, the IMF are ordered to get him ...more

Apr 22 1967 - An investment promoter, Alex Lowell, gained control of manufacturer of NATO top-secret defense hardware and absconded to South America to sell them to an enemy powers. The IMF needs to recover ...more

Nov 05 1966 - Mobster Frank Egan kidnaps the daughter of Dan's friend and uses her as a hostage to force Dan and the team to break out a key witness, Augie Gorman, against him. After several failed ploys, ...more

Sep 17 1966 - IMF team leader Dan Briggs assembles his team for the first time. The mission: to recover two nuclear warheads belonging to General Rio Dominguez from a hotel vault in Santa Costa. Jim and Willy ...more

Dec 17 1966 - A defector has been targeted by two rival groups from the same foreign country. The team is to discredit the younger group, so that the U.S. can more easily handle the old-line group. The IMF ...more

Feb 25 1967 - Andreas Solowiechek, a member of a Communist trade delegation, is arrested after assassinating a U.S. Senator, Townsend. Townsend's backer, McMillan, is rallying his supporters for the U.S. to ...more

Oct 29 1966 - In the country of Valeria, the IMF must assure that the corrupt Nationalist party's rigged voting machine doesn't give them the election.

Dec 03 1966 - Anastas Poltroni is the head of an international narcotics syndicate, and has taken refuge in a country with no extradition treaty. The IM Force is assigned to lure him out without kidnapping ...more

Jan 07 1967 - The IMF must get hold of a horde of Nazi gold through four young men, sons of Hitler's top aides, who are sent to Switzerland to meet for the first time and pool their parts of the ...more

Dec 10 1966 - Double-agent Elena Del Barra is acting bizarrely, sending a microfilm of defense secrets from her own country. Rollin is sent into investigate, and return the microfilm without its theft ever ...more

Feb 11 1967 - An imprisoned member of the Nazi party, Herbert Raynor, is released from prison and is being flown (along with his daughter) to Puerto Huberra in South America, along with other Nazis. All of ...more