TV Episodes Full List of Moby Dick And The Mighty Mightor Episodes

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Below is a complete Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor episodes are listed along with the Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Battle of the Mightors” to “The Scorpion Men” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Sinister Sea Saucer Sep 09 1967 - Tom, Tubb and Scooby are water skiing behind their friend Moby when they notice what looks like a space capsule about to splash down in the ocean. Manta Menace is waiting for the capsule and its ...more

The Electrofying Shoctopus Sep 16 1967 - Tom has Moby take him Tubb and Scooby to an old pirate ship that he discovered on the ocean floor. The boys go inside the ship and find a secret compartment in the Captain's quarters with a ...more

The Crab Creatures Sep 23 1967 - While exploring an old sunken ship, the boys and Scooby encounter Crab Creatures that capture Tubb. Tom and Scooby go to find Moby so he can try to rescue their friend.

The Sea Monster Sep 30 1967 - Tom and Tubb are swimming in the ocean when a pair of tiger sharks begin chasing them. Scooby races to find Moby Dick so that he can help the boys. As Moby chases the tiger sharks away, Tubb ...more

The Undersea World Oct 07 1967 - An underwater earthquake buries Moby and the boys under tons of rock. But they end up in an undersea world where Moby Dick has to protect Scooby and the boys from various dangerous creatures ...more

The Aqua-Bats Oct 14 1967 - Moby, Tom, And Tubb are attacked by underwater bat creatures. Tom & Tubb are taken prisoner, but the Aqua-Bats are frightened off by giant Portuguese Man-0-Wars and it's up to Moby and ...more

The Iceburg Monster Oct 21 1967 - Tom and Tub are surfing on waves created by Moby jumping in the ocean when they smash into an iceberg that had drifted down from the North. When they go down for a look under the surface they ...more

The Shark Men Oct 28 1967 - Tom and Tubb have been captured by the evil Shark Men with Moby and Scooby in pursuit. The Shark Men trap Moby in a cave. Moby manages to escape from the cave and now must set out in an effort ...more

The Saucers Shells Nov 04 1967 - Tom and Tubb see three Saucer Shells approaching and know that it means trouble. The boys see them go after a group of dolphins and decide to help. The Saucer Shells go after the boys who ...more

Moraya, The Eel Queen Nov 11 1967 - Moby is caught by a giant squid and the two get into a fight to the finish. Moraya witnesses the fight and wants to use him to test her trained fighters. She orders her men to capture Tubb and ...more

Toadus, Ruler Of The Dead Ships Nov 18 1967 - Moby and the boys are passing through an unexplored area known as the graveyard of ships. This area is controlled by a group of amphibious creatures led by Toadus and he does not like visitors. ...more

The Cereb-Men Nov 25 1967 - Tom, Tubb Scooby and Moby witness the evil Cereb Men attacking a city. Upon investigation they discover that the King's son, Prince Zor, prisoner. They demand complete surrender of the city in ...more

The Vortex Trap Dec 02 1967 - Vortan and his men use a powerful vortex to capture approaching underwater vessels. They turn it on when they pick Moby up on their radar thinking that he is a vessel. Moby and the boys survive ...more

The Sand Creatures Dec 09 1967 - Crockor is busy storing power in his laboratory so he can create his Sand Creatures--enough of them to control the entire ocean. Crockor picks up Moby and the boys on his radar and wants to ...more

The Sea Ark Dec 16 1967 - Tubb is trying to ride a Sea Pony. After Tubb is thrown off, a pair of Gill Men captures the Sea Pony. Moby and the boys try to free him but Moby is trapped in a cave by a powerful force field ...more

The Shimmering Screen Dec 23 1967 - Tom doesn't believe that Tubb has seen a Mermaid until he sees a Black Manta Knight chase her down and capture her. Moby and the boys follow them into a mysterious Shimmering Screen where they ...more

Soodak The Invader Dec 30 1967 - Soodak the Invader arrives on Earth to scout for his invasion forces. He has his men launch their probe units to secure the area. Moby, Scooby and the boys come across some of the probes and ...more

The Iguana Men Jan 06 1968 - Iguanis of the Iguana Men orders two of his men to capture Tom and Tubb. They are very aware that Moby is their guardian and set a trap to capture them. Scooby alerts Moby that the boys have ...more

The Monster Keeper Sep 09 1967 -

The Tiger Men Sep 09 1967 -

The Serpent Queen Sep 16 1967 -

The Bird People Sep 16 1967 -

The Giant Hunters Sep 23 1967 -

Mightor Meets Tyrannor Sep 23 1967 -

Brutor, The Barbarian Sep 30 1967 -

Return Of Korg Sep 30 1967 -

Kragor and the Cavern Creatures Oct 07 1967 -

The Tusk People Oct 07 1967 -

The People Keepers Oct 14 1967 -

The Snow Trapper Oct 14 1967 -

The Vulture Men Oct 21 1967 -

The Tree Pygmies Oct 21 1967 -

The Stone Men Oct 28 1967 -

Charr and the Fire People Oct 28 1967 -

Cult Of Cavebearers Nov 04 1967 -

Vampire Island Nov 04 1967 -

Revenge of the Serpent Queen Nov 11 1967 -

Attack of the Ice Creatures Nov 11 1967 - The Ice Creatures plan to move their glacier into the lowlands and take over the village and make Mightor their slave. They have a group of wooly mammoths push the glacier and ride it down the ...more

The Scorpion Men Nov 18 1967 -

Rok and his Gang Nov 18 1967 -

A Big Day for Little Rok Nov 25 1967 -

The Sea Slavers Nov 25 1967 -

Tribe of the Witch men Dec 02 1967 -

The Plant People Dec 02 1967 -

The Return of the Vulture Men Dec 09 1967 -

Battle of the Mountain Monsters Dec 09 1967 -

Vengeance of the Storm King Dec 16 1967 - The Storm King summons extra power from a lightning storm and now claims to have powers greater than Mightor. He appears at the village demanding to see Mightor. Pondo tells him that Mightor is ...more

The Mightiest Warrior Dec 16 1967 -

Rok to the Rescue Dec 23 1967 -

Dinosaur Island Dec 23 1967 -